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Week of August 24 to August 27

by: Deanna Davis

Week of August 24 to August 27 JPN 2220

Marketplace > Florida State University > Japanese > JPN 2220 > Week of August 24 to August 27
Deanna Davis
GPA 3.7
Intermediate Reading and Conversation
Kentaro Tabata

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About this Document

These are the notes from the week of August 24 to August 27. This includes the kanji and grammar points, along with examples and uses.
Intermediate Reading and Conversation
Kentaro Tabata
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deanna Davis on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JPN 2220 at Florida State University taught by Kentaro Tabata in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Reading and Conversation in Japanese at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
JPN 2220 Intermediate Reading and Conversation Notes Week of August 24 to August 27 The kanji for this week are lr W pronounced 0 meaning thing as in W something to drink ll ii pronounced 0 meaning bird as in El llnxi swan or white bird I 0 A pronounced J j meanmg 1ngred1ents or fare as 1n 5 a fee 33 pronounced 0 meaning reason as in heavenly justice The grammar points for this week are 1 Potential Verbs Potential verbs are used to say someone can or has the ability to do something This would be like saying I can run or I have the ability to draw in English To conjugate a verb from dictionary form to potential form you drop the final g and add 5 For example 735 Z to return becomes 735 Z 5 can return To conjugate an 5 verb from dictionary form to potential form you drop the final 9 sound and add X g For example 35 lt to walk becomes 35 U can walk 15 at to swim becomes 15 at L i can swim i 9 to wait becomes i C can wait 0 3 to take drink becomes 0 5b can drink 733 5 to own a pet becomes 735 Z can own a pet L 3939 to die becomes l Zia can die 35 there is becomes 35 there can be ii 7 j to speak becomes ii 7 U can spea 35 5 to play becomes 35 V can play To conjugate irregular verbs such as j g and lt g from the dictionary form to potential form you have to remember their specific conjugations to do conjugates to T 55 can do lt to come conjugates to C 5 can come There is also a form of conjugated g verbs that removes the 5 sound but this is considered substandard and in some cases impolite For example 755 X becomes 755 Z n You Will also have to be able to conjugate the potential form into short form T form negative form and past tense For example Egt verbs Short Form Form Positive N Positive N Present ig 73325171 ig ij ig i u Past 733252 sz ig i afz f i i bibfz 325 i u 6l C form 73325 Short Form N N Present 03507 03350 Fi u Past 033507397357quot bi u lt C form If a verb were to take the particle 5 in potential form it can use either the particle 173 or 5 However in the case of T 3 g the potential form of j g you must use the particle 733 11 L If you want to give a reason from something you can use 793 5 however if you have multiple reasons for something you can use L L will follow a short form predicate You can also use L to imply there is more than one reason for something Occasionally L can come after the description of the situation L follows the present tense of short forms so if will appear in the case of 7S adjectives and nouns but not in the case of b3 adjectives For example I 3 adjectives are written with L like Zia I I 3 L 7 adjectives are written with L like if A 3 L Nouns are written with L like E A E I 3 L


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