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Historical Context Affecting Music

by: Alaura Bingham

Historical Context Affecting Music MUS HIS 1030

Marketplace > University of Northern Iowa > Music > MUS HIS 1030 > Historical Context Affecting Music
Alaura Bingham
GPA 3.42
Music History III
Melinda J Boyd

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About this Document

This small fact sheet is an introduction to the Romantic Era of music, where we begin this course.
Music History III
Melinda J Boyd
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alaura Bingham on Thursday August 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS HIS 1030 at University of Northern Iowa taught by Melinda J Boyd in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Music History III in Music at University of Northern Iowa.


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Date Created: 08/27/15
Historical Context Affecting Music 82415 Political Events 0 French Revolution Beethoven 0 Italian Uni cation Verdi German Uni cation FrancoPrussian War Wagner WWI Debussy Schoenberg o WWII Hindemith Weill Britten Shostakovich 0 911 Adams 19th Century Technology 0 Steam enginerailroad o Typewriter 0 Electric lighting 0 Industrial Revolution 0 Concrete elevators Rises of cities amp urban culture SocialCultural Events Affecting the Arts Newimproved instruments 0 Rise of the public opera house 0 Rise of the public concert 0 The independent conductor 0 Public education Conservatories open to women 0 Basic hygiene Formation of middle class 20th Century Technoloov Sound recording Cmema Magnetic tape 0 Digital recording 0 Internet De ning Romanticism quotRomancequot work of ction 0 Based on emotions 0 quotIn nite longing is the essence of Romanticismquot ETA Hoffman Vivid expression of feelings amp passionate states of mind 0 Not written purely for entertainment Contrasts Classical period ideals such as grace amp symmetry Personal voice of the individual composer Re ects tragic lives of composers who suffered amp died at a young age o Schubert Schumann Chopin Mendelssohn Hensel Re ected largerthanlife gures in contrast such as Wagner New genres display romantic dichotomy Produced intimate works such as piano character pieces and Lieder Produced largescale works such as tone poems and German Romantic opera


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