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Chapter One Notes

by: Tova raymond

Chapter One Notes CRJ 225

Tova raymond
GPA 3.0
Intro to Criminology

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About this Document

Notes from the first class on 8/26/15. Notes from lecture, not textbook.
Intro to Criminology
Class Notes
criminology, crj 225, reisig, introduction to criminology, intro to criminology
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tova raymond on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRJ 225 at Arizona State University taught by Reisig in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 148 views. For similar materials see Intro to Criminology in Criminal Justice at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 08/28/15
Week 1 82615 What is criminology o Criminology I Makes use of scientific methods to study the nature extent cause and control of criminal behavior 0 Criminologists I Social scientists who design studies to collect and analyze data to better understand crime and societal reactions to crime I Systematically collect data I Develop empirical theories I Use established methods of inquire Criminology vs criminal justice 0 Criminology explains the origin extent and nature of crime 0 Criminal justice refers to agencies of social control I Cops courts corrections 0 2 fields overlap I Criminal justice experts need to understand origin and nature of crime to implement proper programs and social control 0 Criminology and deviance 0 Deviant behavior departs from social norms I Violence more serious amp public profanity less serious 0 Not all crimes are deviant and not all deviant acts are criminal I Marijuana use and body art 0 Acts considered deviant criminal change over time I Moral crusadesquot have resulted in the criminalization of several deviant behaviors ex Weed use 0 Criminal statistics and crime measurement 0 Measuring the amount and trends of criminal activity I Uniform crime reports UCR I National crime victimization survey NCVS 0 Creating valid and reliable crime measures I Self report measures Survey instruments Crucial for theory testing Sociology of law and society sociolegal studies 0 Subfield concerned with social forces that shape criminal law and in uence of law on society 0 Specific topics of interest I History of legal thought I Impact of legal change on society I Relationship between law and social control Theory construction and testing 0 What is a social theory I Set of interrelated statements that explain and predict some aspect of social life I Ideally based on social facts I Provide hypotheses Other stuff 0 O 0 Criminal behavior systems and crime typologies I Research on specific criminal types and patterns Punishment penology and social control I Correction and control of known criminal offenders Victimology I The role of the victim in the criminal process Consensus View 0 Implies general agreement among citizens on what should be illegal 0 Criminal law is a function of beliefs morality and rules 0 Laws apply equally to all members of society 0 Acts what are considered social harm should be illegal to protect members of society I Social harm actions that cause harm to others people and or property and to society Con ict View 0 Criminal law re ects and protects established economic racial gendered and political power I Law is a tool of the ruling class 0 Definition of crime is controlled by wealth power and social position I Crime is a politically defined concept 0 Crime is shaped by the values of the ruling class not the moral consensus of all people I The law is used to control the underclass Defining crime page 14 in textbook History of criminal law 0 Code of Hammurabi eye for and eyequot 0 Mosaic code of the Israelites I 613 laws of the old testament I Basis for us legal system 0 Early German and AngloSaxon societies I Compurgation I Trial by ordeal 0 Common law judgemade law English system of law based on precedent cases Mala in se refers to crime considered as inherently evil Mala prohibitum refers statutory crimes Legislatures supplement common law with statutes Contemporary criminal law 0 Procedural criminal law I Basic rules of practice for criminal justice officials o Substantive criminal law I Defines crimes and their punishment Felonymisdemeanor 0 Goals of substantive criminal law I Discourage revenge I Deter criminal behavior I Punish wrongdoing 0 Criminal law is always evolving Controlling technology 0 Technology is rapidly and constantly changing 0 New opportunities for law breaking I Credit card theft I Identity theft I Software piracy 0 Several state and federal laws have been enacted over the past decade to deal with quotcybercrimequot I Definition the theft and or destruction of information resources or funds via computers computer networks or the internet 0 Protecting the environment 0 Number laws and regulations have been passed to help protect the environment 0 The environment protection agency EPA is charged with prosecuting violations I Ex hazardous waste dumping handling of hazardous substances asbestos and pesticides sewage treatment 0 Greencollar criminology I Illegal deforestation I Smuggling wild animals 0 Legalizing Marijuana 0 Many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes 0 2 states have legalized marijuana possession I WA I CA 1 oz for 21 0 Federal law takes precedent Ethical issues in criminology o What to study I Criminologists interests I In uence of research money I Government and institutional funding Con icts of interest private money 0 Who to study I Disadvantaged populations Focus a lot of attention I Whitecollar criminals Don t receive a lot of attention I Ethics of publishing research that is biased Push an agenda Professional pressure 0 How to study I Should subjects be told about the true purpose of a study Would doing so bias the results I Is it ever okay to deceive research subjects I Protecting subjects from harm is a must Randomization and experimentation


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