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by: Cameron Brinkmeyer

WeekOneComputerScience1323.pdf C S 1323 010

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > ComputerScienence > C S 1323 010 > WeekOneComputerScience1323 pdf
Cameron Brinkmeyer
Introduction to Computer Programming
Dr. Trytten

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About this Document

This is week one of notes for C S 1323. It focuses on data types and memory storage.
Introduction to Computer Programming
Dr. Trytten
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cameron Brinkmeyer on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to C S 1323 010 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. Trytten in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 237 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Computer Programming in ComputerScienence at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Day one CS 1323 notes Teacher Biography Presidents associates presidential professor and associate professor of computer Science and Adjunct Associate professor of women s and gender studies At ou for 24 years Office in 252 Devon Energy Hall Study diversity for engineers Personal interests 1 Dogs 2 Needle work Sections Section 10 1 For people with no prior programming experience 2 Does not require java GDP 3 Projects done with partner during required lab Section 1 1 Prior programming experience 2 Projects done alone Section 995 1 Internet course Professor goals Proficient Java programmers 1 Programming in the small small programming 2 Programming in the large large programs 3 Conceptual understanding syntax unimportant concepts are most important Develop professionalism 1 Punctuality Accuracy Meet the requirements Calendar required Computational tools Teleconferencing dropbox 9159quot Human Resources Five teaching assistants 1 Mamta Yadav Sarah Otts James Land 2 Stephen Smart Taner Davis online Office hours include teleconferencing option vseecom cs1323csouedu login University College Action Center Tutoring 1 My Friday office hour is in Wagner Hall 245 with Austin Graham 2 He will also have another session Tuesday 78 3 Holds hours by appointment 3rel week of class 0 College of engineering tutors 1 Schedule posted online 0 All paid for by the University Resources for Class 0 Zyante Electronic Textbook o Turingscraft interactive programming tutor 1 Small programs 2 Early assignments are big 3 Working laptop with ample battery and wireless internet access 4 iClicker 0 free stuff 1 Problets 2 Javabat Janux 0 Videos 1 Lecturelets 2 Problem solving 0 Integrated textbook 0 Links to programming tutors 0 Complete gradebook 1 Grades are uploaded manually 0 Discussion Board Dropbox 0 Link on syllabus and on Janux 1 Lecture notes 2 Code developed in class 3 Dropbox directory shared with each student for the return of homeworklaboratoriesexaminations 0 Excel Schedule 1 Gives all deadlines 2 Dynamic changes as necessary 3 Topical coverage might Grading 0 Lab work 20 0 Interactive programming tutors and textbook 15 o Homework 10 o Examinations 1 Three during semester 30 2 Final 20 Borderline grades 0 Grade is within 2 points of next grade final is used to determine Course Policies 0 Late work is not accepted Email sent constantly 1 Assume you ve read it within 24 hours 2 Make sure OU email is forwarded 0 Computer literacy Expectations online Janux 0 Discussion board Etiquette Submission failures 1 Two step process only one mistake is allowed Academic Misconduct 0 Section 10 work in lab with other people 0 All other work in both sections should be the work of an individual working alone 0 Do not give copies of your work to others 0 Do not ask for copies of other people work Interactive Tutors and iClickers 0 Setup is different for each system 0 Please include 1 Real name not a nickname 2 Email address 3 Student ID 0 Check the gradebook Homework 0 Homework assignments are submitted on Janux dropbox by 1159 pm on the due date 0 Must be word processed 1 Converted to PDF General Guidelines o If I ve forgotten to do something remind me 1 Email 0 Be patient Read the Syllabus 0 Accommodation of Disabilities 0 Incompletes o Adjustments for pregnancy and childbirth related issues 0 Title 9 Resources 0 Hiring Tutors How to learn Java 0 People learn things they use often 0 More recalls the better long term memory you get What Programs do 0 Solve problems by following instructions 1 The instructions in the main program are sequential 2 Instructions can A Store data B Execute o A program calculates sales tax 1 Price of an item 2 Number purchased 3 Tax rate 0 Multiply these to find sales tax and store it in memory Computer Memory 0 Groups of 64 bits 0 Each group has an address 0 Interpretation of bits determined by type of data 1 Java keeps track 2 Memory diagrams lists memory content storage Integral Types 0 Int integer 1 Numbers between 2quot31 and 2quot31 0 Integral types are stored exactly within their range 1 20000000001 is 2000000001 0 Int is used for things that are countable 1 Number of people 2 Number of cars 0 Int is not for things that are not numeric Scientific Notation o Matissa Notation Ex 2152E7 21520000 2152E4 0002152 Day 3 Computer Science Floating Point Types 0 Double and Float 1 For this class use double 2 In modern computers float is irrelevant for storage reasons 3 Work correctly for the most part but some need to be exact o Encoded as 0 s and 1 s in a complex scheme 0 Numbers with a fractional part 1 Double has 15 numbers in mantissa 2 Float has 7 3 Stored approximately A Some are stored exactly 0 Example 1 If we add one to 732542E20 stored as float 2 Goes over 15 so nothing happens Math and Computer Science 0 Computer Science is part of math 0 Most Computer Scientists have lots of math training 0 Sometimes Math and CS agree 1 Real numbers and whole numbers are different things 0 Sometimes math and CS don t agree 1 No fractions and no irrational numbers 2 2 and 20 are totally different in CS and identical in Math A 2 is an int and 20 is a double B If you write 2 instead of 20 you could lose points if the answer is a double 0 This is the source of confusion 0 Single symbols in single quotes 1 Q 2 No letters in binary 3 Arbitrary scheme to make letters A Unicode Table B ASCII Tabe This records more random characters Numbers are characters too Numbers can be 3 things doubles ints and characters 4 A and a are not the same thing 5 Space is also a character 0 Special characters 1 End of Line 2 Tab 3 These characters are not visible 0 These characters have special names in Java 1 New line n 2 Tab t 0 Logical Values 1 boolean A true B false 0 Examples 1 Whether sales is charged 2 Whether dogs are fed 3 Whether it s raining or not Variables and Constants 0 Variables are locations in memory that can be changed 1 Each variable has a name and a type 2 Must know type to know how to interpret 0 s and 1 s 0 Constants are locations in memory that are given one value and unchangeable after that 1 Keyword final Identifiers o Identifiers are names we give variables memory location 0 Rules 1 Alphanumeric az AZ 09 2 Cannot start with a number 3 Java keywords are not allowed It will turn purple in eclipse Conventions 0 Everyday examples of social conventions 1 Driving on the right side of the road 0 Java conventions for identifiers 1 Identifiers for primitive data start with small letters 2 Camel case A Subsequent words start with capital letters B Ex double i Am A Variable Declare a Variable Double cups Food Raven 0 int grams Food Raven int size size 3 Assignment statement 0 Can combine 0 Int size 3 o stands for assignment 0 Take the value on the right and assign to the left 0 Asymmetric


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