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Week One (24-28 August 2015) Notes- Indochina through WWII

by: Chris Hicks

Week One (24-28 August 2015) Notes- Indochina through WWII HIST 3370

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > History > HIST 3370 > Week One 24 28 August 2015 Notes Indochina through WWII
Chris Hicks
GPA 3.955
The Vietnam War
Benjamin Greene

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About this Document

Notes on the history of Vietnam and their relations with the Chinese, French, Japanese, and U.S., as well as their political views and reasons the U.S. was so interested in Vietnam
The Vietnam War
Benjamin Greene
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chris Hicks on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 3370 at Bowling Green State University taught by Benjamin Greene in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see The Vietnam War in History at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Week One 2428 August 2015 John McCain vs Chuck Hagel Naval Aviator and POW Army Veteran of Vietnam Prowar Hawk Dove Vietnam was a mistake Republican Senator Republican senator USO Secretary of Defense for President Obama US lift restrictions on Veterans causes use of force What needs addressed 0 Music of Protest 0 Strategy Tactics and Operations Disagreement not conventional enough vs too conventional 0 Media relations 1St televised war lost vs won atrocities vs good 0 Why unsuccessful 0 Different presidential decision making 0 Antiwar movements 0 Aftermath coming home US and Vietnam 0 International implications 0 Credibility of US to defend allies against communism especially in Europe 0 Origin 0 Legality m Ho Chi Minh Nguyen Ai Quoc founder of Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League and leader of the Vietminh August Revolution 1945 The Vietminh took control of major cities from the Japanese and declared their independence in hopes that Western Powers and the Chinese would recognize Vietnam as a sovereign nation Vietminh League for the Independence of Vietnam group attempting to win over the Vietnamese people in an effort to gain independence for Vietnam Indochina through WWII Vietnam A Brief Historv Relationship with China and the Age of Imperialism US and Asia Ideals vs EconomicSecuritv Interests Vietnamese view of the US Vietnamese lessons of American Revolution America s Ideas Wilson s 14 Points FDR s Atlantic Charter WWII in Indochina French Vichy Japanese occupations French cooperating with Japanese Formation of Viet Minh and August Revolution Deer Mission The OSS in Vietnam Movie Deep rooted Ho Chi Minh fought for decades with the French and US and their South Vietnamese allies 1St televised war and 1St war that was opposed in large numbers Why US in Vietnam Chinese vs Vietnam Chinese and Vietnamese have fought for centuries Vietnam has history of repelling foreign enemies Cold War threat to US is spread of Communism throughout the world Vietnamese more Nationalist or more Communist North vs South North mining communal tight villages South Farming individualistic Age of Imperialism in Asia British Russian Dutch Japanese French In Vietnam for agriculture rice rubber and proximity with China US with China Protect open door policy for China China is being carved up for European trade no exclusive trading spheres The Open Door Notes 18991900 Idealistic or realistic US is an emerging not great power in 1898 using ideals to get trading sphere in China protector of sovereignty against imperial powers George Washington Inspiration for Vietnamese Revolutionaries Lessons ways to fight superior enemy Chinese history of him states that he fought for the British in the French and Indian War 17541763 because he knew he was going to fight them in the future Social Darwinism prepare self with experiences French were suppressing the Vietnamese from experiences where they could lead themselves His characteristics righteous selfsacrifice courage duty to country M French drew a lot of their troops from their colonies to Europe Wilson thought WWI was caused by scrambles for colonies so he wanted to end colonization Europeans disagreed Nguyen Ai Quoc Ho Chi Minh appealed to US to live up to their ideals asked for things Americans possessed before they revolted against the British Representation freedom of assembly etc rej ected by US so he turned to the Soviet Union considered alternate paths to independence What s the threat of Vietnamese Communism Is Vietnam a Soviet puppet or Nationalist traveled Western countries to study M Japan easily takes over SE Asia because Europeans need to fight in Europe M US embargos Japan because they take French Indochina WWII Japanese Occupation of Indochina 19411945 FDR and Churchill agree to arrange events to bring US into war end to colonies Vietminh1941 different type of Communism compared to the USSR Allclass Nationalism no land reformappropriation had religious base Learned guerilla warfare securedefend revolutionary bases See this as a prolonged guerilla struggle French stayed until March 1945 power vacuum gt August Revolution Vietminh s opportunity to consolidate power Deer Mission OSS agents drop into North Vietnam organize and train hundreds of soldiers in various ways of fighting enemy said the Vietnamese recruits were gungho and that Ho Chi Minh was a Nationalist 1St and Communist 2nd US Has Ambivalence to Vietnamese Independence missed opportunity for friendly USVietnam relations want trusteeship to train Vietnam on administering self Vietnam see America s ideals but US doesn t always live up to them wants to help rebuild Europe end colonialism vs French stability


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