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Week 1 Notes

by: Danielle Scola

Week 1 Notes ANT3620

Danielle Scola
GPA 3.8
Language and Culture
Sean King

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About this Document

Hey all! These are the notes I was able to scramble down within the first week of classes.
Language and Culture
Sean King
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Scola on Sunday August 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANT3620 at University of Florida taught by Sean King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Language and Culture in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 08/30/15
ANT 3620 Language and Culture Professor Sean King slking88ufledu Office Turlington B335 gt M 912pm and by appointment Liz Ibarrola TA eibarrolaufledu Office Turlington 1208B gt WF 12130pm and by appointment N0 CUMULATIVE FINAL 8 24 15 Language is quotA body of words and the systems for their use common to people who are of the same community or nation the same geographical area or the same cultural tradition Anthropology is the relationship between people Phonology study of sounds within language Morphology structure of words Syntax structure of sentences grouping of words Semantics the meaning de Saussure Langue proper way to speak grammatically correct Parole how you actually talk quotStructuralistquot PWN Chomsky universal grammar everyone has the capacity for language believes language has a biological basis competence performance competence langue performance parole Linguistic Relativity world is perceived differently depending on what language you speak different language different perception Euphemisms are like a linguistic white lie the politics of language 8 26 15 Multifunctional language has multiple functions Roman Jackobsen 1 Expressive relating to the speaker a quotI can t stand this class 2 Conative relating to the one being spoken to a quotHey you 3 Referential relating to a third person event or context a quotThat tree grows fast 4 Poetic relating to the usecommunication event in question manipulation of language a quotIt takes one to know one 5 Phatic relating to the channel of communication a quotSound check123 6 Metalinguistic Language Ideologies Attitudes opinions beliefs and theories that groups have about their won or other languages Can be about a specific language particular languages or the people who speak a language Practice quotHabitusquot refers to how we are predisposed to think and act in certain ways because of how we have socialized we tend to reproduce the conditions and social structures that shaped us structure practice are analogous to competence performance and langue parole Bourdieu doesn t separate structure and practice but sees them as embedded in each other Indexicality Provides a way to analyze intersection of social action and language Indexes provide specific relations between things that are useful for grounding the what when where how and why Relies on theories of signs to understand the nature of signs and how they re related to each other Charles Sanders Peirce triadic theory of signs that focused on their relations to things not just their referents Sign object interpretant Three types of signs Icon is what it displays Index sign that relates directly to its object Symbol a sign that refers to its object because of convention habit culture etc All language is an index or symbol Maffie author of first reading working within the paradigm of langue but with a historical bent Berlin and Kay 1969 Created a theory that categorized cultures along an evolutionary line that measured the differentiation of color categories Argued that through time colors become more differentiated within a culture Maffie discovered that history had an impact on color terms Somalians adapted words from their British and Italian colonizers Somali word quotbuluugquot comes from English blue and Italian quotazulquot 8 28 15 Language Ideologies Thoughts feelings partial thoughts about a language Capture diversity rather than assuming uniform cultural ideas Include moral and political interests History Franz Boas early 20th century Saw language as an expression of culture Never considered what people thought about their own language Chomsky mid 20th century His transformational grammar approach acknowledged deep social structures within language Took the human out of language Michael Silverstein late 20th century Wrote Language Structure and Linguistic Ideologies 1979 Sought to go beyond grammar and structure Five Levels of Organization 1 GroupIndividual Interests a quotLanguage ideologies represent the perception of language and discourse that is constructed in the interest of a specific social or cultural group b Membership to a group depends on what is true or quotmorally good Neutral observer critical super involved 2 Multiplicity of Ideologies a quotLanguage Ideologies L are profitable conceived as multiple because of the plurality of social conditions i Mexicana linguistic ideologies Nahuatl speakers have a saying quotthere is no respect Only wealthy men said it because the times changed and women get more rights and respect 3 Awareness of Speakers a quotMembers display varying degrees of awareness of local language ideologies i There is a term meaning quotbad language which is very taboo and is never mentioned But if it needs to be discussed such as in court they have to change their ideology 4 Mediating Functions a quotMembers L mediate between social structures and forms of talk b Language users bridge their social context and linguistic capabilities by indexing those capabilities to their own experience tin their class gender etc c Semiotic mediating features of languages i conization the representation of a language as a pictorial guide to the nature of a social group 1 Colonials believed the clicking sounds of African languages to be mimicking animals 5 quotLI are productively used in the creation and representation of various social and cultural identities a Kaluli native of Indonesia Bambi Schieffelin 2000 studied the interactions between the natives and Christian missionaries b Missionaries westernized their culture by teaching them to write oral histories which destroyed part of their culture c Missionaries called them derogatory terms which the natives over time started calling themselves


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