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Lecture Notes - Week of Aug 24

by: Samantha Healey

Lecture Notes - Week of Aug 24 PEA_ST 4260

Samantha Healey
GPA 3.69
The Age of Ascendancy: American Foreign Relations, 1945-Present
Dr. Keith Orejel

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About this Document

Talks about the beginnings of the Cold War and how the large powers fell out of trust after WWII
The Age of Ascendancy: American Foreign Relations, 1945-Present
Dr. Keith Orejel
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Healey on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PEA_ST 4260 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Dr. Keith Orejel in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see The Age of Ascendancy: American Foreign Relations, 1945-Present in Political Science at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
LECTURE NOTES Aug 27 2015 WWII left big powers in shambles The United Kingdom UK France was embarrassed Europe s economy was terrible The only dominate powers that remain after WWII is the United States US and Russia USSR WWI marked the point of United States US foreign relations At the end of WWII the Soviet Union believed it had a claim to a buffer zone in Poland for all the loss of life during the war 0 1945 0 America doesn39t intervene with new communists countries popping up 0 USSR joined France and Great Britain GB 0 It looks like the grand alliance might be able to survive even after the war 0 BUT THEN Stalin rails against capitalism and says communism is the way to go George Kennan 0 His long telegram o Argued that USSR had inherited a sense of fear of western society and capitalism from its predecessor o Marxist Leninist I By creating a state of fear of the western world they were allowed and the public called for an increase in military and police forces I Total destruction of the US would be the only thing to quell their fears 0 He has a warm response from Truman who was simplistic about framing foreign relations I Truman falls out of his game when it comes to foreign relations he steps in and knows very little of how to deal with other 0 O O 0 countries Churchill Iron Curtain speech 0 Fulton MO 0 Great Iron curtain have descended 0 Can only stop Stalin with military intervention 194647 Con icts with USSR 0 Iran I USSR army occupied the area I Stalin didn39t not pull out his powers during the originally agreed on time limit I Stalin said they wouldn39t leave until Iran gave them oil I Iran takes it to United Nations I USSR leaves but only on the promise that Iran will give them oil 0 Turkey I Pressure government to give them access to their bases and access to the Mediterranean allowing for and increased naval power I We saw this as growing into other major countries I US says this is not okay 0 Germany puts a halt to great power cooperation when it is broken into four sections after WWII I Germany was divided and occupied this left them technically in a state of war I US saw Germany as a vital part of the economy I US and GB want to rebuilt Germany and bring it back into their allies I USSR wants to keep it and infuse it with communism to make it one of their major powers Clark Clifford 0 He believes the USSR are uncompromising power that has broken every vow they ever made to the US 0 They would not have a problem taking down the US by military force 1947 Diplomatic Crisis 0 Ended hopes of USSR working with the US George C Marshall 0 Soldier 0 Army Chief of Staff 0 Respected by everyone 0 Sec of State 1947 The wise men Greek sparked shift 0 Greek Civil War fight against communist insurgency 0 British government was out of money by 1947 0 British said they could no longer help the Greek government and asked US to take over 0 Greeks got a lot of support from Yugoslavia Dean Acheson o Says corruption of Greek would corrupt all the middle east 0 Convinced the congress to help Greece from communism Truman doctrine 0 Congress allocated a large amount of money to Greece and Turkey 0 Containment active effort by US to limit the further spread of communism 0 US undermined communist movements throughout the world I Containment seemed promising Stalinization o 1947 US SR starts overthrowing local governments and replaces them with people who were loyal to Moscow and Stalin o This turns eastern Europe into mini USSR Origins of the cold war 0 Historiography there is no one answer to history 0 During the red scare the US created history that was partial to the US and anticommunist agenda USSR Ultimately the US and USSR reached a security dilemma 0 They spiraled into a state of distrust Vicious circle I USSR believes they are trying to protect their interests and this makes the US insecure In the same sense the US tries to keep their interests secure an that makes the USSR uncomfortable


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