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by: Orrin Rutherford


Marketplace > Portland State University > ComputerScienence > CS 410 > TOP INTRO TO MULTIMEDIA NTWRK
Orrin Rutherford
GPA 3.91

David Maier

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About this Document

David Maier
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orrin Rutherford on Tuesday September 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 410 at Portland State University taught by David Maier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/168259/cs-410-portland-state-university in ComputerScienence at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/01/15
Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 CS 410510 uata Streams Lecture 14 Synopses and Data Mining David Maier Kristin Tufte 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 1 l Other References Cormode Muthukrishnan An Improved Data Stream Summary The CountMin Sketch and its Application Journal of Agorfvms April 2005 l Greenwald Khanna SpaceEfficient Online Computation of Quantile Summaries SIGMOD 200 Cormode Johnson et al Holistic UDAFs at Streaming Speeds SIGMOD 2004 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 2 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 l Keeping Counts with Hash Functions 43 41 43 21 41 43 32 43 44 12 21 43 32 41 Use first digit as hash h1 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 Save Space by Combining Entries 43 41 43 21 41 43 32 43 44 12 21 43 32 41 Use slo i i for all values with h1v i 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 l Estimating Countv 43 41 43 21 41 43 32 43 44 12 21 43 32 41 Use value in slot h1v for coun tv 1 2 3 4 value 12 21 32 41 43 44 est 1 2 2 9 9 9 real 1 2 2 3 5 1 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 l Improve Estimate with Multiple Hash Tables 43 41 43 21 41 43 32 43 44 12 21 43 32 41 Use second digit as hash h2 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 l Estimate with Min of Hash Entries 43 41 43 21 41 43 32 43 44 12 21 43 32 41 Use minh1v h2v to estimate countv value 12 21 32 41 43 44 est 1 2 real 1 2 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 7 lGeneralize to Multiple Hash Tables Use d hash tables each of length w Need d independent hash functions h1 h2 h Store in one table a count1d 1w call the skefch a on u date for v 1d count hv v Estimate countv as minJcountLj hJv 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 8 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 l Probabilistic Guarantee Assumes fna epeno enfhash functions Er39r39or39 of estimate proportional to Nw N is number39 of elements seen Er39r39or39 bound exceeded lt 12d of the time For39 example with N 1000 w 50 d 5 Error bound is 100050 20 Could miss that bound 132 of the time 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 9 Works with Sums too Have tuples v amt Update is countJ hJv amt Er39r39or39 bound is totalsumw 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 10 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 l Heavy Hitters Easy given v to get estimate of countv What if for39 O lt s lt 1 want to know all v with estimated countv gt sN Could generate all possible values of v and look up 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 11 l Alternative 1 If we know 3 in advance Whenever we do an update for39 element v see if estimated countv gt sN If so add v to the HeavyHitters list Details 0 v might cease being a heavy hitter39 after more input a keep HeavyHitters as a heap remove min element u if countu lt sN 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 12 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 Alternative 1 Space Amount of extra space depends on 3 Can39t have more than 13 heavy hitters For example no more than 20 heavy hitters for s 05 Error bound might bump that up a bit 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 13 Alternative 2 We don39t know 3 in advance Keep several sketches using prefixes of value For example if we have 32bit values a sketch on all 32 bits a sketch on first 24 bits a sketch on first 16 bits a sketch or exact counts on first 8 bits 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 14 Data Streams 07 Lecture 14 lAIternative 2 Finding Heavy Hitters Enumerate all heavy hitters in the 8bit sketch 00 FF Check against 16bit sketch If 3C was a heavy hitter in 8bit check 3COO 7 3CFF in 16bit Similarly with 24bit and 32bit Note that the number of candidates at each stage is bounded by US 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 15 l Finding Quantiles Give me the median 75 rh percentile and 90 rh percentile values for temperaturequot Reduces to the problem of finding the element of a particular rank Suppose there are N 2000 values 1 Median rank 1000 a 7539rh percentile rank 1500 a 9039rh percentile rank 1800 11122007 Data Streams Lecture 14 16


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