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Week 1 Notes (8/26 - 8/28)

by: Amber Riggle

Week 1 Notes (8/26 - 8/28) THEA 103

Marketplace > Ball State University > Theatre > THEA 103 > Week 1 Notes 8 26 8 28
Amber Riggle
The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith

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About this Document

Includes: 8/26/15: Syllabus recap, Introduction to Critical Analysis, Podcast 1 notes 8/28/15: The Five Rules of Theatre.
The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amber Riggle on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 103 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Smith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see The Aesthetics of Theatre in Theatre at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
THEA 103 Aesthetics 82615 1 Svllabus Recap a If you have any questions in regard to the class check the syllabus rst b Then Google it 5eriou5y c Then ask your TA d Then TSmith e And as always be a good Human Being Don39t be an asshole 2 Critical Analysis introduction a Taking in LOTS of data i Words in a script ii Brush strokes on a canvas iii Moments of a live performance iv Even daily experiences b Organize it and categorize it c Draw conclusions d Basically i Look at it ii Organize it iii Draw Conclusions Podcast 1 Notes 82615 1 TSmith Hannah and Tyler 2 What is a beautiful songsound a Hannah Norah Jones quotThe Prettiest Thingquot i 39ethereal b Tyler Guns N Roses39 quotSweet Child O39 Minequot i 39bombastic39 and 39badass39 c TSmith A slamming door i What does it connect to emotionally ii It can connect to a good memory or feeling childhood summer etc 3 Aesthetic Response The INITIAL VISCERAL REACTION Emotional personal terminology Subjective Comes before the analyzation Limited i A response isn39t understanding or analyzing 4 Critical Analysis a Analyses of quotThe Prettiest Thingquot amp quotSweet Child O39 Minequot i Norah Jones 1 Ethereal nostalgic voice 2 Sounds like she39s from a different time timeless 3 Raw beauty 4 Soft romantic Sinatratype melodies 5 Rhythm is quotliltingquot ii Guns N Roses 1 Opening guitar moment is memorable 2 ICONIC a Uses just one instrument b Simple repetitive 3 Piercing melodic and vulnerable 4 Raw primal quality combined with beautiful music b Both Analyses are trying to describe STYLE c Slamming door i Unintentional nostalgic Dunc91 ii Why is it nostalgic 1 Sentimental baggage d Critical analysis creates a common ground and terminology e Objective and Rational rather than subjective 5 What we will be working on this semester a COMPOSITION What the thing is made of b STRUCTURE How the thing is put together c How do composition and structure create that aesthetic response 6 Aristotle39s The Poetics a Six things that compose theatre COMPOSITION i Plot ii Character iii Idea iv Language v Music vi Spectacle 1 Excluded items Aristotle didn39t take into consideration Audience Historical context b The six are put together in two ways STRUCTURE i The xed textscript 1 The spine of the story 2 The actual words on the paper ii The performance 1 Live inthemoment 2 Flexible interpretation The Five Rules of Theatre and life in general 82815 1 Solve the problem a Use deductive reasoning i Figure out the thing for yourself b Exhaust your resources c Adapt ef cient solutions i Don39t just solve the problem apply the same techniques to later problems d Don t complainRely on entitlement i No one has much tolerance for The Diva 2 Be Specific a With language spoken and written i Get REALLY good at saying what you mean with precision b With artistic choices c With choices in life i Be ACTIVE not PASSIVE d Reject the cult of 39whatever39 3 Collaborate a Adapt to the situation i Know when to lead when to step up to a challenge or task b Perhaps more importantly Know when to FOLLOW c Balance i Your Ideas vs The Group Project d Seriously don39t be an asshole i Be able to have the tough conversations ii quotKill Your Darlingsquot but quotDon39t Toss The Baby Out With The Bath Waterquot 4 Be A Professional a On time prepared and doublechecked i Rule of thumb quot15 minutes is ontime ontime is late and late is firedquot b Without complaints or excuses i You have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce Remember that c Formal rather than casual d The Best i At every Goddamn Thing You do 5 Listen a To other people before speaking i LET PEOPLE FINISH THEIR SENTENCES ii And don39t assume what they are going to say iii lt39ll make a youknowwhat out of everyone and yourself in particular b To the text before making artistic decisions i VampiresteampunkHamlet Sorry TSmith c Then think d Then speak It s all about ADAPTABILITY folks Become excellent with technology back up your computer regularly Never permanently throw away any assignments Keep records it can only help you Learn how to use Dropbox and Google Docs Need a practical solution Google it The internet is the brainchild ofJesus himself


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