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Art History: Art of World Civilization I Week 1 of Lecture Notes

by: AllyCat

Art History: Art of World Civilization I Week 1 of Lecture Notes ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art History Art of World Civilization I Week 1 of Lecture Notes
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

One week's worth of notes in Lecture for Art History: Art of World Civilization I. Very detailed and easy to read!
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by AllyCat on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
ARTH 200lAOOl Art History Art of World Civilization Welcome Day 30000 years of art in 15 weeks Connection between different cultures in art shows complexity What is Art History Some topics that are in the notes and things you should know What Art History is and how it s made What people were thinking feeling going through and how it explains culture 0 This goes beyond style Art History creates more interesting questions rather than answer questions Side note Context is going to be talked about a lot in class Artwork reflexes culture People have a natural instinct to build certain structures such as places of worship Cultures have similarities Historical documents that are artistic Want to know the culture know the art Biggest art heist in the world happened in America on March 21 1990 To know present understand the past Why do some cultures and times mimic others 0 Symbolism 0 Stability a Knowledge Image Advertisers and sellers know how to use the power of images 0 Deer on a road sign means watch out for them Deer on a cave wall means something entirely different 0 OPEN YOUR MIND o THINK CRITICALLY Lecture 1 You should have watched the Art and Context video Prof Emberlin I believe gave a link to it on D2L Terms to know Abstraction Sculpture in the Round Subtractive Sculpture Additive Sculpture Profile View Composite View or Twisted Perspective Optical and Conceptual Approaches Subject What is represented Visual Form Style What it looks like Function Works purpose how and how it is experienced by the viewer Patronage Who paid for it Paleolithic Old stone age Neolithic New stone age Prehistoric Things that happened or objects created before time of records People making artwork who are just trying to make sense of the world Representing Literally presenting again just in a different way 10000 BC people start representing 23000 BCE people start creating or profiling 30000 9000 BCE people do cave art there is no written language Developed spoken language Monumental paintings and sculptures made during this time period quotHuman with Feline Head O 0000 Hohlenstein Stadel Germany 30000 BCE Mammoth Ivory 12 high Sculpture in the round quotNude Woman Woman of Willendorf 0 0000000 Willendorf Austria 28000 30000 BCE Painted Limestone About 4 tall Slight Abstract 50 of babies died in the culture and time this sculpture was made It is a Fertility sculpture Big women were important in this time period and culture quotBison with Turned Head 0 La Madeleine France quotTwo Bison 0 Le Tue d Audoubert France 0 Made in dark 0 Probably was not meant to ever be seen Was is a spiritual journey to create these bison quotBisonquot 0 Spain 0 19th Century 0 Accidental discovery by a young girl 0 Major development in cognition 0 3D on 2D surface Lecture 2 Terms to know Neolithic Revolution Plaster Landscape Monumental Architecture Tumulus Pasage Grave Megaliths Post and Lintel Construction Corbelled Vault Henge Trilithon Theme The transition from a nomadic to a settled lifestyle was a quotradicalquot change that happened gradually Know the difference between style and context quotSpotted Horse and Negative Hand Imprints o Cave in Peche Merle France 0 22000 BC 0 Approx 11 long 0 Chew charcoal and spit or blow it through a reed What is the meaning behind the hands quotHall of Bulls o Lascaux France 0 15000 BCE o Largest bull is 11 6 long 0 Animals were added throughout thousands of years Were they made for plenty wishes 0 Composite View Twisted Perspective Combo of profile view and frontal view 0 No ground line or background 0 Descriptive rather than optical Distorted to describe more fully Profile view became a convention in art quotAurochs Horses and Rhinoceroses o Chauvet Cave Ardeche France 30000 BCE Approx halflife size Discovered 1994 Cave closed Shading texture animals interacting Naturalistic and narrative OOOOOO quotRhinoceros Wounded Man and Disemboweled Bison o Lascaux France 15000 BCE Approx 3 8 long bison Why is this interaction so important 6 dots under rhino s butt is poop Shows dominance OOOO Neolithic Period Nomadic to settlement lives Harvesters of natures to active partners with nature Cultivation and surplus of goods foods Life expectancy is longer quotGreat Stone Tower Built into Settlement Wall 0 Jericho o 7 8000 BCE 0 Population 2000 0 First monumental architecture quotHuman Skull with Restored Features Found at grave sites at Jericho Rituals started to happen around this time period I People stayed put so why not do something special for the dead Death Masks quotHuman Figure 0 Ain Ghazal Jordan 0 6750 BCE o Plaster twine painted and inlaid 0 Was intentionally buried probably ritual Catal Huyuk Turkey Not skipping title the art IS the city Catal Huyuk 6000 BCE Houses connected Walls defensive windows higher Fortified No streets Protective Begin to see alters 0000000 I was not quick enough to get the title or the date it was named but there is a piece of work that is the first painting of a city and has a volcano erupting over it Volcano was probably considered a deity quotOtziquot or quotNeolithic Iceman 0 Found in Italian Alps in the 19905 0 5000 years old 0 Scientists found wheat in his stomach that is not originated from where he was from Indicates trade was in action during his life Newrange Ireland Again not skipping title the art IS Newrange Did not get age 0 Tumulus earthen burial mound o Passage grave o Corbelled vault 0 Special window is located in burial halls that allows the sun to shine only when the Winter Solstice is present that day 0 What other functions does Newrange have besides burial grounds That s all the notes from this week s Art History Lecture I strongly recommend you look up the artworks that are titled and described in these notes to know what they look like just in case they re on the test


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