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Week 1 Notes for International Studies.

by: Sean Bhatnagar

Week 1 Notes for International Studies. INTSTDS 3350

Marketplace > Ohio State University > INTSTDS 3350 > Week 1 Notes for International Studies
Sean Bhatnagar
GPA 2.03
Intro Western Eur
Philipp Rehm

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About this Document

These are the notes that were given in our first two sessions this week. The first session was all syllabus talk with a brief introduction. There are other pages to be read out of the textbooks a...
Intro Western Eur
Philipp Rehm
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sean Bhatnagar on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INTSTDS 3350 at Ohio State University taught by Philipp Rehm in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
International Studies 3350 Intro to Western Europe Week 1 Plan for today What is Democracy Varieties of democracies Lijphart Ch 13 Examples UK Switzerland How many democracies Before the late 1970s less than one third of all independent states were democratic 1974 275 CP focused on classifying different regimetypes whereas democracies were seen as a homogenous group Differences between democracies were only addressed at the subsystem level Today the majority of states are democratic 2005 641 Why the new interest in comparing democracies Waves of democratization First wave early 19th century suffrage extension Second wave After WW2 The third wave of democratization Starting around 1974 Development of democracies According to Dahl 1966 there were three milestones in the development of democracies 1 incorporation voting rights 2 Representation parties 3 Organized opposition De nition of democracy The chief executive ls elected directly or indirectly The legislature is elected More than one party competes in elections Incumbent parties have in the past of will have in the future lost an election and yielded office but if a system fails at least one of these criteria it is a DICTATORSHIP PWN quotDemocracy is a system in which parties lose electionsquot Lijphart Ch 13 Many different ways to organize democracies but democratic rules are typically either or Majoritarian The majority decides Concensual as many people as possible decide get as large of a majority as possible Historicaly scholars have often equated democracy solely with majoritarian democracy Majoritarian vs Consensus Majoritarian Concentrate power exclusiveness competitivenesswinner takes all Confrontation UK Consensus Share disperse and limit power inclusiveness Bargaining Negotiation Compramise SWI Look at TABLE 51 Key points Definition of democracy Majoritarian vs consensus How aspects of UK and Switzerland relate to majoritarian vs consensus And the MAGIC FORMULA


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