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Human anatomy

by: Notetaker

Human anatomy BIOL150

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Human Anatomy

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About this Document

BIOL 150 Human Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy- (Greek word “cut up”) it is the study of structure of the body. Gross Anatomy (pg. 4)- macroscopic anatomy stud...
Human Anatomy
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday August 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL150 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Shundong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy in Anatomy at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 08/30/15
Lecture 2 1 The Study of Cells A Using the Microscope to Study Ce Michaela Polka39s CELL L meats m Maximum a the on the me of cells In A scanning Light microscope pg 24 amp 2 pwuuces a mu dimensional image for study by passing visible light through the specimen Colored dye stains are used for this Glass lenses focus and magnify the image Transmission electron microscope pg 24 amp 25 use heavy metal stain preparations Improve the resolution by more than a thousandfold Directs an electron beam through a thin cut section of the specimen Result 2 dimension image focused on a screen for viewing or on a photographic lm Show close up on surface of epithelial cells Scanning electron microscope pg 24 amp 25 for a detailed 3 dimensional study of the surface of the specimen Electron beam moved across the surface of the specimen and re ected electrons generate a surface topography image captured on a television screen B General Functions of Human Body Cells All on pg 25 amp 26 0 Covering epithelial cells form cells form a sheet to cover surfaces Ex skin cells cover external body surface Lining epithelial cells line the internal surfaces of our organs Ex small intestine Storage hepatocytes liver cells and adipocytes fat cells store nutrients or energy reserves for the body Lecture 2 Michaela Polka39s MovementMuscle cells composed of contractile proteins that cause the muscle to shorten contract thereby allowing movement to occur Skeletal muscle cells attach to the skeleton so that when these cells contract they move the skeleton In contrast when muscle cells in the heart wall contract they are able to pump blood throughout the body 0 Connection Multiple cell types are found here and help and support other tissues 0 Defense protect against pathogens or antigens anything foreign from body White blood cells aka Leukocytes recognize foreign materials antigens and attack them This process is called immune response 0 Communication Nerve cells neurons transmit nerve impulses from 1 part to another Impulse carries info between neurons within the nervous system sensory info to the brain for processing or motor info to make a muscle contract or glad secrete o Reproduction within gonalds the sex cells sperm and oocytes are produced They are specialized cells designed to join together and initiate the formation of a new individual Additionally within the bone narrow are stem cells that continually produce new blood cells for the body 2 Plasma Membrane pg 30 A Composition and Structure of Membranes i Lipids materials insoluble in water Ex fats oils and steroids insolubility of the lipids within the plasma membrane ensures membrane will not simply dissolve contact with water 3 lipids are phospholipids cholesterol and glycolipid a Phospholipids most plasma membrane lipids Both water soluble and water insoluble regions and element phosphate Polar charge uneven Balloon with tails is portrayed Tails nonpolarwater hating and head is polar water loving Lecture 2 Michaela Polka39s b Cholesterol lipid called steroid amounts 20 plasma membrane lipids Scattered within hydrophobic regions of the phospholipid bilayer where it strengthens membrane and stabilizes it at temp extremes


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