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Notes 1,2,3,4


Notes 1,2,3,4 CIS 150

Business Analytics (Excel)
Mary McKenry

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About this Document

Business Analytics (Excel)
Mary McKenry
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 150 at University of Miami taught by Mary McKenry in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Business Analytics (Excel) in Computer Information Systems at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
CIS 150 Chapter 1 Getting Started with Microsoft Of ce 2010 Croonenberghs Emilie 92813 m Overview Common Window Elements 0 The File Tab opens Backstage view which provides access to lelevel options and program settings 0 The Ribbon is the main set of commands you click to execute tasks It is organized into tabs and groups 0 The workspace is the area that displays the le you are working on o A Dialog Box Launcher opens task pane or dialog box that provides additional options for that group of tasks gt Microsoft Of ce 2010 0 Microsoft Word is a computer program you sue to enter edit and format text The les you create are called documents 0 On the Start menu click All Programs click Microsoft Of ce then click the name of the program to start gt Switching Between Open Programs and Files 0 Use AltTab keys to switch between open les 0 Use program buttons on task bar to switch between programs gt Resizing the Program Window and Workspace 0 There are 3 sizing buttons 1 Minimize Button hides window program only visible on taskbar 2 Maximize Button expands window to full screen size 3 Restore Down Button returns window to prede ned size 0 There are two sets of sizing controls 1 Top level controls program window 2 Lower level controls workspace gt Switching Views 0 Each Of ce Program has different view options 1 Print Layout 2 Full Screen Reading 3 Web Layout 4 Outline 5 Draft 0 View changes presentation but not content gt Zooming and Scrolling Zooming magni es or shrinks content displayed in workspace To change zoom percentage 1 Use zoom slider at right of status 2 Click zoom level button to left of Zoom slider 3 Use zoom group View tab on the ribbon gt The Ribbon o The Ribbon at the top of the program window just below the title bar is the main set of commands that you click to execute task 0 The rst tab on the ribbon le tab opens the backstage View 0 The second tab home tab contains the commands for the most frequently performed activities gt Clicking Buttons Toggles one click turns the feature on and the next click turns the feature off gt Using Galleries and Live Preview o A gallery is a menu or grid that shows visual representation of the options available for button 0 Live Preview shows the results would occur in your le if you clicked that option Opening Dialog Boxes and Task Panes The dialog box launcher allows you to open a task pane or dialog box related to that group of tasks 0 A task pane is a window that helps you navigate through a complex task or feature 0 A dialog box is a window from which you enter or choose settings for how you want to perform a task Contextual Tools 0 Some tabs toolbars and menus come into view as you work 0 Any object that you can select in a le has a related contextual tab 0 A contextual tab is Ribbon tab that contains commands related to the selected object so you can manipulate edit and format that object Mini toolbar o The Mini toolbar is a toolbar that appears next to the pointer whenever you select text and contains buttons for the most commonly used formatting commands Openings Shortcut Menus A shortcut menu is a list of commands related to a selection that opens when you click the right mouse button Working with Files Backstage view provides access to document level features f Creating Opening Saving amp Closing Files Saving a File 0 To save a le the rst time or with a new name or location Click the File tab to open Backstage View then click the Save As command in the navigation bar In the Save As dialog box navigate to the location where you want to save the le Type the descriptive title in the File name box and then click the Save button 0 Filename includes a title you specify and a le extension assigned by Of ce indicating the le type 0 File Extension a period followed by several characters that Of ce adds to your descriptive title to identify the program in which it has been created 0 Folder a container for your les 0 To resave a names le to the same location with the same name On the Quick Access Toolbar click the Save button Opening an Existing File 0 Click the File tab to open backstage view and then click the Open command in the navigation bar 0 In the Open dialog box navigate choose the le select it and click open 0 If necessary click the Enable Editing button in the Information Bar Windows Live Sky Drive 0 The save to Web option on the Save amp send tab in the Backstage views give you access to windows Live SkyDrive which is an online workspace provided by Microsoft 0 In the center pane click Save to Web 0 In the right pane click the Sign In button and then use your Windows Live Id to log on to your Windows Live SkyDrive account Getting Help 0 Option 1 o If you don t know how to perform a task or want more information about a feature you can turn to Of ce Help 0 Click the Microsoft Of ce Help button 0 Type a keyword or phrase to search and then click a Help topic in the search result list 0 Option 2 o In the Table of Contents pane click a quotbookquot and then click a Help topic 0 Read the information in the Help window and then click other topics or links Printing a File 0 File Tab to open backstage 0 Click the Print Tab 0 Verify the print settings and review the print preview click Print Exiting Programs 0 When you nish you can exit with the cross button on the top right 0 You can go backstage and click close window


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