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Chem 120 Lecture Notes

by: Leslie Pike

Chem 120 Lecture Notes CHEM 120

Leslie Pike
GPA 3.9
College Chemistry I
Dr. Darwin Dahl

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About this Document

First week of lecture notes from Dr. Dahl's Chem 120. Succinct, organized summary of the first three lectures, along with information about where to purchase the official study guide for the Chem 1...
College Chemistry I
Dr. Darwin Dahl
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Pike on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 120 at Western Kentucky University taught by Dr. Darwin Dahl in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 204 views. For similar materials see College Chemistry I in Chemistry at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Chem 120008 Lecture Notes Week 1 The rst week was spent mostly going over the syllabus and the OWLV2 homework The nal exam is the ACS standardized exam A study guide for this exam is available for purchase in Alicia Pester eld39s of ce TCCW 426 The cost is 17 This study guide contains materials for both Chem 120 and Chem 222 so you will get two semesters39 use out of it The rst round of OWLV2 homework will be due August 31 OWLV2 homework can be accessed through the link in Blackboard or by going to cengagebraincom The etextbook can also be accessed through Blackboard and cengagebraincom Looseeaf copies of the textbook are available for purchase in the WKU bookstore for 25 Wednesday and Friday were spent talking about states of matter and SI units States of matter The ve states of matter 0 Solid de nite shape de nite volume 0 Liquid no de nite shape de nite volume Supercritical uid an arti cial state of matter produced by applying excessive heat and pressure to a gas The pressure induces the gas to become a liquid but the heat induces the liquid to become a gas resulting in a state of matter that is neither liquid nor gas 0 Gas no de nite shape or volume expands to the size of whatever sealed container in which it is placed 0 Plasma ionized gas Much of the universe is composed of plasma Elements transition from one state to another depending upon changes in heat and pressure A phase diagram demonstrates what state an element will be in for a given temperature and pressure Names of state transitions Melting solid to liquid Freezing liquid to solid Evaporating liquid to gas Condensing gas to liquid Sublimation solid to gas Deposition gas to solid If conditions are correct more than one state of matter may be present at once For instance water is present both as ice and as liquid water at 0 C and 1 atm Interesting fact A triple point is a speci c temperature and pressure at which all three solid liquid gas states are present at once The triple point of water is 001 C and 0006 atm SI units There are seven SI base units Meter length Kilogram mass NOT WEIGHT the two mean two very different things Candela brightness of light Ampere current ow Mole the number 60221023 Second time Kelvin heat Important note the liter is NOT one of the seven base units One milliliter is equal to 1 cubic centimeter Cubic centimeter can be abbreviated cc The pre xes for SI units Tena Hga Mega KHo none MHH kao Nano Hco Fennto Amto Each of these differ by 103 with none being 10 kilo being 103 etc Milli is 103 Micro is 106 et cetera Exceptions to this rule are hecto deka deci and centi 100 10 01 001 Miscellaneous An extensive property can be changed by adding more mass Weight volume length are extensive An intensive property cannot be changed by adding more mass Color density are extensive


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