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Notes for this week

by: Carmen Saulsberry

Notes for this week 375

Carmen Saulsberry
GPA 2.5
Health Education Foundations

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About this Document

Hi all, this is the notes for this week! For this course, we only have class on two days.
Health Education Foundations
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carmen Saulsberry on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 375 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Health Education Foundations in Public Health at University of Southern Mississippi.


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Date Created: 09/01/15
DPH 375 Thursday August 27 2015 Chapter One Six dimensions of public health Social Spiritual Intellectual Mental Environmental Physical Health is a resource for living We have to incentivize health for people to want to be healthy The best health promotion programs has a combination of educational political environmental regulatory and organizational mechanisms Wellness tries to stabilize all six dimensions of health Examples off of Chapter One Powerpoint health promotion health education program focused on disease prevention health education wellness key word stress management Thursday August 27 2015 Behavioral Geography Intellectual Environment Genetics Medical Care Socioeconomic Culture The Health Field Concept Human Biology hereditary 198 not modifiable Environment 201 partially modifiable Health Care Organization 10 modifiable individually not modifiable Lifestyle health behavior 515 modifiable Modifiable changeable or controllable Non modifiable non changeable or non controllable Cause of death Actual cause of death most of the causes of death are modifiable Health education is voluntary Encourage positive things instead of discouraging negative things Thursday August 27 2015 Three levels of prevention Primary anything you do prior to an illness or disease health eduoatorspromotors use more often Secondary preventive measures that lead to early diagnosis screening or diagnostic tool such as mammograms or pap smears keywords control or maintain something Tertiary most often used in clinical settings health educatorspromoters use less often Tuesday September 1 2015 DPH 375 Chapter 3 Communicable diseases can be transferred from one person to another Non communicable diseases can not be transferred between people diabetes Risk Reduction for communicable infectious diseases Chain Of Infection Pathogen Human Reservoir Portal of Exit Transmission Portal of Entry Establishment of disease in new host For communicable diseases 0 Host has to be susceptible 0 Environment has to be conducive to transmission of the virus 0 Agent the infectious disease virus or bacteria For non communicable noninfectious diseases Multi causation Disease Model 0 Behavioral Choices exercising 0 Genetics 0 Social Circumstances education employment 0 Environmental Conditions chemical contaminants environmental pollutants 0 Medical Care quality and accessibility Tuesday September 1 2015 Everything in the multi causation disease model is considered health promotion with an exception of behavioral choices Basic Underlying Concepts of the Profession 0 Participation active involvement 0 Ownership responsibility for Ecological approaches behavior is influenced by several environmental dimensions the makeup for the environment Population based approaches group approaches Advocacy alters public opinion Health advocacy bring about change related to health 0 Empowerment gaining control over your own life 0 Alter the public s opinion Epidemiological data influences health education information Epidemiological terms 0 Mortality death rates Morbidity illness Epidemic a spike of illness outside the norm in a large area Pandemic geographical entire continent contracts a virus or bacteria Endemic a disease that is normal in a community Africa has an endemic case of HIV Crude Death Rate all the causes of deaths Age specific death rate number of deaths in reference to a certain age group Cause specific death rates Tuesday September 1 2015 All mortality death rates are per 100000 Infant mortality death rate is per 1000 live births DALYs helps us understand the total affect of health


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