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8/25/15 Notes

by: Anna Lueth

8/25/15 Notes SOC 105

Anna Lueth
GPA 3.0
Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Joshua Adam Sbicca

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About this Document

Here are the notes from Tuesday, August 25th- the first day of class
Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Joshua Adam Sbicca
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Lueth on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 105 at Colorado State University taught by Joshua Adam Sbicca in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Social Problems (GT-SS3) in Sociology at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
Social Problems 105 Professor Sbicca 82515 I Introduction to Social Problems A What are social problems 1 EX Mass Shootings 2 Global Warming 3 Women s Rights 4 Racial Discrimination 5 Poverty 6 Police Brutality B Social Issues 1 Different than social problems 2 Political debates involving moral judgement someone is bringing their own ethical experience and morals into the debates C Social Problems 1 Societal induced conditions that harm any segment of the population 2 Related to acts amp conditions that violate norms and values found in society D Social Movement 1 Organized efforts to encourage or discourage social change a ex protests b Laws are a manifestation of our norms E Social Policy 1 Formal strategy to shape some aspect of life II History of Social Problems Theory A The Medical ModelEarly Soc 1 Social Problems linked to bad people 2 Considered abnormal due to mental disorders no education or incomplete socialization B Absolutist Approach l920l930s 1 Conditions in society foster social problems 2 Investigated the process 0 C Modern Studies of Deviance 1 Social Strain Theory a Deviance occurs When people recognize society s goals but don t have suf cient means to achieve those goals D Labeling Theory 1 Society creates and sustains deviance through labeling people abnormal E Social Constructionl980l990s 1 Social problems dependent on time and audiencepeople choose their own lives 2 How does phenomena get defined as a social problem Social Problems 105 Professor Sbicca 82515 III Subjectivity and Social Problems A Subjectivity l The process of choosing or identifying a social problem to study in the rst place is subjective B Bias 1 Manifests through feelings and values 2 Dictates how you identify a social problem a We must not automatically accept only those de nitions that de ne social probs from the point of view of those in power AKA TRUST NO BITCH IV Of cials De ne Social Problems A Government 1 Old south slavery was not considered a problem but slave revolts were 2 Post 911 World spying on Americans not seen as a problem by the government B Media 1 During BP spill voice of scientists were reorganized by journalists embedded with gov agendas 2 Often reports on the criminal instead of the law or the prison system that criminalizes the personblame the criminal V Grassroots De ne Social Problems A Who Killed Economic Growth 1 Framing of Social Problems 2 Call to solve social problems 3 Contestation between different worldviews people vs gov B Politicians say that the economy is recovering it s NOT C Industrial growth made faster by cheap energy 1 Growing on borrowed time 2 Mainstream economists attack the subject with rhetorical schemes D The recovery has all been done with more debt 1 There has been no positive growth VI Serious Social Problemsl935 vs 2013 A 1935Great Depression 1 Unemploymentpoor economy Inef cient Government Danger of war High taxes 9599 Government overinvolvement B 20 l 3 Social Problems 105 Professor Sbicca 82515 1 Dissatisfaction W gov 2 Healthcare 3 Economy 4 Unemployment 5 Federal budget de cit VII Critical Construction A Con ict Theory 1 Karl Marx B Symbolic Interactionism 1 Social symbol s claim What a problem isisn t 2 Herbert Mead C Heyemany 1 Power of elites to Wield ideological and cultural power to in uence public common sense


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