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RELI 180 week 1

by: Kyle Marshall

RELI 180 week 1 RELI 180-001

Kyle Marshall
GPA 4.0
Ernst, Carl

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About this Document

Here are the notes for the lectures 8/19, 8/24, 8/26, and the recitation
Ernst, Carl
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kyle Marshall on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELI 180-001 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Ernst, Carl in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO ISLAMIC CIV in Religious Studies at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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Date Created: 08/29/15
81915 REL1180 Essentialism the essence of a religion Personification Christianity saysquot 0 Gives religion one voice 0 Avoid at all costs Prejudice preconceived opinion unreasoned biashostility towards a class of people Bigotbigotry obstinate intolerant partisan beliefs Racism belief that all members of each race possess certain characteristics Legacy of Prejudice O O O O O Colonialism Brits liberate iraq 1918 Crusades Christians crusade against muslim culture amp religion Orientalism Zionism amp Israel West chooses Iudaism Harem fantasies Lady Montague owned land when Western women could not example of women s rights in Islamic society before western women s suffrage 82515 What is religion 0 A process something you do Latin religio o A cultural process belief of a group of people society faith 0 Spiritual aspect individual 0 Classification of a set of beliefs a way of life What is a cult o A religion that we don t like not accepted by the public 0 Is the KKK Christian Cicero defines religion with piety and reverencequot Augustine religion is singular Grotius the truth of the Christian religion 0 Era of competing religions Intersectionality different interpretations of sacred word religion Religions undergo major changes however 0 Women s rights 0 LGBTQ rights 0 Antislavery Views of religion 0 Prescriptive Approach establishment of norms amp practices 0 Descriptive Approach what actually happens not necessarily according to text I Take selfidentification seriously Who defines religion 0 In the USA IRS court systems government military 0 Ottoman empire determines religion by what community you were born into 82615 Civilization 0 Aristotle defined as development of life in cities 0 Samuel Johnson rejects this term from dictionary I Term used nevertheless in Europe opposed to quotbarbariansquot in Asia Africa America Iustified colonialism 0 Huntington divided civilization by culture Chinese Islamic Western in Clash of the Civilizations Donner o Renan said Islam was not a primarily religious movement I Donner combats this 0 Umayyad hostile about movement 1St day of Islamic Calendar day Muhammad left Mecca for Medina 0 beginning of religious movement 0 Lunar calendar 9days shorter than solar Islamic identity continues without central religious authority 0 Constitutes differences between sects 0 Arab Empire or Empire Late antiquity amp transformation of Hellenistic amp Persian cultures 0 Hellenist after Alexander Greek dominates Constantinople Byzantine new rome Byzantine vs Sasanians o AntiSemitism o Orthodox Christianity 0 Asceticism Sasanian Empire Persia 0 Desert surrounded by mountains o Zoroastrianism I Resurrection judgement heaven amp hell wise creator vs demonic opponent I Fire temples purity rituals Emphasize ethical actions 0 Large Iewish amp Christian communities in Persia tolerated o Elaborate social hierarchy o Rivals with Byzantine warfare amp trade weakened both empires Arabia between powers sandwhiched between fighting empires 0 Hellenistic with Greek Hebrew Roman o Academics of science amp philosophy cosmopolitan o Luxurious Petra Muslims worship harems in Kabaa o Harem shrines holy places 82715 RECITATION Discursive tradition o Textword o Practices 0 Authority causes tension Religious Studies vs Theology 0 Religious Studies I View beliefs practices way of life history I Objective I Came from Eurocentric humanities Other faiths evaluated against Christianity 0 Shaped how we think about other traditions o Theology I Belief systems I Reinforces belief proof arguments I insider view I religious view of history 2 Empires Sasanian vs Byzantine Asceticism selfdiscipline distance from worldly things to dedicate yourself to your God Divine Silk Road series of trade networks Arabia Peninsula used to be lush empires in South Hejaz west coast Medina desert oasis Mecca trade center


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