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Rural Sociology Week 1 Notes

by: SC_Kara Beemer

Rural Sociology Week 1 Notes RU_SOC 1000 - 03

SC_Kara Beemer
Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims

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About this Document

Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by SC_Kara Beemer on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RU_SOC 1000 - 03 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Amanda Sims in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Rural Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/01/15
Intro to Rural Sociology What is Sociology Sociology the scienti c study of human activity in society 0 A system or a set of practices that can be used to analyze social life 0 A perspective 0 A set of theories ie Karl Marx Social forces things that humans create observe or use that in uence or pressure people to interact behave respond or act in different ways 0 What social forces have an impact on our lives Social media Cell phones in general Mediaadvertisingtelevision Transportation 0 Social facts ideas emotions feelings and the behaviors that exist outside of us as individuals 0 What social facts have an impact on our lives Money American pride Bill of Rights Driving regulations 0 Social institutions standardized patterns of rule governed behavior 0 What social institutions have an impact on our lives Family 0 Marriage 0 Siblings Friends Education 0 Transmit knowledgeskills Religion 0 Interested in how people worship and the practices that come with that not exactly What or who they worship Economics Politics Media 0 Structure vs Agency 0 Structure pattern arrangements that in uence our choices 0 Agency extent to which you can act within structure What is Rural 0 NonMetro Less than 50000 residents 0 4 types of communities 1 Amenitiesbased communities a National parks ski slopes mountain ranges i Anything that brings in tourism 2 Persistent poverty a Places where there used to be industry and that industry has since left b When looking at a heat map you can see that the places where persistent poverty is most rampant are in southern USA and toward the east 3 Exurban a Just outside of urban areas b Urban gt Suburban gt Exurban 4 Rural amp Remote a The boonies b quotBowels of Missouriquot What is Rural Sociology Focuses on rural people and rural places 0 3 major focuses 1 Sociology of Food and Agriculture 2 Environmental Sociology 3 Community Studies 0 What do we mean by community 0 PlaceLocation 0 Social System 0 Shared sense of identity 0 What do rural sociologists do 1 Focus on rural issues and topics 2 Focus on the applications of sociology 3 Focus on increasing global connections


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