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Psychology 202: Midterm 2 Review

by: Bryce Buser

Psychology 202: Midterm 2 Review

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Psychlogy > Psychology 202 Midterm 2 Review
Bryce Buser

Azim F. Shariff, PhD

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About this Document

This is a study guide for midterm two covering the new lecture material, a list of what will be on the exams, as well as some very helpful study tips!
Azim F. Shariff, PhD
One Day of Notes
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This 7 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Bryce Buser on Sunday May 4, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 222 views.


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Date Created: 05/04/14
Psychology 202 Midterm 2 Lecture Review Given Information 50 multiplechoice questions 20 of the test is from Lectures 15 80 of the test is from lectures 69 30 from readings 65 from lectures 5 from homework This study guide contains key terms form lecture 69 as well as study tips The de nitions are in the notes This document has been designed to help you in a guided study not to tell all the answers Study Tips 1 Get plenty of sleep Science has shown that sleep helps create memory while you sleep How do you expect to remember everything the night before the test if you don t sleep and engrave it all in your brain Space out your studying and make you get sleep in order to make those new connections so you can do great on your next Psychology midterm 2 Eat a good meal before the midterm PSY 202 is in the afternoon so it39s easier but if it were 8am taking it without eating is the worst idea ever Your brain uses carbs to run and by the time the night is over you39ve run through your usable stores and then you re asking your brain to run on empty 3 Make ashcards People tend to read something and think I know that I can remember that or that s easy But do you actually know it If you do then ashcards are no bid deal IF you don t they are a good way to determine what you do from what you do and can help you focus on what you actually need to study 4 Keep notecards with you at all times If you re waiting in line at Common Grounds or just are board having some ashcards in your pocket can come in handy If you learn five to ten terms well you can switch them out when you get home You ll memorize your entire stack in no time and not have to spend massive blocks of time doing it 5 Study how you will be taking the test PSY 202 is a big lecture hall and likely people will be moving around coughing dropping things the list goes on If you know that you re going to be distracted study with people around and practice psychology when there s a little distraction It s no use studying in the quietest corner of the library when the test is going to be nothing like it Get comfortable with the atmosphere you ll be put in for the midterm Take a deep breath It s no use working yourself up when you could be concentrating on studying or doing something productive The more you worry the less time you spend preparing and then you really should be worried Everyone is in the same boat as you we all have the same lecture slides the same books and the same homework You re in this school in this particular class for a reason someone thought you could do it And you can Lectures Intro The Birth of Psychological Science How to do Psychology Evolutionary Psychology Emotion Intelligence Development Development 2 Morality P quot Readings These are the updated and correct readings given after the syllabus was issued DO NO follow those on the syllabus p 125 p 2968 Video on Blackboard 421567 317363 365419 quot INTELLIGENCE Terms 1 Social Brain Hypothesis 2 Dunbar s Number 3 Runaway Sexual Selection Theory 4 Why did human brains stop growing 5 Predicting IQ 6 Is IQ a valid measure Yes 7 Crystallized Intelligence 8 Fluid Intelligence 9 Theories of Intelligence 10 Entity View 1 1 Incremental View Time Line 19051916 1916 19111919 1924 1933 1945 1965 1994 People to Know 1 James Flynn The Intelligence Quotient IQ test is developed by Binet Terman notes that there is an intellectual weakness that cannot be improved by education among nonwhites Goddard notices that US Blacks Southern Whites and immigrants from S and E Europe have a low IQ Immigration Act of 1924 determines quotas for particular nationalities Hitler comes into power in Germany Truth about Holocaust surfaces and Eugenicists remains quiet for a bit Jensen Publishes How much can we boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement Herstein and Murray publish The Bell Curve 2 Francis Galton Experiemnts Studies to be familiar with 1 BlackWhite IQs There are four 2 Stereotype Threat DEVELOPMENT 1 Terms P quot People 1 The Autism Spectrum Systematizing Empathizing Nature Nurture Blank Slates Genetic Determinism Problem with SelfReport of Children Epigenetics to Know James Piaget Studies Theories 1 DJ Piaget s Stage Theory a Pros and Limitation of Piaget s Stage Theory SallyAnn False Belief Test SelfRegulation Delay of Grati cation DEVELOPMENT 2 Terms 1 Genetics 2 Epigenetics 3 Homosexuality 4 Implications of brain not being developed until 25 5 Risk Taking Behavior 6 Impulse Control Reward 7 Evolutionary Adaptive 8 Crime and Minors 9 Peer In uence Experiments 1 Dutch Famine Natural Experiment 2 Emotional Recognition Test 3 Epigenetics and Mice Chemicals and shocks People To Know 1 Judith Rich Harris 2 William Damon s Stage Model of Friendship 3 Erikson s Stages of Psychological Development MORALITY Terms P quot 9 10 11 12 Kohlberg s Stages of Moral reasoning Moral Dumbfounding Social lntuitionist Theory of Morality Difficulties of Cooperation Morality Group Coordination Problem Prisoner s Dilemma Temptation of Defection Natural Selection and Math Kin Selection Direct reciprocity Indirect Reciprocity Fairness and Cheating 13 Moral Emotions 14 15 Disgust Human Eusociality


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