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GC 440: Week 1 notes

by: Allie S

GC 440: Week 1 notes GC440

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller

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About this Document

Color Theory with explanations, tips, and great images.
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Wednesday August 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GC440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Weisenmiller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Commercial Printing in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 08/26/15
Week 1 82615 305 PM Wednesday These will be exam questions 0 Mission statement 0 To develop dedicated practical problem solving people for the printing publishing imaging packaging and allied industries What is the product of this class 0 you What is your goal for this class 0 What is the definition of graphic communications 0 Wwwqraphiccommcentralorq o Encompasses all phases of the graphic communications processes from origination of the idea design layout and typography through reproduction finishing and distribution of two or threedimensional products or electronic transmissions Project ideas anthropology store 0 Items home goods I Plates candles mugs clothes jewelry 0 Names Simplicity Candor complete honesty o Augmented reality changing colors of items 0 Colors soft muted Pinks yellow peach mint gold 0 Images Magazine Ads 0 Design Services Note text wraps broken words margins space between photostexttext edges Duotones Week 2 82615 305 PM Monday Test review Be able to specify a color given values 0 R 127 o G 127 o B 127 Would be a gray neutral color See practice quiz 0 GRACoL 0 General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography Quick review Color Theory RGB has 256 levels within a channel making it the biggest color space Additive Color Theory vs subtractive ADIIVE SU BTTIVE To see color 1 Observer 2 Light source 3 Object When there is absence of color we see blackquot when you close your eyes you ve removed light and object thus no color Absorptionsreflections C KltZ M C C39 minus R i like I drink my 39 RC co in m Y mmus B W um minus G down BYthe river Its ing We see a very narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum Electromagnetic Spectrum X Fiays UV Infrared TWRadio 4 l gt Visible Spectrum 400 nm 500nm 600 nm 700 nm Blue Light Green Light Red Light small blue wavelengths to larger red wavelengths note the order Xrays UV Light interacts with matter Different types of matter absorb its wavelengths in different proportions Ex light hitting an apple 0 the apple will ABSORB all wavelengths except Red which is REFLECTED CONES AND RODS Rods A type nerve ending in the eye that is sensitive to low levels of light Responsible for night vision Cones A type of nerve ending in the eye that can distinguish between the individual components of light creates the sensation we call color Commercial Printing Basics of Color Theory 0 What is good color 0 Quality 0 Productivity 0 Value These 3 traits define good color but you must find a balance that fits your needsend goal Brand Specifications 0 Very important to clearly define color values and specifications LAB L 100 Light A v a Green b Yellow b Blue a Red L 0 Dark LABCH Light a b Chroma and Hue Hue Broad categorization of color based on dominant wavelength R G B Y P 5 Base hues Red Blue Green Yellow And Purple Chroma Saturation Vivid vs dull neutral axis vs vivid Chroma is defined as the degree of departure of color from neutral color of the dame value Colors of Low chromasaturation are called WEAK dull High chromasaturation is called strong vivid Chroma Chrornaiscb redashodegeo oquaamnoofcolotfmmhe we Strong Density is measured with a densitometer measures light reflected doesn t see colorquot Spectrophotometer will give you LAB values Graphs of the wavelengths There are factors that affect our color perception 1 Observer Physiological Factors 0 Sex Male or Female 0 1255 women and 112 men have some form of color vision deficiency women have fewer deficiencies than men 0 Age 0 Color Vision 0 Eye Fatigue 0 Light source 0 Type of illuminant 0 Time of Day 2 Object o Substrate Surround 3 LightViewing Conditions 0 D50 or 5000K ISO standard for proofing Daylight 4500K Fluorescent 3400K Incandescent 0 THIS is why we use NEUTRAL gray light booth to view proofs 0 Light sources vary the color Metamerism o The eye will always adapt to the ambient light source and see it as neutral white adjusting the perception of any colors viewed under it Wednesday Colors are defined by parameters definitions Chroma Hue Lightness Value We want a way to standardize colors CMYK but RGB value up to 255 Chromatic Adaptation Retinal Fatigue staring at certain image for too long lens focus and become fatigued changing your perception of color 0 Ex staring at magenta will turn the image mintcyan o The red and blue are working hard EX Yellow turns to blue Black to white Cyan to Red Remember you need Object Light and Observer to see color Additive Color System 0 Tv computer monitor 0 R G B 0 Equal amounts produce white 0 Start with blacknothingness add color channels Red Blue Magenta Red Green Yellow Blue Green Cyan Subtractive Color System 0 Printing inks filters 0 C M Y K 0 Equal parts produce Black Cyan Magenta and Yellow to Subtract one of the Additive colors These inks are just chemical filters that absorb different wavelengths Cyan Yellow Green Cyan Magenta Blue Magenta Yellow Red I drink my RC cola down BY the river in my GM truck FHters The Blue lter absorbs Red and Green and passes Blue vAv lt D 9V4 The Green lter absorbs Blue and Red and passes Green gt lt1 lgt DVQ Yellow Absorbs Blue and Passes the other two Red and Green vAv 4 D DVQ In THEORY mixing CMY should make BLACK However in printing usually creates a dark BROWN Need a neutral gray balance that is hard to achieve 0 Pigments are not pure 0 Paper is not truly white Hues Magentayellows create reds and hues Graying component the cyan creates shadow effects Spectral Curves 82615 305 PM


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