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Gen. Psychology Notes (Week One)

by: Jovani Jones

Gen. Psychology Notes (Week One) PSYCH 1000 - 02

Jovani Jones
GPA 3.2
General Psychology
Dennis Miller

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About this Document

Disregard Wednesday, August 26 for there were no noted gone over during the lecture Enjoy!
General Psychology
Dennis Miller
Class Notes
Psychology, General Psychology, Miller
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jovani Jones on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 1000 - 02 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Dennis Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 213 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Monday August 24 2015 11 What is Psychological Science What can you do with knowledge in psychology Almost everything Psychological science helps for anyone that has a career that involves understanding people EG business and advertising Compliance The tendency to agree to do things requested by others Social Psychology Factors that UP Compliance 1 A good mood quotbuttering up and quotI m just like you a The businessman in the movie clip made it seem as if he was just like his potential customer 2 The social norms a A family stays in a Ramada Inn hotel The hotel notes that they try to save resources by changing towels every few days Be like the other hotels and strive to resist wasting resources 3 Footinthedoor If people agree to a small request they are more likely to agree with a larger one a EG Freeman and Fraser 1966 i Went out into the real world and asked housewives stay at home if they were able to look through their belongings 1 One Group told out right 22 2 Two Group told and followed up with another question 53 4 Doorintheface People are more likely to agree to a small request after they refuse a large request a EG Caldini et al 1975 i Asked an amount of people if they would like to help aid people with disabilities 1 One Group asked to help people with disabilities 17 2 Two Group asked same thing 2 hours2 days2 years 50 5 Lowball Someone who has already agreed will often agree to a higher cost a EG Caldini et al 1978 i Asked Gen Psych students 1 Group One asked to attend psych experiment 7 AM on Sunday 24 2 Group Two given an option to attend to be in experiment and THEN changes circumstances by making it 7 AM on Sunday 95 OVERALL COURSE GOALS General overview of the field of psychological sciences Who were some of the important people that shaped the field What were some of the classic expiriments What do we really know and don t know about behavior PWP 12 What Are the Scientific Foundations of Psychology Behaviorism and John B Watson 18791958 As a graduate student he learned a quotdeterministquot perspective on behavior Found no relationship between the brain myelination and learning ability Watson also pioneered one of the main ideals people believe and study in psychology through quotThe Behaviorist Manifesto 1 Emphasis on external behavior and reaction to situations rather than the internal mental state 2 Relationship between the environment and the response 3 Psychological disorders treated by changing behavioral patterns 13 What are the Latest Developments in Psychology The term psychologists is used vastly to describe an individual s career that involves predicting behavior or understanding mental life Through interests and training psychologists can take a variety of perspectives 1 Neurosciencebiological psychologists a Deals with the nervous system and synaptic responses b An understanding of how the human nervous system works in order to create a psychological perspective i EG Alcohol slowing down the nerves that communicate with each other 2 Cognitive psychologists a Focus on how information is used b Work on ways to be innovative and efficient in order to aid the best possible way to view and store everyday information i EG Students may be looking at a phone of computer to get information ii Company psychologists might brainstorm ideas to decide how big a screen should be to fit text movies etc 3 Developmentalpsychologists a Focus on how a person changes across their lifespan i EG An eighteenyearold might remember when they were 14 and collectively agrees that have become wiser since then ii Making the psychological change from a student to a potential spouse or caretaker 4 Personality psychologists a The way an individual will consistently behave through certain situations b Can be referred to as the mask everyone might wear at one point i EG A person could be good at handling stress well in the classroom outside life etc vs a person not being able to handle much stress at all 5 Social psychologists a An individual s influence on a group vs the group s influence on said individual b Societal conformity to benefit the community i EG Entering a lecture hall and atomically knowing what to do under the social norms of a student 6 Cultural psychologists a How one culture might be likeunlike another based on traditions i EG A cultural background in the United States might signal a different form of communication in a place such as the United Kingdom ii Some cultural tendencies may be universal throughout the world 7 Clinical psychologists a Focus on helping individuals with psychological disorders b Focus on research and disorders such as schizophrenia Alzheimer s etc 8 Counseling psychologists a Focus on helping individuals with psychological disorders b Focus on more daytoday problems i EG Might try to assist a familyjust dealing with marriage andor a divorce parenthood etc 9 School psychologists a Deal with the affairs of education by aiding an individual about their path after high school b Makes sure the child gets the absolute most out of school i EG A student may consult a school psychologist in order to decide on whether or not either college or the military will be the next designated goal 10 ndustrialorganizational psychologists a The field that tends to make the most average salary b Focus on large companies and consult them to make sure that the company runs efficiently and at its best potential i EG An IO psychologist will make changes such as hiring more administrative personnel or a decrease in workload to increase overall productivity


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