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PSY 272 Week 1 Notes

by: Derek Notetaker

PSY 272 Week 1 Notes PSY 272

Marketplace > Purdue University > Psychlogy > PSY 272 > PSY 272 Week 1 Notes
Derek Notetaker
GPA 3.91
Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Caitlin M Porter

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About this Document

Comprehensive notes on the topics and powerpoint covered in class for week one, along with additional links to outside resources for various topics.
Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Caitlin M Porter
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Derek Notetaker on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 272 at Purdue University taught by Caitlin M Porter in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 126 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Psychlogy at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
PSY 272 Intro to IO Psychology Week 1 Notes Some key takeaways from the homework this week 39 Conscientiousness vs Intelligence in the workplace environment 39 The use of Integrity Tests 39 Individuals can provide misleading answers during integrity tests however for the most part the results of those tests remain valid and useable in the workplace environment 39 Which is more effective at improving job performance delegating goals to employees or encouraging their inclusion into the decision making process 39 Setting goals for employees is a more effective method at improving job performance 39 The importance of pay in the workplace 39 The importance of pay tends to be underestimated by employees due to social desirability factors When in an interview it could be more socially desirable to not make an issue over a dollar amount in order to come across as an agreeable person One last key takeaway 39 The Mission of IO Psychology 39 To ensure employers treat employees fairly 39 To make jobs more fulfilling 39 To help increase worker productivity Start of Week 1 Notes Centrality of Work to Humans 39 Work is asource of 39 Identity 39 Relationships 39 Obligatory Activity 39 Autonomy 39 Developing Skills 39 Self Esteem 39 Money Industrial Psychology focuses on predicting job performance and uses correlational research Organizational Psychology focuses on a combination of job performance job satisfaction motivation etc and traditionally uses experimental methods Disclaimer IO Psych is very interrelated though a basic understanding of how the industrial and organizational branches differ could be beneficial in the future Standard Tasks for IO Psychologists 39 Improving the employee selection process 39 Analyzing job requirements and content 39 Developing interview techniques 39 Advising management 39 Analyzing data 39 Assessing employee performance 39 Observing and interview workers 39 Writing reports on research findings 39 Facilitating organizational development 39 Identifying training or development needs Now on to history Names to know 39 Wilhelm Wundt father of psychology 39 Walter Dill Scott and Walter Van Dyke Bingham developed the Army Alpha 39 Lillian Gilbreth the first PhD in Industrial Psych 0 Frederick W Taylor creator of scientific management 39 Elton Mayo the Human Engineering Project 0 Henry Murray developed the selection process for spies of the OSS Fathers of IO Psychology Hugo Munsterberg and James McKeen Cattell Some links to check out 39 The Army Alpha httpofficial asvabcomhistoryreshtm 39 Lillian Gilbreth httpswwwasmeorgcareer educationarticlesmanagement professional practicelillian moller gilbreth 39 Created by Frederick W Taylor scientific management sought to scientifically study the workplace environment 39 Sought to place workers in the specific areas where they were skilled Money was the worker s main motivation 39 Frank and Lillian Gilbreth expanded upon Taylor s work through time and motion studies What to know about the Hawthorne Studies 39 Elton Mayo and the Human Engineering Project sought to vary workplace conditions in order to determine what affected productivity 39 What he did he changed the lighting What was the impact of the Hawthorne Effect 39 Led researchers to believe there may be motivating factors other than money 39 This led to the Human Relations Movement Fast forward in time How the Civil Rights Act of 1964 changed IO Psychology 39 It changed the demographic landscape within the workplace and added legal duties and responsibilities to those involved with business management 39 Link httpwwwarchivesgoveducationlessonscivil rights act Looking into the future Some Current Hot Topics 39 Technology in the workplace 39 Computer and Internet testing practices 39 Globalization 39 The psychology involved in teamwork and group processes 39 An aging workforce 39 Millennials in the workplace How does Technology change the work environment 39 Communication 39 Jobs being replaced by technology and new jobs in maintaining that technology How are Jobs Changing 39 Traditional 8 hour work days are becoming less common 39 Pay is becoming less based upon tenure and more based upon a person39s human capital a term which I use to describe the culmination of a person39s education eXperience ability etc all of the things that give a person utility within their job The topics not addressed in class this week although within the powerpoint 39 The Scientist Practitioner Model Whether or not it is covered in class I will be sure to include it in the next set of notes


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