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Week one!

by: Hannah Reeder

Week one! PSYCH 1000

Hannah Reeder
GPA 3.0
General Psychology
Julianne Ludlam

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About this Document

Psych 1000!
General Psychology
Julianne Ludlam
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Reeder on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 1000 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Julianne Ludlam in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
Psych 1000 82615 Help with setting up anuizitive Today 826 and tomorrow 827 in Student Center from 1130 am to 130pm Look for blue table cloth labeled quotNortonquot Complete mass pretest survey and earn two research credits Today The Science of Psychology Ch 1 We39ll cover iClikerREEF and research participation today SyHabus Class Participation REEFiClicker Register your device through Blackboard with your Mizzou email and MU Paw Print not student number Earn one point for each correct response half point if incorrect Check syllabus for makeup policies Research Participation Serve as a research participant SONA System Can nd more information on blackboard Mass Pretest Survey Can be found on SONA webpage before log in 2 SONA Credit or 10 class points Alternative assignments papers 1 page double spaced Only need book for resource Can mixandmatch research and papers Want to earn 60 class points from research 1 SONA Credit 5 class points 1 paper 10 class points 60 points is the max Will not see points on blackboard until nals week How can I succeed in General Psychology Attend Class and pay attention Review your notes on a regular basis Keep up with the reading Start the homework early Get your research experiments or papers done eary Ask questions and ask for help Psychology 1000 82415 The Science of Psychology 11 What is Psychological Science What can you do with knowledge in psychology Almost everything Psychological science is useful for anyone whose career involves understanding people Business and advertising Compliancethe tendency to agree to do things requested by others Social psychology What factors increase compliance 1 A good mood quotbuttering upquot and quotI m just like youquot Good connection with other person 2 Social norms Agree to social norms quotwhat everyone else is doingquot 3 The foot in the door effect if people agree to a small request they39re more likely to agree with a large one Study Freedman and Fraser 1966 4 Door in the face effect people are more likely to agree to a small request after they have refused a large request Study Cialdini et al 1975 5 Lowball strategy someone who has already agreed will often agree to an increased cost Study Cialdini et al 1978 SyHabus Course goals General overview of the eld of psychological sciences Who were some of the important people that shaped the eld What were some of the classic experiments What do we really know and don39t know about behavior The instructor is available to help Of ce hours are Monday Wednesday and Friday 1011 am 212C McAlester Hall Other timesplaces by appointment mierdenmissouriedu Course materials Blackboard Textbook Psychological Science 5th edition by Gazzaniga Heatherton and Halpern InQuizitive Homework System iCIickerREEF talk about Wednesday in class will start using on Monday Evaluations Grades based on total points earned 660 points total according to schedule in syllabus No curve just points Exams150 points 50 times 3 Final Cum Exam75 points Class Participation 150 points Homework225 points Research Participation60 points Exams Three exams during the semester Cumulative nal during nals week Can see previous exams in Old exams section of Blackboard Closed book and closed notes Homework anuizative homework system Registration code is on little card inside book If want ebook you click purchase access Must complete assignments before the deadline to earn credit Syllabus lists the deadlines No makeups or do overs or adjustments Norton Rep here on wed and thrus 11130 at Student Center and mon aug 31 Psych 1000 82815 13 What are the latest Developments in Psychology The term psychologist is used broadly to describe someone whose career involves predicting behavior or understanding mental life Through their interests and training psychologists can take a variety of perspectives Through their interests and training psychologists can take a variety of perspectives Neurosciencebiological psychologists Cognitive psychologists Developmental psychologists Personality psychologists Social psychologists Through their interests and training psychologists can take a variety of perspectives Cultural psychologists Clinical psychologists Counseling psychologists School psychologists Industrialorganizational psychologists Lecture Review Which psychological perspective is re ected by Penny and Sheldon from the Big Bang theory Personality socia Kirk and McCoy on Star Trek neuroscience Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob CounseHng Clinical Social Cognitive Dr Marvin Monroe on The Simpsons counseHng Personality Social Cognitive 12 What are the Scienti c Foundations of Psychology Behaviorism and John B Watson 18791958 As graduate student learned quotdeterministquot perspective on behavior Found no relationship and learning ability quotPsychology as the Behaviorist Views itquot 1913 aka quotThe Behaviorist Manifestoquot Emphasis on external behavior and reaction to situations rather than the internal mental state Relationship between the environment and the response Psychological disorders treated by changing behavioral patterns


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