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How the Government works Part 2

by: Aashika Kushwaha

How the Government works Part 2 POLS 1101 096

Aashika Kushwaha
GPA 3.6
American National Government and Politics
Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev

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About this Document

American National Government and Politics
Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aashika Kushwaha on Monday August 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1101 096 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Dr. Iliyan Rumenov Iliev in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see American National Government and Politics in Political Science at University of Texas at Dallas.


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Date Created: 08/31/15
How the Gov works Part 2 Collective Action Problems make senseas an individual but hurts others Ex Pollution Agenda Settin Gov must deal with which rules and processes ae used to make collective decisions choice of decision rules and order Solutions Restrict preferences not democratic Iimit what you can talk and decide about Create rules so people know aenda Create Institutionsrules and norms to follow Principal Aent Problem We elect agents that act on our behalf Representational overnment with deleated powers Ex We tell the overnment what we are concerned about immiration they make decisions to help deal with these problems opposite of direct democracy Direct Democracy everyone has a say Everyone makes their own decisions Problem Moral hazardaent doesn t do hisher job because they want to do what ever they want ex If Obama dealt with other problems rather than what the nation is actually concerned about Adverse Selection choose wrong aent we voted for the wrong people Solution Monitorin readin the news monitor what Conress does Sancton don t vote for them next trne they run Contractslncentives f congress passes polcy communty agrees to pay more Create team production to montor normsobs Social Contract prohems we cannot save as ndviduas Transactonai arrangements to delegate powers Surrender voience to order We are solving problems but still disagreeing extreme polarization Anarchyno ruers Everyone has own rues resuits n voience Government reguiates by ruieslruers KingsQueensi Emperor39si etch needs to he recognized by the people Governmentt choices of Amercan poitics aiocates scarce goods across iarge pop too many choces breed congict our government prevents this James Madson taks about factions different groupspreferences Cross cuttng heterogeneous mxed up Repnbicanstemocrats agree on somethingquot Reinforcng homogenous the same RepnbicansDemocrats disagree on everytbng Outcome politca poiarlzaton R WW2 II D l I No one in the middle Problem Not working together not cooperating don t want Republicans and Democrats to cooperate No decisions are made Democratic more liberal Republican more Income Moving away inequality from middle not agreeing representing different interests we expect people to disagree on things but still accomplish something polarization 2015 Outcome is terrible E D 39a39 by asking evervone conservative moving away from middle not agreeing representing different interests we expect people to disagree on things but still accomplish something Solved Politics how ppl attempt to manage conflict find agreements through collective action involves disagreements Successful Politics involves bargaining and compromises more people involved causes more problems Ex Choosing only one pizza for 100 people Only one type allowed Some people might be lactose intolerant Some people might be vegetarians now you are only left with the crust is reaned gt Effectve poticai nsttiitons YOU END UP WITH A pRETTY BAD pZZA A consttiiton creates governng insttntons and rnies prescrihng the poiticai process Government consists of nstitntions created by the Consttnton for collective agreements Offices Anthorty makes decisons that most peopie agree on Coiectve Acton Probiems Gov must Combine rank preferences Agree on an acton mpementieniorce collective choce Prisoneris Demmai 2 peope make a decsion on ther own to rob N Korea The poiice arrests them and puts them n prison Ni Korea has a very ha prson Prsoners are iocked up separatey Outcomes iii squeak more prison tme 2m stay quiet ess prison time is the best outcome Most peopie are going to squeai Nether prsoner knows what the other wi do Both will probably squeal Best outcome Both stay quiet Same how head of Democrats and head of Republicans think Try to make decisions on their own and et into a bi dilemma ChoicesAenda Settings Gov makes decisions by collective action Ex 3 little pis Bob Stan Henry build only one house toether each wants to build the house usin different material Bob BricksgtSticksgt Hay Stan Sticksgt Haygt Bricks Henry HaygtBricksgtSticks If you build a house from hay or sticks the N Korean wolf will blow down the house and eat the 5 Order of votespreferences chanes the outcomes


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