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Week 2 Notes

by: Kara Pemberton

Week 2 Notes ANTH 3540

Kara Pemberton
GPA 3.9
Multicultural Healthcare
Dr. Susan Tanner

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About this Document

Notes for August 24th-29th. Learned some super interesting stuff this week, and talked about milk.
Multicultural Healthcare
Dr. Susan Tanner
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kara Pemberton on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3540 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Susan Tanner in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Multicultural Healthcare in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 08/29/15
Multicultural Healthcare Week 2 82415 Illness 0 Condition of poor health perceived by individual 0 Based on individual experience 0 Perception of disease altered health by person 0 Informed by broader social amp cultural meanings I Diabetes vs schizophrenia Tuberculosis the illness experience amp an International Public Health Controversy 0 Atlanta lawyer in June 2007 o Diagnosed while healthy had no symptoms 0 Didn t follow patient role traveled against advice of CDC 0 Was cured free of disease agent free of symptoms 0 Tuberculosis may become dormant and reemerge o What defines being cured 0 Denver doctors eliminated any detectable evidence of infection 0 Worst patient ever 0 Was quarantined when caught after traveling o Crossed borders to avoid being caught 0 Become international fugitive De ning Disease Disease 0 Statistically subnormal biological functioning for species 0 Objectively measured o What is the definition of normal 0 Pathology mainly known to medical experts Ex Healthy physiological ranges 0 Normal Blood pressure 18 years or older 0 Less than 12080 0 Increases as you get older Conceptualization of Disease 0 International Disease Classification Manual 0 1900 179 descriptions 35 groups in classification 0 1948 Classification of disease Injuries Cause of Death 0 Last major revision 1990 o For insurance global health keeping track of disease rates amp why people die I Constantly updating over 12000 codes now I Eg Fibromyalgin included in ICD10 as M790 Rheumatism unspecified Fibromyalgia Fibrosis 0 Finally recognized as disease 0 Important because you need a code to get insurance I Tendency of slaves to run away from masters once considered a disease Illness amp Disease 0 Condition of poor health perceived by individual 0 Food allergies without obvious symptoms 0 Insomnia 0 Obesity trends Among US Adults have dramatically increased since 1990 0 Dramatic separation between ideals and reality 0 Fear of ovaries as part of an illness or something to be treated o Is menopause a disease I Obviously not but perceptions of natural things are different 0 Reverse andropause drop in testosterone towards end of life in men 0 Taking medication to treat normal conditions in life I Medicalization Medical Anthropology o Pulls from all aspects of Anthropology Basic Approaches 0 Biological Anthropology o Is paleo diet wrong Importance of carbohydrates 0 Difference of humans to other species amp how it relates to sickness o Ecological approaches how the relationship between organisms and their total environments cultural political ecological in uences health amp disease 0 Malaria in Sardinia Eliminated because of seasonal migration I Mosquitoborn I Seasonal summer I Lower Altitudes 82615 1minute essay What was interesting or surprising about the readings 0 Will be 1minute essays on readings to be handed in from now on Human Diet amp Human Variation 0 New foods in human history 0 Alcohol large bodies concentrated 0 Fat large bodies concentrated 0 Wheat Processing large bodies concentrated 0 Items themselves not new but the mass concentrated production is Key Concepts of the article about Milk 0 Assumption of biological normalcy 0 Medicalization 0 Local Biology 0 Biocultural perspective intersections between biology culture amp society Human Variation 0 Lactase persistencenonpersistance Why does terminology matter 0 Usual term lactose toleranceintolerance o Frames what normalcy is o Lactase persistence unusual condition Genetic adaption amp agriculture 0 Lactose Intolerance 0 Disease where adults are unable to digest lactose containing foods fresh milk 0 Not drinking milk was sign of deviant behavior in kids 0 Caused by termination of lactose enzyme production in adulthood Multiple genetic variants 0 These adults are less able to break down sugar lactose Lactose ferments in large intestines 0 Lactose Sugar in milk 0 Lactase Category of enzymes digest lactose 0 Many causes to lactase deficiency o Frequencies of lactose intolerance vary across populations Patterns of molecular variation 0 Multiple genotypes l phenotype 0 Natural selection amp migration 0 Subsistence strategy herding amp dairying shaped genome o Origins of agriculture in Egypt amp Middle East 9 75 kya I Age estimate of European variation 89 kya o Archaeology suggests pastoralism did not spread south of Sahara till 45 3 kya 82815 Stone Agers in the Fast Lane Eaton 0 What do people eat 0 Diets of contemporary foraging groups 0 Modern human diets significantly different 0 Problems of comparing modern diets of past I Change in environments I Not recognizing certain things as food I Humans adapt amp adopt tech constantly I No truly isolated groups I Problem of power Hunterforager groups forced out of land by people amp companies in power 0 Took average of average diets collected by many different ethnographers 0 Focus more on avoidance of disease than general health 0 High percentage of Inuit diet is fat amp meat still healthy 0 American diet Sodium gt Potassium 0 Studies of the past diets based on incomplete archeological evidence 0 We have quick biocultural advancesevolution Basic Approaches o Ethnomedical Approaches study of how members of different cultures think about disease amp organize themselves toward medical treatment and the social organization of treatment itself 0 Critical Approaches Power of politics and economy affecting health 0 Applied Approaches Take it out of academia and apply it to outside life Broad categories of Medical Systems 0 All medical systems have a theory of etiology causation diagnosis method amp prescription of therapy 0 1 Personalistic I Active purposeful intervention of a sensate agent I God nonhuman being human I No accidents 0 Witches 0 SorceryShamanism BadGood o 2 Naturalistic I Impersonal functional systematic ideas of disease I Often draw on equilibrium models I Naturalistic medical systems include Biomedicine Ayurvedic Medicine Chinese Medicine Humoral Theory 0 Sometimes combo of both 0 There is no one truly universal system The Body 0 Control over bodies is social and political 0 Local biology Individual bodies embed or embody social economic physical cultural environment Not a simple pattern Drug Abuse Criminalization or Medicalization o Medicalization Taking a condition of nature amp giving it a medical label describing it amp prescribing a treatment 0 Taking deviant behavior and correcting it o Locke article


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