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Intro to Government

by: Marissa

Intro to Government 2310

Texas State
GPA 3.3
Principles of American Government
Joshua Quinn

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About this Document

Hi everyone, here are my notes from the Intro powerpoint. Hope they are helpful
Principles of American Government
Joshua Quinn
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2310 at Texas State University taught by Joshua Quinn in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Principles of American Government in Political Science at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/01/15
Intro to Government 0 Why is government important What does it do for you I Terminology a Government i A group with a monopoly on force in any land mass b State or state i Can be a specific state TX CA the physical aspect ii The organization in charge referred to as state c Institution i An organization or society established to maintain a religious educational social group or law practice or custom ii An idea put into government to extend an idea d Democracy i A concept that people have a say in how their government works e Society i A group of people living together in a community f Externality i An accidental outcome of an action or policy on society ii May want to change a policy but to do so would require raising taxes and disadvantaging people g Interest i What you want out of government ii Personal or collective group goals h Rights or liberty i Rights pertain to groups of people and how they are treated by other citizens groups and the government ii Liberty is between an individual and how they are treated by the government i Bureaucrat i Employee of a governmental institution ii Carry out daily operations of the institution j Bureaucracy i An organization tasked with carrying out government policy and procedures k Liberal i Political view that wants more government involvement in daily life for citizens Conservative i Political view that wants less government involvement in daily life for citizens ii Interested in ending the drug war II Me or Us a Collective good vs individual good i Who decides How do you define good or quotrightquot 1 In early government elders or kings decided what was good Later transitioned to courts and political systems ii Does what is good change over time 1 Good changes at one point slavery was good iii Does it matter where you are 1 Yes the Middle East may have different ideas of what is good than the US b Society protects future generations through institutions i Protect current and future interests 1 Social Security ii Add stability to society and life 1 Education What happens when aggression is removed a Wild foxes show fear and aggression to humans i Physiologically similar to each other b Domesticated fox will approach humans wag tail are playful and unafraid i Physiological differences drooping ears longershorter fur c Selection for tameness impacted the genetic makeup i Caused other changes to occur ii Appearance and adrenaline were related to genetic makeup along with color and behavior iii Foxes began to look and behave like dogs Are people becoming more domesticated a Preindustrial societies i Huntergatherer ii Pastoral 1 Began domesticating animals for needs iii Horticultural iv Agrarian 1 Large scale farming a Fertilizer terracing v Feudal 1 Own the land and whatever is on it b Industrial societies i Between 15th and 16th century population explodes ii In 1801 there s 9 million people then a 60 growth in 40 years iii There are a diverse number of needs but how do they get along gt war famine iv World is progressing and accepting diversity becoming connected c Postindustrial societies i Economies based on information services high tech Are people becoming more domesticated a People nowadays wouldn t have survived in the huntergatherer era b People are becoming tamer c Biodiversification multiple things changing d More room in society for more people to flourish i Religion ethics e Government is used to make sure personal conflict is resolved as people are becoming more domesticated


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