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Section P.1,2

by: McKayla Dickey

Section P.1,2 Math 1314

McKayla Dickey
GPA 4.0
college algebra

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About this Document

Modeling with Algebra, Real Numbers, Properties of Real Numbers, Fractions,Real Lines, Union and Intersection Operations.
college algebra
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by McKayla Dickey on Friday August 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Math 1314 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see college algebra in Math at University of Texas at Dallas.


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Date Created: 08/28/15
Friday August 28 2015 Week 1 College Algebra MONDAYModeling with algebra REM remark EX example EX Aaron get paid 9 an hour use the following model Ppaid N of hoursWwage rate PNW 1 Aaron works for 35 hours how much did he get paid 2 He got paid 436 how many hours did he work PNW P359 P36O 360N9 P P 315 N 3609 N35 W9 N 40 W9 CONCLUSION Aaron made 315 2 Aaron worked 40 hours WEDNESDAYReal Numbers REM Number systems Natural numbers are whole positive numbers Bold N gt N12345 Integers are negative positive whole numbers Bold Z gt Z321123 Rationals can be expressed by a fraction or quotient Bold G gt Qpq Reals are all of the numbers Bold R MProperties of R fractions Union and intersection operations REM Properties of R 1 abba or abba gt Commutative Properties move 2 abcabc or abcabc gt Associative Properties 3 abcabac Distributive properties have two operations a copy of a was given to b and c EX wA4 xA2 y 2A3 wquot4 y xquot2 2A3 the order changed but the value didn t Commutative properties wquot4 yxquot2 2A3 Associative Properties REM xyXy REM fractions 1 Friday August 28 2015 1 ab cd ac bd EX 23 75 2 35 1415 2 ab cd ab dc adbc EX 3160 51120 3160 12051 37203060 60 6251 OR 3160 602 51 312 51 3 Compatible ab cb acb same denominator 4 ab Cd adbclbd abCd ab 1 Old 1 ab dd Cd bb adbd Cb db adbd bCbd adbc 3d EX 1160 736 adbcbd 11366076036 3964202160 6162160 4 2045404 51135 REM Operations 1 Union union of sets ab is the set containing all elements in a or b Denoted a U b EX a1234 B 345 only single copies a U b 12345 2 Intersection intersection of sets is a b is and A n B EX 345 CMKB T KN W Q R 115 25 Wm H 33141095 Pip ag x A I 39 7 T www Q N W r 1 E9LLMOQQM Q 39 9339 JEW qu k39ww 3M V e e mi 300 Mom Wadi i 1 A 7 XxthEBAUKUYLBQQQKLUW M f WGA a N 0 WWW A mwa Cji wmg QMK f W F 33fi VN 3 w f v i n e f W quotT K P 5x5 J 1 M w mm 6 3 391 quot quotNQICW 55mm 3 Z W 351 133 1 i 6va q hawxvii1gti rm 39 1 mm m v 3 f 13 mm xi quotujm x amfsk 59 N 7 x 3921 22483 3 1W6 W W 9 idii39 xi x ii xi zfmge a c xdsiay i 7 i I 5 f lt 139 QE KM P V 7 V I 7 673 Mpgja i 313 Ev b ada Q37 W201 10quot 5r 0 gmfx j jgj AQW V quotg bubW 7 3 w5 39an M W u 8 3 QM fGHYWXR f 0159 W fan x 3 2 quot ew Mai e M minim t quot3 3 39 1 Li 1 e L Q Ex M No m mmm Eatm3 4 Yquot 117 nifty p wm j 0 pl p39LNEn 9 37d Evoh Pic I V 2 51v7p393 Zq39l L4 1 H mm W C Ia byd M 2 Vi 39 i XWWKUOHVf Zia cA ft A J1Cj 1 1 2C 2 Ox 1 Equot M gt C E L CK Yo iw x s Hm n V 1 V 9 C58 UALH HK fib ffv j 0quot 39by d b m39Q N 3 Z emuamiss rs quot WC H WS Ck g quot 3 quot gu Q C M B 1393 h u win 3 me f0 1 m L 392 7 39 M 2 1 Q NMWE WWX l 2 I R CC1 f39u x jc yi 1 vw N squot5 rf Z A M I Mam cm 1 t A 0w y 1W 1 U A I W quote39 Q ll G may 1 4 1 m 7 C Q W QGW samc vd g V a qgfca a 0 b V 36 Wmc viwgq e mss mmgwmyK g u h 9 M m MI 910 39 quot mu 3L2 quot mo augtw 39quo A 0 gm 3 L LL 7 a 3 Es 2 o A gt v 29 Ag trquot quotquotm 41quotquot v 1 I I I 4 L D 3 n60 MO Wu 1 A WW quot x J39Y lg w p 13 Am RV lg V g I U u i quot z 1 K 4 I quot 39 quot W M x5 3531 W U I Wm H ii gommi 39 x v 1 Kquot Ml 1 J W Wquot Nb l n i z MM jx o 4 0 0 UY WO 1m o L I a X lbub OM Xlk ld M 539 39 Ox to Ore7 quot J O 4quot X L 16 J39 a 39 K J Nx CWquot mm tin Q UE AP9W 332 M3 w m m Lmrmm ac a 3 9mm we 3 r 395 CD 5 3 j 3193 m XX H j 5 new 5 39 io t 9 a 1 ih i U I L h 1 1 wquot W lt kw G k


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