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(Aug 24-28) African Ppl/Cultures, Lecture

by: Selina Quick

(Aug 24-28) African Ppl/Cultures, Lecture ANTH 3322-001

Marketplace > Texas State University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH 3322-001 > Aug 24 28 African Ppl Cultures Lecture
Selina Quick
Texas State
GPA 3.01
Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Augustine Agwuele

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About this Document

Document includes lecture notes from the first week of Peoples and Cultures of Africa. (August 24-28)
Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Augustine Agwuele
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Selina Quick on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3322-001 at Texas State University taught by Augustine Agwuele in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Peoples and Cultures of Africa in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 08/29/15
Peoples and Cultures of Africa August 24th 28th August 24 2015 the study of human beings at all times and all places a chronic study 0 O Anthropos human beings Logia the study of Humans need to solve everyday problems give meaning to their lives and interact with people insideoutside of their society in order to thrive O 0 Food shelter companionship are all basic human necessities However your culture determines what you think are acceptable choices to fulfill these needs I Example 1 a culture that encourages incest may have different social norms regarding romantic companions when compared to a culture that supports outbreeding I Example 2 does emotional love precede sex In some cultures two mates must determine their fertility and sexual chemistry before they begin to court one another for an emotional bond Crosscultural comparisons analyzed to understand the makeup of the human species by comparing 0 Different cultures in various geographical regions which interact 0 Different nations in the same region as part of the same government AnthroDOIOgv Subfields O BiologicalPhysical 0 Linguistic 0 Archaeology 0 Cultural 0 Applied Anthropology not considered an official subfield by all holistic approach considers culturehistorylanguagebiology essential to human life Who Are Africans 0 There are 2000 different languages spoken in Africa 57 countries 0 The media has been known to portray Africa through their cultural perspective often Africa is made to seem like ONE country although it s actually composed of numerous O Liberian President female in political power 0 a man that married 27 women all on the same day His societal norms didn t allow women to be musicians Female singers were considered loose or prostitutes because they performedsangdanced in front of large audiences Kuti married these women so they could be acceptedallowed to perform without cultural criticism O taken from Africa when she was about 20 yo Sent to London in 18 10 I Paraded across Europe hypersexualized for her prominent buttocks and began the stereotypes circulated about women of color being voluptuous I Passed away from syphilis Her sexual organs and brain were donated to science and displayed in Musee L Homme STOP WORDS words to avoid using when describing foreign cultures can be viewed as ignorant or offensive 0 00000000 Jungle I use Rainforest Tribe I use people or ethnic group BackwardPrimitive I use Traditional Bush I use savannah or grasslands SavageNative I use the name of the cultural group e g Sioux Ethiopian etc Witch Doctor I use herbalist Pagan I use traditional religion Pagan encapsulates NonChristian religions Native Costume I use national dress JujuSuperstition I use faith or belief


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