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Module 1; Lecture 3

by: Claire Conrad

Module 1; Lecture 3 SOC 101

Claire Conrad
Intro To Sociology
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About this Document

Online course- lecture and reading notes.
Intro To Sociology
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Conrad on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by a professor in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Intro To Sociology in Sociology at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/01/15
Culture where conversation about social and individual combines Culture collection of values beliefs knowledge norms language behaviors and material objects shared by a people and socially transmitted from generation to generation 0 Dominant Culture culture that permeates the society and that represents the ideas and practices of those in positions of power 0 Subcultures cultures associated with smaller groups in the society that have distinct norms values and lifestyles that set them apart from the dominant culture I counterculture champions values and lifestyles distinctly opposed to dominant culture 0 High culture cultural forms associated with elites that are widely recognized as valuable and legitimate 0 Popular Culture cultural forms that are widespread and commonly embraced within a society 0 material culture physical objects produced by people in a particular culture I includes toys tools clothing works of art housing 0 nonmaterial culture the things that hold us together including values and beliefs I includes accumulated knowledge how to navigate and understand the world and norms l focusing on American Culture idea of americans being central in the universe I value freedom and autonomy versus commitment to community I cultural idea of poverty often interact with the ways we set out to help poverty l some societies view it as lack of opportunity others view it with stigma l americans put value in right to purchase property I values deeply held principles or standards that people use to make judgments about the world I especially when deciding what is desirable or worthwhile I most sociologists don t want to identify because they often change I Williams identified fifteen basic value orientations as centr al to post World War II society in the United States Amer ican Society A Sociological Interpretation I Achievement and success Activity and work Moral orientation Humanitarian mores Efficiency and practicality Progress Material comfort Equality Freedom Conformity Science and secular rationality Nationalism patriotism Democracy Individual personality I Racism and related group superiority O symbolic interactionism study of the ways in which names and symbols create meaning in larger society 0 norms are rules and expectations for normal behavior I different than normal ie right handed is normal but its not against a norm to be left handed l changes depending on society constitute norms l folkwaysnorms that govern everyday behavior but that are not strictly enforced with potential severe penalties I don t always keep up with technical change I led to creation of term Cultural LagWilliam Ogburn l ways that new technological developments often outpace the norms that govern our collective experiences with these new technologies l example new cameras make it easy to share online for public viewing I norms that define what is appropriate for public and how to distribute are still catching up Society a group of people who live together in a specific territory and share a culture 0 cultural war intense disagreement about core values and moral positions I proposed by James Hunter I example debates about sam sex marriage debates on how to teach American history and sex ed values of free expression in the arts and respect for traditions clash Beliefs specific convictions or opinions that its people generally accept as being true 0 different from values because values are usually a set of broad principles 0 answers to peoples beliefs depends greatly on their cultural beliefs Knowledge range of information awareness and understanding that helps us navigate our world 0 cultural capital 0 how to speak and read language how to dress appropriately how to behave properly 0 ex US knowledge how to use credit card drive car shop at supermarket etc I learn sorts of behavior that are rewarded and necessary for success in US culture Culture Shock experience of being disoriented because of a lack of knowledge about an unfamiliar social situation 0 feeling out of place 0 Language 0 elaborate system of symbols that allows people to communicate to one another in complex ways 0 Behaviors actions associated with a group that help to reproduce a distinct way of life 0 parents reminding kids to say thank you or please encouraging particular set of behaviors considered important in US culture 0 these small actions help distinguish one culture from another 0 Ideal Culture what the members of a culture mm to be their values beliefs and norms 0 Real Culture what they actually do which may or may not re ect the ideal I example gender equality is important in professed culture value yet most households with 2 careers have women doing more housework than men 0 organized phenomena such as religious political entertainment and sports I ie popularity of Super Bowl 0 Cultural Objects physical items that are created by and associated with people who share a culture 0 Ideology system of meaning that helps define and explain the world and that makes value judgements about that world 0 Dominant ideology widely held and regularly reinforced set of assumptions that generally support the current social system and serve the interest of authorities 0 Social tasks universal in all cultures but methods used to accomplish them are different 0 ie preparing food raising children governing O variation is why culture awareness training is important 0 Commercialization of Culture 0 Product Placement example hector is driving to school when his favorite song comes on the radio so he turns it up and sings lyrics that praise a certain clothing designer I these lyrics came from a company who negotiates deals between advertisers and artists I this is commercialism the marketing and sale of products 0 Ethnocentrism judging of other cultures by the standards of one s own on the assumption that one s own is superior O in contrast Cultural Relativism practice of understanding a culture b its own standards I don t have to agree with ideas and practices but acknowledge the differences and don t judge it 0 Xenophobia unreasonable fear and hatred of foreigners or people from other cultures 0 Sapir Whorf hypothesis linguistic relativity suggests that because of their different cultural content and structure languages affect how their speakers think and behave


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