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Week 1 of Intro to MCDB notes

by: Alex Zelaya

Week 1 of Intro to MCDB notes 1150.0

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Biology > 1150.0 > Week 1 of Intro to MCDB notes
Alex Zelaya
CU Denver
GPA 3.5
Intro/Cellular & Molecular Bio
Guild,Nancy A

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About this Document

First week of MCDB notes
Intro/Cellular & Molecular Bio
Guild,Nancy A
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Zelaya on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1150.0 at University of Colorado taught by Guild,Nancy A in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see Intro/Cellular & Molecular Bio in Biology at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
MCD B Wednesday august 26 ENE 1120C rWl Masterin lljie eeiurse llD lMCZDlEllEUAVZ lS Sign lup fer eeserninar class lintCUE 1152 Ernail Vigers eeleradeedn EKZEJ39ZLE What dues it mean tn be alive Energrlrr i rll erganisrns aeqnire energy Cells a rll erganisrns are rnaele up et mernlaranebetrntll lunits tallied eells lnfenmatien nan erganisms erecess l39rererjlitarigi inferrnatinn entetied in genes as well as precessing inte from the environment Hepliea tien sell erganisrns are capable at repretlliuetien IEuelIutien lF39enlrlatinns ef erganisrns are eentiniuallg evelrring A tll lE W is an eaplanatien fer a new general class at phenernena er nlasenratiens A hypetlhesis is a pregnsed explanatien A predictien is semething that tan tie rneasnrerzi and must be eerreet if a hypethesis is valid Iquot llrnplicatiens et elll Thxeery All tells eerne frern preexisting eells frern regilieatien In a rnultiseelllular erganism all the cells present descend fren39r preseaisiting cells and are keen neeted trenn eernnrren aneestrg Charles Darwin and Alfred lriliallaee rnacie twe claims regarding the natural werlci i iii sgeeies change tirreegh time and are reiar teaquotr by temmen ereestrr pattern Deseent with meldi eatiemneturai seieetien preteen 1P 9w Section 1 D39escent with mod cotionmoturol selection process Darwinian fitness is the ability of an individuai to produce offspring In hiologv an adaptation is a heritabie trait that increases the invdliv39icluall39s Darwinian fitness in a particular environment relative to individuals iaclldng that trait Natural selection individual Evolution population Mutations occur randomly taut selection for these mutations is not random SIZE 15 Artificial selection Humans seiect desirahle traits within a domestic popuiation An example of evolution Resistance to antibiotics I The bacterium Mlvcobacterium tuhercuiosis causes TB I Antibiotic Ri fampin vvorlizs by interfering with RNA polymerase but in the resistant bacteria a mutation prevents ri Farnpin from binding I DNA iirom rifarnpin resistant bacteria was Found to have a single point mutation in a gene called that encodes a component of RNA polymerase C to T mutation which changed a TCE cation to mutant Cases leucine to replace serine at aa 153 in the RNA polvmerase protein The tree at life I The cell theorv the theorvr of evolution bv natural seiection impiv that all species come from preexisting species and that all species past and presentI trace their ancestrv leach to a single common ancestor I Speciation is a divergence process in vvhich natural selection has caused popuiation at one species to diverge to form new species I Taxonomy is the effort to name and classify organism I Domain consists of three taxa bacteria Archaea and I a genus is made up of close related species I is comprised of four chemical units caiied ribonuclleoti39des sequences should he very similar in cioselv related organisms Domain Eulkarva Animals fungi I Fungi and animals are more closelv rellated to each other than to plants a phvllur n is a major iineage within a domain Proharvoteno nucleus do not have a rnernlbrane boundl nucleus lEuharvote nucleus membrane around nucleus


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