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by: Miss Chadrick Doyle


Miss Chadrick Doyle
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Chadrick Doyle on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 510 at Portland State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/168243/ece-510-portland-state-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/01/15
ECE 510 OCE BDDs and Their Applications Overview 0 Mapping elementary BDD variables 0 Building transitionoutput relation from STG o BDD operators for image computation 0 Programming reachability analysis procedures 0 Programming error trace generation April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions Mapping Elementary de Variables first map the input variables for int i 0 i lt INPUTVARRANGE i gInVarsi bddithvari next the current state and next state variables for i 0 i lt STATEVARRANGE i gCSVarsi bddithvar INPUTVARRANGE 2i gNSVarsi bddithvar INPUTVARRANGE 2i 1 finally the output variables for i 0 i lt OUTPUTVARRANGE i gOutVarsi bddithvar INPUTVARRANGE 2STATEVARRANGE i April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and TI FSM Data Structure typedef struct FSMtag int NInputs number of inputs int NOutputs number of outputs int NStates number of states int NLines number of lines in KISS table int NBits number of bits flip flops string StateNamesMAXSTATENUM symbolic state names bdd TransRel the transition relation bdd OutRel the output relation FSM April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Building TransitionOutput Relations 1 quot 1 for i 0 I lt pM gtNLInes Input gtgt InBuf gtgt CSBuf gtgt NSBuf gtgt OutBu bold InputCube bddtrue for int k 0 k lt pM gtNInputs k if InBufk 39139 InputCube amp InVarsk else if InBufk 39039 InputCube else if InBufk April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions Building TransitionOutput Relations 2 int CSNum FindStateNumber pM gtStateNames stringCSBuf bdd CSCube FinddeCube CSNum pM gtNBits CSVars 0 int NSNum FindStateNumber pM gtStateNames stringNSBuf bdd NSCube FinddeCube NSNum pM gtNBits NSVars 0 pM gtTransRel nputCube 8v CSCube 81 NSCube pM gtOutRel l InputCube 81 CSCube f5 OutputCube April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions Resu for int 2 0 z lt CodeWidth z if Value amp 1 ltlt CodeWidth 1 2 Result amp Vars Offsetz else Result amp lVars Offsetz return Result ECE 5 10 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions BDD Operators for Image Computation 0 To have an existential quantifier computed for the function F with variables Vars call function bdd i3ddc bdd F bdd Vars For ef cient computation of existantial quantifier and certain boolean operation call the function bdd bdd ex bdd F bdd G int OpCode bdd Vars To replace variables from set V1 to set V2 create a replacement pair and call the function bdd incicirepiace bdd F bddPair pRepIaceVlforVZ April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions Defining Replacement Pair int iCSVars STATEVARRANGE 1 int iNSVars STATEVARRANGE for intj 0 j lt pM gtNBits j iCSVarsj INPUTVARRANGE 2j iNSVarsj INPUTVARRANGE 2j 1 April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applicaiions Reachability Analysis Procedure bool Veri Pro ert Usin Reachabili Anal sis FSM pM bdd Property hdd InitState FinddeCube 0 pM gtNBits CSVars 0 quotodd Reached InitState From InitState NewMAX1TERNUM int NIter 0 a M gtTRel From bddopand AllCSVars uleplace To pNS4CS New NIter To Reached hdd Check bddapply New NIter Property bddopimp if Check bddtrue return false From New NIter Reached Reached l New NIter while New NIter l bddfalse return true ECE 510 OCE BDDS and Their Applications Generating Error Trace if Check E2 bddtrue bdd TraceCube bdd u1lt ECheck for int k NIter k unsigned int State 0 v r for int p 0 p lt pM gtNBits p if TraceCube 8n CSVarsp bddfalse State n 1 ltltpM gtNBits 1 p cout ltlt quotThe error state is ltlt pM gtStateNames State bdd ShiftedCube hr piace TraceCube pCS4NS bdd BackImage dappex pM gtTransReI ShiftedCube bddopand AIINSVars bdd Overlap BackImage 8 New k 1 TraceCube bdd a tune Overlap return April 25 2000 ECE 510 OCE BDDS andTl


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