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8/25/15 Week & Ch. 1 Notes Gen. Psych

by: Alex Zelaya

8/25/15 Week & Ch. 1 Notes Gen. Psych 1001.0

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Psychlogy > 1001.0 > 8 25 15 Week Ch 1 Notes Gen Psych
Alex Zelaya
CU Denver
GPA 3.5
General Psychology
Ketels,Shaw Lione

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About this Document

These are the chapter 1 notes that will help with the post questions and quiz.
General Psychology
Ketels,Shaw Lione
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Zelaya on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1001.0 at University of Colorado taught by Ketels,Shaw Lione in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 141 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
Psych 82515 Tuesdav august 25 2015 i Dlz39EsE are Chapter 1 Reading netes lPsvchelegv is reeted frem the Latin term psvche meanin seull er spirit and 39 legia meaning studv er knewledge What is Psychelegv The scientific studvr ef mind and behavier 39 Mind refers te rnentall precesses and events censcieusnessi en iretien metivatien and cegnitien theughe WEMDW language 39 Eehevier refers te alll petentialllv ebservable er measurable activities at a living erganisrn aristetle SEE322 BC quotquottalbulla rasa blank sllate Rene Descartes father at P39svchelegv 39 I think therefere I am Believed in the separatien ef the mind and the brain Edwin Ernith Surgicall Finds relatienship between neurelegical damage and a change in censcieus experience Feunder ef the rnevement knewn as ratienallisme the view that beliefs sheulld be ferrned threugh cllese reasening and llegic sirnilar tel mathematics rather than relving en the preneuncernents ef autherities er persenal experiences and biases P39sv39chelegv The scientific studyr ef mind and behavier 39 Behavierai based en the ebservatien and rnedificatien ef the wav that peeple behave 391 P svchiatrv a branch ef medicine cencerned with diagnesing and treating mental health preblems F39svchiatrists have an 39v39lD degree knewlledge is limited te rnental heallth prelblems and treatments may er rnav net cenduct research Academic P39svchelegv Basic research and teaching fer the purpese ref advancing hnewlledge in psvchelegv I appiied Psvchellegv quotUse ef psvchelegical principles and matheds te address the prebllerns ef the individual secietv er industrv 3 Cegnitien iiurnan mentall precesses cencerned with infermatien and knewledge llnclludes thinking memeer language intellligence and perceptien ef the werid threugh the senses Psveheanallvsis a theerv and psvchetherapeutic technique feunded bv Si39mund Freud and based upen the netien that human beings are driven bv uncenscieus cenflliczts and desires eriginating prirnarilv in experiences ef earlv childheed lB39ehavierism The earllv Imevement in psvc2helygilvr feunded lb39v ilehn B Watsen whe held that Inllv behavier net internal mental states ceuld be studied scientificallv lbehavierists still believed that behavier was shaped prirnarilv er entirelv lbv experience lIiurnani39stic Psvchellegv The rneveiment in psvchelegv feunded during the Stills bv Carl Redgers and Abraham i39v39lasllew as a reactien against psvcheanalvsis and behavierism Humanistic psychelegv held that human behavier was nrt determined bv uncenscieus drives er bv learning but that peepla had free wiil te cheese Humanists emphasised the intrinsic werth and dignitv ef the human being Structuralisrn Belief that experience ceulld be breken dewn inte separate senserv cempenents er structures The 1117 intrespectien as a teel te investigate the structures ref experience lFunctienalism bellief that the mind ceuld enlv be understeed bv referring te the purpeses fer which it was shaped threugh evelutien lFielldls elf Study i Academic Psv39cbelegv 5used lFurnctienallism elief that the mind ceuld enlly be understeed by referring tn the purpeses fer which it was shaped threugh eyelutien lFielldls elf Study J Academic Psy chelegy Cegnitiye Psychelegy regarding thinking classic experimental psych Secial Secial cegnitien Judgement and decisien making The branch ef psychelegy that dealls with secial interactiens including their erigins and their effects en the indiyidual Neurescience behayierah eegnitiyeje lBehayieral peeple whe cenduct experiments en animals Elegnitiye Leeking at human brains as peeple are thinking a beut semething ECCE men Neurepsychelegy Study at the relatienship between behayier emetien and cegnitien en the ene hand and the brain functien en the ether Cemparatiye The study ef similarities and differences between human and nenhuman animals Persenality Indiyidual differences ameng peeple in characteristic behayier Experimental The study ef nenhun ian animals Applied Psychefegy Clinical The branch at psychelegy cencerned with the assessment and treatment at mental iilness and disabiiity Ferensic The applicatien ef psychelegical metheds and knewledge in the legal sphere criminal inyestigatiens and litigatien Scheel Scheel psychelegists are trained te cenduct testing in scheel settings adyice adntinistraters and effer ceunseling te students and teachers Three ways psychelegists dli ffer frem psychiatrists l Psychiatrists haye ME degrees and psychellegists haye ne medical training Kittie P39h3I er degree 2 Clinical psychelegists always perferrn psychetherapy while psychiatrists usually de net perferm psychetherapy but eccasienally may 3 Psychiatrists haye a thereugh knewledge ef medicatiens and ether bielegical treatrr ients fer psychelegical diserders and are legally permitted te prescribe them Psychelegists haye a less thereugh knewledge ef39these treatments and are generally net permitted te prescribe them Q What are the feur geals ef science A 1 Science seeks te describe what is the nature at subject 2 Science seeks te classify Which categery dees the subject beleng te 3 Science seeks te errpiein Why dees the subject eccur Science seeks te predict Based upen eur esplanatien fer the subject giyen certain cenditiens what will eccur C1 What are the five steps ef the scientific methed A 1 Make an ebseryatin abeut the werld 2 Farm a hypethesis S Cellect data th re ugh research a Analyze the data l Draw cenclusiens m Three waivs psvclhelegists differ frem psychiatrists 1 2 3 F39svchiatrists have degrees and psvcbelegist s have ne medical training Mtej PhD er j degree Ciinical psvcheiegists allvvavs perfern i psvchetherapv whille psvchiatrists usuallv de net perferrn psvchetherapv but eccasienallv rnavt F39svchiatrists have a thereugh knevvledge ef medicat iiens and ether bielegicall treatments fer psvchelegicall diserders and are legallv permitted te prescribe thernr Psvchelegists have a less t hereugh knevvledge elf these treatments and are generallv net perrnitted t39e prescribe themquot Q What are tlhe 39feuir geals e f sciencei el 1 Science seeks the describe what is the nature eff subjectI 2 Science seeks t39e ciessify Which categerijr dees the subject beleng te39i39 3 Science seeks t39e espieirr Whv dees the subject ecciur39f39 ll Science seeks t e predict Based upen eur esplanatien fer the subject given certain cenditiensj vrhat will eccur 39I 39i 39I EHH Q What are tlhe five steps ef tlhe scientific methed All Make an ebservatien abeut the vverldi Ferm a hvpethesis Sellect data threugb research enalvce the data Eiravv cenclusiens Research n39ietheds 11 2 3 Descriptive l vieasures ene er rnere variables as thev alreadv exist in a sarnple ef individuals Cerrellatieinal ivieasures tvve er rnere variabies as thev allreadijr exist in a sample te determine if the variables are seniehevv related IEeperimerrtai true experiment Manipulate ene er mere independent variabies tie determine if this manipulatien has an effect en ene er rnere deperident variabllest Case Studv A descriptive research rnethed in which the researcher gathers detailed qualitative infermatien abeut a singie individual


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