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Night Sky Part 1

by: Notetaker

Night Sky Part 1 ASTRO 1010-002

Default_profile Notetaker
GPA 3.358
Survey of Astronomy
Jillian E. Bornak

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About this Document

Week 1 of notes for Astronomy. Class seems overwhelming with tons of information thrown at you. Here is a simplified version of the important things you need to know.
Survey of Astronomy
Jillian E. Bornak
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTRO 1010-002 at University of Toledo taught by Jillian E. Bornak in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Survey of Astronomy in Science at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Night SkyAstronomy you can see Part 1 day sky vs night sky constellations Why is the Sky Blue Sunlight Air Sunlight looks white but is actually a mix of colors 0 Prism spreads into all colors 20miles up in space sky looks black and sun looks white 18 miles up sunlight hits the atmosphere mainly nitrogen and oxygen 0 Particle sizes mean 10x better scattering blue light than red light Blue light gets scattered in all directions while other colors go in one direction 0 Coming directly from Sun Red Orange Yellow Green little Blue 0 Coming from all directions Blue Blue sky Why are Sunsets Red Sunlight Air At sunset sunlight travels through more atmosphere More air it goes through more chance of red light scattering Mapping the Night Sky Some bright stars near sun in Milky Way 0 Hundreds million years to orbit galaxy Sky divided into 88 constellations o N Hemisphere names from Greek Mythology Perseus Pegasus etc o S Hemisphere names from instruments carina telescopium circus etc Constellations depend on point of View Distances to stars greater than sizes of stars Iust patterns we see not real structures Different distancedifferent brightness and colors Light pollutionorange glow in skyfaint stars 0 Adversive health effects Celestial Sphere Model Straight overhead is called Latitude and Celestial Sphere Latitude determines what you see at Zenith your local horizon North Pole points to Polaris 0 As person moves from equator toward the North Pole Polaris moves higher in the sky Degrees Polaris in above horizon your latitude Daily Motion Sun moon stars planets rise in East and set in West due to Earth s rotation Earth s rotation rate and orbit rate are NOT related 0 Length of a day and a year are unrelated 0 True for most planets not true for many moons Rotation axis points to Polaris 0 Not the brightest star in the sky Sky seems to spin around PolarisNorth Star 0 How long star is above horizon depends on where it is in the sky and observer s latitude Meteor Shower Earth Plows into Comet Debris Debris burns upquot in atmosphere 0 Earth moves at 30kms 67000mph o Debris enters atmosphere at 1070 kms 20000150000mph Air piles up in front heats up so much it glows hotmeteor 0 Small objects vaporized by this heat 5080km 3050miles above surface Meteor streaks seem to come from certain directions 0 Name meteor shower after that constellation Perseid Geminid Quadrantid Main Meteor Showers Each shower associated with different comet leaving debris Streaks left behind best seen at night with crescent moon Yearly Motion Due to Earth s Orbit Determines constellations seen at night Sun s quotlocationquot on celestial sphere changes over a year 0 Along ecliptic plane of solar system Constellations along sun s path called Zodiac 1213 on ecliptic Sun looks parts of different constellations every month roughly sky calender


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