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Week Two Notes: The Christianization and Conquering of Kievan Rus'

by: KatieAlbritton

Week Two Notes: The Christianization and Conquering of Kievan Rus' History 325

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Wilmington > History > History 325 > Week Two Notes The Christianization and Conquering of Kievan Rus
GPA 3.7
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray

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About this Document

These notes discuss the Christianization of the Rus', their political system, and the invasion of the Mongols.
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray
Class Notes
Hst 325, Russia to 1881, Russian History, Kievan Rus', Mongol Invasion
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 325 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Susan McCaffray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Russia to 1881 in History at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
Week Two Notes The Christianization of the Rus39 and the Mongol Invasion Katie Albritton Study Soup Constantinople s Secret Weapon The famous Greek Fire We don39t really know what this stuff was made from but it sounds awesome Igor is attacked by Southern Slavs on the way home to Kiev He is avenged by his wife Olga Rules as princess Adopts Christianity But does not impose it on the people of Kiev Constantinople Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire Also known as the Byzantine Empire after the town of Byzantium Lots of trade advanced Greek culture wealthy Orthodox Church Has a Patriarch instead of a Pope Different name basically the same role Christianization of Rus39 Rise and Golden Age 8621067 Grand Prince St Vladimir r 9801015 Cyril and Methodius Orthodox missionaries from Constantinople It is believed they were brothers Went to the Bulgars and the Moravians 86039s Cyril created the Cyrillic alphabet Uses Old Church Slavonic the ancestor of written Russian Holy texts in their language Promotes literacy among the Rus39 Monotheism advancing over Polytheism Group of Jews settle on the Volga River Khazars GermansLatins are Catholics Rivals of Eastern Orthodoxy Constantinople is Eastern Orthodox Monotheism becomes politically desirable Professes following one God And one ruler Conversion How and Why Prince Vladimir r 9801015 Grandson of Igor and Olga St Olga adopts Christianity Coemperors of the Eastern Roman Empire Basil and Constantine Ask Vladimir to help them quell a rebellion He sends 6000 men Asks to marry their sister Anna Who is not pleased with this at all Vladimir is looking for a new Monotheistic religion You can marry Anna if you convert to Christianity Vladimir agrees and quells the rebellions in 988989 988 Baptism of the Rus39 in the Dnieper River Vladimir enjoyed the beauty of the Eastern Orthodox churches Had all of the citizens of Kiev baptized in the river Russian begin embracing Christianity in the 130039s Consequences Connections to Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire Literacy book culture Rus39 becomes European Friction with the Latin West missionaries CaesaroPapism Religious authority and empirical authority mixed Monastic tradition Important centers of civilization Russian priests learn Greek Need for infrastructure education books churches St Sophia39s Cathedral Kiev 11th century Named after a church in Constantinople Which is now a Mosque Kievan church developments Liturgy in Old Church Slavonic A liturgical faith Words considered to have a holy powerful effect Clergy trained and developed in Constantinople White Secular Clergy Parish priests Required to get married before they can preach in a church Black Clergy Monks and Hierarchs Not allowed to marry First Metropolitan 988 Metropolitan is the head of the Russian church Under the patriarch in Constantinople he is the highest Russian official First Russian monks Trained in Mt Athos Greece Political Succession St Vladimir 9801015 Grand Prince No primogeniture All sons get a piece of the kingdom Equal inheritance Every son of a prince is a prince Every prince rules over a town Towns are ranked in importance Number One is Kiev where the Grand Prince sits Number two is Novgorod where the Rus39 first started Roundrobin for post as Grand Prince Younger sons move up as older brothers die off Leads to Fratricide and the