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Week 1 Violence

by: Lindsey Spitzer

Week 1 Violence CRJU 323 001

Lindsey Spitzer
GPA 3.4
Violence in America
Leslie G. Wiser

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About this Document

Here are thorough notes from the first week of class.
Violence in America
Leslie G. Wiser
Class Notes
violence, crju, crju 323, violence in america
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lindsey Spitzer on Monday August 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRJU 323 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Leslie G. Wiser in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Violence in America in Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 08/31/15
Violence in America Material for test 1 August 26th 2015 Why is violence bad 0 Violence behavior by persons against person that intentionally threatens attempts or actually inflicts physical harm o Intention recklessness negligence blameless inadvertence 0N TEST 0 Generally inferred unless known from confession o 0 Physical harm 0 Any harm at all What kind of harm 0 Defining violence does not crime 0 What does define crime The law 0 Crime actus reus mens rea 5 additional principles Causation concurrence between the guilty mind and the criminal act with a causal link Resulting harm individual harm or societal harm The principle of legality the conduct must be defined as a crime The principle of punishment the law must specify a punishment Necessary attendant circumstances circumstances necessary to make the bad act a crIme OOOOO Criminal Violence how the law is made 0 Consensus Model 0 assumes that members of society by and large agree on what is right and wrong and the law codifies these agreedupon social values 0 quoty all made me something I m not a criminal 0 Conflict Model 0 People with political and economic power make laws protect 0 quotsocial reality is socially constructed by those with the capacity to socially define a condition as problematic 0 Mass media have the capability to influence the public s perception I 19805 crack epidemic I Halloween sadist I 19805 serial killing Criminology o The scientific study of the making of laws the breaking of laws and society s reaction to it 0 Focus why criminal behavior occurred 0 The causes of individual crime 0 The components of a criminogenic society I Static factors those that cannot be changed I Dynamic factors those that can be changed o Criminogenic needs crimeproducing factors strongly correlated with risk 0 Relies on scientific theory 0 quotthe front end of the criminal justice systempipeline Criminal Justice 0 Multidisciplinaryapproach o Sociology political science psychology history and geography 0 Four themes 0 Conflict between personal liberty and community safety 0 Law enforcement courts and corrections are part of an interacting system the back end of the pipeline 0 Decisions that are legal and ethical o Reliance on scientifically gathered and evaluated information evidence based approach How is criminal violence studied 0 Criminal law makes some violence criminal violence 0 Criminal law is different conceptually from criminology 0 Compare an aggravated assault and homicide what is the difference I Whether the person lives or dies his intention was the same but the results would be different Reidel and Welsh s Tripartite Approach to Violence 0 Patterns of violence 0 Attempt to explain violence based on those patterns 0 Different causes imply different solutions 0 Presumed causes may be identified at different levels I Individual I Group I Organizational I Community I Social structure or cultural 0 Explore solutions interventions to specific types of violence that are consistent with both observed patterns and explanations o What interventions have addressed specific types of violence 0 What specific causes were the interventions attempting to modify Public Health 0 Violence has a huge effect on health and health services 0 Many victims have no health insurance and no means to pay 0 Has been successful with its focus on prevention scientific approach potential to coordinate multidisciplinary and multisectoral efforts and role in assuring the availability of services for victims 0 Smallpox 0 Motor vehicle injuries 0 Polio Public Health addressing the violence problem 0 Public health violence emerges from a complex causal system 0 Public health views the problem differently 0 Criminal justice views interpersonal attacks as crimes and assigns blames 0 Public health 0 Intentional injuries 0 Seeks to repair the damage and reduce future attacks rather than assign blame 0 Part of a higher Criminal Justice Perspective 0 Criminal justice prevents crime through 0 Deterrence the inhibiting effect that punishment has on potential offenders in the public general detterene I Specific deterrence seeks to prevent future criminal acts by the individual punEhed o Incapactitation offender is restrained from committing any further crimes against the public during the period of confinement 0 Rehabilitation any postconviction treatment aimed at reducing an offender s likelihood of committing crimes August 28th 2015 Criminal Justice 0 Tackles causes differently o Focuses on offender s intentions motivators backgrounds etc Public Health uses a riskbased approach 0 Risk factors statistical or conditional probabilities 0 Empirical and pragmatic practical seek risk factors to change them Has a four step riskbased approach 0 Four Stages of a RiskBased Approach 0 Surveillance collect analyze interpret and report health data 0 Risk Group Identification analyze data identify people at greatest risk of disease or injury and the places times and circumstances associated with increased risk 0 Risk Factor Exploration explore causative factors 0 Program Implemental and evaluation design implement and evaluate preventive interventions based on understanding of risk factors and the population at risk 0 Risk Factors 0 Structuralcultural social and economic environment I Example density of low income areas 0 Criminological Commodities Items that increase the likelihood of violence and the seriousness of injury guns alcohol drugs 0 Situational specific types of interactions and settings in which the risk of violence is elevated Public Health Prevention 0 Primary Prevention targeting and altering one or more critical risk factors Attempts to prevent first offenses 0 Example community based projects that target kids before they commit crimes 0 Secondary Prevention attempts to identify and change key stages in the development of disease death or injury that left unaltered would likely lead to more serious consequences 0 Tertiary Prevention attempts to intervene after an illness has been contracted Explaining Violence 0 Analysis of violence 0 Put the interaction in the center of analysis not the individual 0 Problems with focusing on individuals 0 Most young men 0 Poor people 0 Minorities 0 Children of divorce 0 They do not become violence criminals affluent people do commit crimes 0 Often examine only illegalstigmatized violence violence carried out by state agents is usually characterized as good violence 0 Normal Interaction facetoface says that most of us want to get along 0 The Central Reality continuum of tensionfear 0 Fear of I Deathinjury I Tension of confrontation itself is most central feature 0 Confrontation violence is easier when the victim is depersonalized distance makes it easier snipers pilots artillery o Conventionalized Gesturing verbal acrimony polite blustering


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