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MTED 5318 - Meeting 1 (August 26)

by: Mitzelle Escobar

MTED 5318 - Meeting 1 (August 26) MTED 5318, Teaching and Learning with Techonology in the Mathematics Classroom

Mitzelle Escobar
GPA 4.0
Teaching and Learning with Techonologh
Dr. David Carrejo

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About this Document

Hello, I have gone ahead and typed out my notes for everyone from out first day of class. Everything is self explanatory and I hope you enjoy the notes. Thank you!
Teaching and Learning with Techonologh
Dr. David Carrejo
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mitzelle Escobar on Sunday August 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTED 5318, Teaching and Learning with Techonology in the Mathematics Classroom at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. David Carrejo in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Teaching and Learning with Techonologh in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 08/30/15
MTED 5318 Week 1 August 26 2015 Meeting 1 Basic Teacher Information Professor Dr David Carrejo Office 608 Education Building Email dcarreioutepedu constantly checks his email best way of contact MTED 5318 Teaching and Learning with Technology in the Mathematics Classroom How to use technology in the classroom First day Cognitive overload day we will learn way too much information that will take a while to process Set the tone of theoretical umbrella is for the course Different Math Courses MTED 5365 focused on only secondary level of teaching only introduces a limited of subjects MTED 53 18 this course created out of college of education and include technology being used at the High School level Technology Children are so into technology and games in today s day Recognize what students are learning through the apps and games they are playing This will help to develop ideas for including technology in the classroom Rules for Class The teacher is aware of the trafficparking issues that arise everyday 0 Therefore class will begin at 535 pm 5 mins after class is scheduled to begin 0 Under some circumstances class will begin at 540 pm Allows food and if you bring enough food for everyone it would be accepted as well Class will end around 800 due to no breaks given throughout class 0 You can go to the restroom as you pleas as long as you come back Things to think about for the next couple of weeks HandsonAction Interactive course Allow the brains to ow activities yours as well STEM a subject that the teacher is very passionate about 0 Everything about STEM is good mainly because nothing is basic Contacting Professor Office hours before or after class Also by appointment Best with email not phone Now the Dean of Education Can go to Dr Carrejo for help with certification or if needed to graduate Text Books Everything used in class is an open source freeonline Make sure to download on computer 0 Goegebra on syllabus I Made up of both geometry and algebra shows the correlation between the two where once they were seen as completely distinct 39 Opens up for generability 0 Tinkerplotscom Access and idea for implementing technology Technology in the classroom New technology computer 0 What are they learninggaining from using it 10 0 Use to reinforce or support learning with these resources 0 Not meant to be the soul instrument for learning When is technology needing to be used 0 Depends on what you are teaching and what your aim is Manipulatives 0 Were once considered technology like computer are now seen today 0 Manipulatives previously used in class are items such as blocks rulers and hands on material Don t forget the sciences and engineering when looking at math 0 There is integration was separated in the 19th century Education Standards National technology standards 0 Now added to curriculum Know where the state standards are located online 0 We will be using them on the final 0 This includes a writing component What is being addressed in Middle and High School How students represent data 0 Biggest conceptual misrepresentation when taught in school 0 Probability and statistics 0 Representation of mean median and mode Conceptual Basis Talk about what will happen and what they will learn Can break out once covered in class Needed in order to learn calculus and precal 0 Bring back the old way of calculating ex Creating circles 0 Have students been able to understand the basics from the very root will help to foster learning from then on with this topic What you can find on Black Board BB Homework assignments Change in syllabus or calendar assignments tab will appear later course content tab 0 Each day will have a folder 0 Folder will contain handouts web links resources and PowerPoint for that day Homework Assessment Due the following class day Pertain to what was taught in class Conceptual understanding of the mathematical topic or construct Meant to have you rethink the content think outside the box 0 Gain understanding 0 Think hard then discover as you go everyone will have different answers 0 1st homework will be a run through of what is to be expected I Expected to state what you think will happen this is your answer I Preferably done without formulas how does something work before learning about formulas I First instinct is correct follow your thoughts 0 Assess your own thinking as well with the homework Ideas to research for the final How students learn to measure and estimate 0 Hardly used nowtaught 0 Lots of research is still needed Negative numbers 0 Look at measurement 0 Positive goes up and negative goes down why 0 Lots of research is still needed 0 Was an issue in the old days PowerPoint The Content Areas The Van Hal levels ignore arithmetic and early algebra taking place 0 Even has level 0 which makes no sense Calculus and Statistics made up of Geometry Algebra and Quantitative Reasoning O The three areas are interrelated The Role of Technology Introducing any type of technology it implements 4 themes into the classroom 4 themes 0 1 Classroom interactions I Groups not rows which have been implemented for some time now I The change of classroom environment 0 2 Mathematical activity I How do you create something new after including technology I Things look different because they are communicating with the computer I How does it change I Handson activity let them go and explore through the use of technology I More grounded to real world situations I Collecting data creating spreadsheets I No longer in the classroom can venture out into the hall to find differences by doing hands on activities 0 3 Mathematical reasoning I Using real world simulations to see things with actions I Not sitting in a group with manipulatives I Creates new ways of thinking I The reasoning is made up through themes 1 and 2 stated above I Inquiry not memorizing O 4 Curriculum Development I Math reforms that are now being practice I Now used with themes 1 2 and 3 combined plus technology I More challenging than standard curriculum I Detrimental Debra Hughs Hallet graphing calculator I Wanted to implement the calculator but she got pushed back so much by being rejected time and time again I Even as teachers start progressing they will always end up going back to the basis Classroom Interactions Ways to use technology in the classroom 0 Answer Teacher s Choice based on 2 key questions I Emphasize procedure I To teach pure mathematics I Emphasize concepts 0 to have fundamental understanding How do 2 key questions impact student learningteaching O Answering by presenting this information to students what they will hold onto 0 Some students like procedures but others cannot remember or understand formulas O Depends on the teacher s resources or simulations direct or more inquiry based I No hard line with technology 0 Instruments can be delivered but without teaching development and curriculum matching makes teachers not use it I Step back to look at what they have 0 How can instruments be beneficial in the class I Sometimes simply having the teacher show students a calculator and imputing a formula ymXb then having students try to figure out what will happen when she presses graph is a lot more beneficial than allowing each student to have a calculator 0 In doing so the students can see and find how they made errors which will allow them to learn from their mistakes one of the best ways to learn Instrumental Genesis 0 being of interaction and how it is going to be used in the classroom 0 How teachers and students initially relate to technology 0 This relationship changes over time based on technologyrelated experiences 0 what is going to get you and your students involved in using that technology I Answer How it looks and how it feels everything is designed to attract people to use it 0 Types of technology used I The eraser 0 Brought an up roar from teachers 0 Teachers wanted students to learn from their errors I Can erase first thoughts or next thoughts depending on how many times they erase their work 0 1St biggest issue teachers will no longer be able to see where students go wrong therefore they couldn t learn from their mistakes 0 2nd biggest issue teacher s felt that if students would erase their mistakes and continue they were more prone to make mistakes rather than trying to get it right the first time I The pocket calculator 0 Biggest issue use it for the simplest of things rather than thinking for themselves 0 Good way it can be used in the classroom to show how PEMDAS can change an answer Final comments Teaching linear equations 0 Teachers would show students a light on a graph ymXb and ask if it was a straight line I Students answered no I The truth is that it was pixelated when looking up close due to the old technology it was a straight line Have robust questions to engage students 0 Should include invariants or variants I What changes and what doesn t 0 Multiple representation I What happens when I move this point up 0 In doing so students can make predictions engage in problems and re ect


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