murder of their uncles Boiars The Grand Princes retainers nobles New Towns and expansion 200 towns in Kievan Rus39 by 1200 78 million people total Veche council elected by the town to rule with the Prince Representatives of the people No constitution so their power is uncertain After Vladimir Six sons Sviatopolk The Damned r 10151019 Not a wellliked guy Saints Boris and Gleb Murdered by Sviatopolk Where he earned The Damned Laroslav The Wise r 10191054 Lawgiver Kievan Society at its best through 1067 Laroslav39s law codes and court system Russian Pravda meaning truth Spells out the roles of the church Metropolitan and the state Prince Gives an articulated system of succession Thriving trade and farming Military defense against invaders from the Eastern steppe Many waves of invaders Being pushed by a force in the East The Mongols Decline Unresolved problems of political succession Inability to enforce centralization Later 11th c recovery of Italian merchants Rivals in trade Steppe set in motion new dangers from the East Appanage Period 11251328 Appanage meaning decline Increasingly separate principalities memory of unity persists Separate holdings Rise of the Northeast 12th century Population shifts People leaving Kiev and going into the forests Government follows the people Establishment of Moscow Center of Gravity Shifts Sons of Vladimir Monomakh 11131125 Not St Vladimir Prince Lurii Dolgorukii Youngest son Prince of the Northeastern town of Suzdal Near Moscow Establishes Moscow 1147 and a Kremlin Town wall Grand Prince 11491157 Goes to Kiev to rule Ousted by nephews Prince Andrei Bogoliubskii Dolgorukii39s son Grand Prince 1 1571174 Town of Vladimir Besieged Kiev burns part of it and wins Then he leaves Takes the Grand Prince title to Vladimir Political center moved Followed by the people Novgorod Kontor of the Hanseatic League Large trading group of cities including London that trade across the Baltic Mainly forest products Strong Veche town council All property owning men Consensus Also elect mayors Posadniki More than one mayor Some were women From 1095 asserts the right to elect the Prince Does so for the next 150 years Novgorod Excavation Excavations in the 195039s Literacy Writing implements Even women could read Scratched letters into birch bark School children doodled on their practice letters Osep Foreign Attacks on Novgorod 110039s120039s Sweden Prince Alexander 12201263 Nicknamed Nenskii Elected in 1236 Victory over the Swedes on the Neva River 1240 Veche throws him out afterward Teutonic Knights Sent by the Pope to the Baltic to make the people Roman Catholic 1242 Nevskii asked to come back and protect Novgorod The Battle on the Ice Lake Chud lake Peipus April 1242 Lured Knights onto the thin ice They drowned The Mongol Empire Mongols Nomadic hunting peoples from Mongolia Oriented toward China 122039s Genghis Khan Consolidated the Mongols under his authority Got into China and set up a dynasty Relatively religiously tolerant Sets his sights on Persia in the far West The Kipchak Empire or the Khanate of the Golden Horde Other names for Mongol Empire 124013801480 Want taxes goods and soldiers from conquered peoples Genghis Khan dies in 1227 Empire goes to grandsons Batu Khan 12071255 First encounters with the Rus39 1222 beaten back 12361238 Sends troops to attack Vladimir and Suzdal where the Grand Prince is Seige and burn Moscow Kill the Grand Prince Novgorod spared brie y because of Spring mud The Fall of Kiev 1240 The Tatar Yoke 12401480 Paying tribute supplying men furs to the Mongols Sarai Headquarters of the Mongols Yarlyk Permission to rule Grand prince has to ask the Mongols to rule Humiliation for him and his people Alexander and his brother Andrew both want to be Grand Prince Andrew is installed as Grand Prince Alexander Nevskii and the Mongols Andrew plots to raise army to attack the Mongols Alexander rats him out to the Mongols Andrew killed Alexander becomes Grand Prince 12521263 Appeases Mongols Used his position to protect the towns from angry Mongols Prevent levee of Russians to fight for the Mongols Becomes a Saint in the Orthodox church Nevskii starts a tradition or collecting taxes for the Mongols Keep whatever I don39t give the boss Route to possible enrichment Money is the sinew of war This is the end for these notes I hope they were helpful


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