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History of Blue Jeans 1873-Present

by: Ivonne Ruiz

History of Blue Jeans 1873-Present THEA 3340

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > Theatre > THEA 3340 > History of Blue Jeans 1873 Present
Ivonne Ruiz
Costume History
Professor Crystal G. Herman

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About this Document

These notes are on the entire history of blue jeans! Hope this helps you out
Costume History
Professor Crystal G. Herman
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ivonne Ruiz on Sunday August 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 3340 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Professor Crystal G. Herman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Costume History in Theatre at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 08/30/15
The History of Blue Ieans 1873Present 82815 The term Denim came from the phrase Serge de Nim which refers to a town in France where the fabric was made The term Blue Ieansquot came from the phrase Bleu de Genesquot which refers to the city of Genoa Italy where the denim fabric was first used to make trousers for sailors which were often dye blue with indigo Denim Pants First created for and worn by sailors in the late 1600 s to early 1700 s The navy pants were bellbottoms and were worn by sailor s cause they were used as a type of otation device American West Began to be greatly used here because they were made out of strong and sturdy material for industrial workers Invention of blue jeans In 1853 Levi Straus opened a dry goods store company in San Francisco after the beginning of the gold rush In 1872 Iacob Davis added rivets to the jeans so that the pockets would stop tearing and would in turn last workers longer So he decided to trademark his idea but needed money so he turned to Levi Straus with his idea and offered him a share if he helped him patent it May 20th 1873 the US Patent Office issues Iacob and Levi patent 139121 for the Improvement in Fastening PocketOpeningsquot Early Blue Ieans Were originally extremely baggy and were called waist overallsquot They had suspender buttons to help carry them up Rivets at the bottom of the y were also removed In 1901 they added a second pocket to them cause they originally only had one pocket on the left butt cheek In 1922 they added belt loops to their jeans 18731930 Only used as workwear They used to cost 125 and since they were so sturdy and would last a long time they were considered an investment by the workers 1930 Great Depression happened Ieans became more popular because since people were poor they needed durable pants so people invested the little money they had into jeans knowing it would last them for a very long time Young children started wearing them as well once again because of their durability 1940s amp 1950s WWII changed everything Celebrities such as Gene Kelly began wearing jeans in films and that was a major breakthrough because it made jeans even more famous Wranglers were born and the Wild West movement in fashion came forward Teenagers started wearing jeans Iames Dean came out in movies and photoshoots wearing his pair of jeans Elvis Presley as well Ieans became mainstream casual However they were only worn for casual activities Ieans also became as part of counter culture with hippies and the antiwar movement Since jeans were originally created for sailors hippies began wearing bell bottom jeans to defile the war uniforms as their antiwar stance In the 70 s designer brands came out with their version of jeans which were obviously more expensive and fitted Calvin Klein jeans became extremely famous Ieans were starting to be worn as every day fashion Shrink to fit jeans became popular because people wanted extremely well fitted jeans Ieans became extremely different and unique They were colorful with different patterns and shapes Fashionably distressed Slouchy pants became famous for being worn extremely low enough to see underwear Ieans go grunge with Kurt Cobain The hiphop movement also came out with their version of jeans such as Will Smith would wear in Fresh Prince of Bel Air They were baggy and slouchy INCO Ieans in which they were huge parachute like bellbottoms and extremely baggy Late 90 s to early 2000s Lowrise jeans became popular thanks to Britney Spears when she folded her jeans down After that all companies began making their jeans extremely low In the 2000s a variety of jean styles came to be such as shorts daisy duke shorts jean skirts jean jackets etc


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