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History 386 India (1930-present)- Lecture 8

by: Nicole Ringsdorf

History 386 India (1930-present)- Lecture 8

Marketplace > University of Oregon > History > History 386 India 1930 present Lecture 8
Nicole Ringsdorf

Arafaat A. Valiani

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About this Document

This lecture covers the court culture in colonial Burma with a focus on Nerhu and after. The assignment mentioned is also attached. 6 Pages (not including the assignment)
Arafaat A. Valiani
history, India
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This 6 page Reader was uploaded by Nicole Ringsdorf on Wednesday April 30, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views.


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Date Created: 04/30/14
we Mae P 0 P 0 4xqwr I mp am A r 0 s2 E5 39lttF43 C S3w 0 3 Mcknampx H as I o6 4 yr are mmi 0 V Qg d Q d idxeg bma Q pt Wm ma Wa tkass 1 391 1 1 l u y a n 1 SY H m L H T xY 1 I R I z K JT tM P F 5C Wk 0gL H N 3 if N R P Z f I u Lmnw nu pi i KV L L 39 04L E Y P Z V I In 39 a 1 H P L S U I p G C ampjPk P J YC I J F I n39 EmL J UH PhC I iWJJr 99 k7 1 LKt39J k M J 1 W k U L4 M W U 2lt L H sI L2 M I I a pig Q 0 7 6E VA Vj LUiL C V 1 L F O L pgmmgx wlwuL L4Jum l H l x x 3 W quot V quotquotquot17 PN 1 meat i L ca ciated with Ghosh Talk Wedniesday An 3 39h 4pm Bruwnsg onm smaems re quirecl to andquot this talkas39d scrihedlon the syllabus and t9 class Please note L attendance P 8 be taken Probably even more irnportant attencling the P will enable you to complete the followilng assig1m ernt You will com pose an essay consisting of a hypothetical intewiew dialogue with the author Ghosh fourapages doublessptac ed 12 point Times New Roman fotn39t39for mattlneg as olescribeda on the syllabus for p Response Papers Please indicate iffyloln are completing the assigrnnent for the 5 bonus points or in plac39e ofthe Rjrespolnstet Paper Please note your choice for the paper either 1 Bonus or Second Respo nse liaplerl cannlot he ichaniged 39 Please pleain essay complleltirng the assigfnecl reading by Gliosh Gloss PHIEICE anal generate open elnded questions about the hook for exarnple questions about events people ideas a good place to L is on a section event idea that interested you The questions should allow your co lose answers that the author might offer if he were responding to your questions p alreatly men39tlonfs one pro oluctive way to think an out this exercise is that is that it is a dialogue between you and the author Attending the tall assist q this assignrnent ancl suppleiment your work for this assignrnent lay giving you a sense of the anther and how he thinks of historical eventsl South Asian hiistory characters in history etc Please ensure that yrour 5cornposition includes paratgraphlontg answers to your qures7hotns see the example helowli Mearning your essay shoul cl notihe similar to a survey or census consisting of many short questions and answers papers turned in following this format will automatically lose a full letter grade eg B C he returned to you and he required to he comlpletled in three clays or an autornatic U will be assigned for the assigrnnent An intrxocluctory paragraph on the biography of the author as appearing in some puhlishted intetrriiews with intellectuals authors etc is not requirecl You may srimplfly start your essay with yolulr first question Good luclc and enjoy this creative assignment J Consid er the to Vnlioni In your book you discuss the idea of Swarnj what does it mean to you and why is it irnlportanr39 Gonolhi Swaraj is probably at oonoept is at the heart of air n ng I trying to do in India it is central to the movement that I leading and the ultimate go al that I wish all Indians to It a basic goal whichi is to laohjevle selfreliance which is one 0 of swaraj But to do so B must transform their ways of about life itself We must first retiirn to villages and bingo to work the land ourselves in order to provioe niaterially for ourselves We must learn tlierefore to live with one another share the burdens of am zultural work hygiene and noleaning ofwhere we live and we must Hades These are all imnorlzant not only so we are able to suirvive but also so that the irnnatos in our villagesl and H can thrive and mow therofore need to 0q diisoipline we must he oommitiecl to new way oflife anti we must maize these iaotivio els regular proontxes f0 Hquot everyday lives 0H that ofonr shildren as well Only when we are able to be disciplined therefore he reliant on ourselves living in our villages as I hope we will do will India he v in a position to be Jpolitioally independent of lcoloni al rule Without embracing this palrticrular oonception of swaraj life in India ght be even if the British leave colonial rule without the oolonis1s Volioni How do women and names t into the new of life you just described


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