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Week 1 Notes REL 3145

by: Annette Marin

Week 1 Notes REL 3145 REL 3145

Annette Marin
GPA 3.3
Gender and Religion
Michael McVicar

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About this Document

Course: REL 3145 Professor: Dr. McVicar These are the first set of notes for the course REL 3145!
Gender and Religion
Michael McVicar
Class Notes
REL 3145 Michael McVicar
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annette Marin on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 3145 at Florida State University taught by Michael McVicar in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Gender and Religion in Religious Studies at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 08/29/15
Gender amp Religion 83015 1214 AM 0 double binds O W Cultura m 0 SexGende SocieH Religion go Part s7 IdentitK O k Belief Hope Male Female Tool to destroy or unite people The Study of Religion Article 83015 1214 AM 9 Establishes setting of the discussion 1 Nontheological 2 Academic Setting 3 Modern 9 The European discovery of other culturesquot 9 Establishes the origins of this setting Enlightenment European 17th and 18th century focus on human reason in opposition to or in conjunction with divine reason systemization of knowledge period of intellectual political amp social revolution colonial expansion 0 Emergence of physical and cultural science in an Enlightenment context 0 Study of religion as an object emerges with and influences the creation of disciplines of anthropology and sociology 9 Purpose of this field of study 0 to study religion from an observer s point of viewquot 909 o the goal was to describe compare and explain the history amp the evolution of religion its diversity and its persistence in all culturesquot 909 9 Theory 0 from the Greek theoria a looking at viewing contemplation speculation also a sight a spectacle o a way of seeing 0 attempts to study religion as an object lead to a need for theories to frame religion 0 identify the object of study 0 built on certain assumptions and presuppositions which may or may not be true 0 create distinctions and differences between object x amp object Y for example distinguish between religion amp science 0 Basic Theoretical approaches dominated by searches for the religious origins religion persists because it fulfills human needs 0 Reductive Theories of Religion tend to reduce religion to something else 0 Nonreductive Theories of Religion say religion can t be reduced to anything else Religion noun Three competing etymologies of religion releig literally to bind backquot or to rebindquot or to bind againquot relegere literally to read againquot 0 religens literally diligent or do again diligentlyquot 0 All imply religion is an action or that it associates things to something Religion singular noun 0 Discovery of the west indies the Americas leads to a problem Americas have rituals that look like Catholic rituals but are not Christian Leads to comparison and need for a category to label these practices eg idolatry cannibalism etc


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