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by: Orrin Rutherford


Orrin Rutherford
GPA 3.91


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This 64 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orrin Rutherford on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 105 at Portland State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/168299/cs-105-portland-state-university in ComputerScienence at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
77 F umputing Chapter 10 Privacy and Security D39LEARV O39LEARV MchwHilVIrwin Copyright 2008 by The MchwHill Companies Inc All rights reserved Competencies Page 1 of 2 Discuss the privacy issues related to the presence of large databases private quot e m quot k5 quot1 e 39quot te r n at a n d th e i Describe and control cookies W9b bugs and spyware Read Incoming and Outgoing Email eeeeeeeee ystmke helps to keep private information safe from crimi nnnnnnnnnn al hazards and civi lllll st concerns collection and Describe the security threats 39 l posed by computer criminals computer crime and other hazards 1 02 Competencies Page 2 of 2 Discuss ways that individuals and organizations protect their security Describe the common types of physical and mental risks x associated with computer use k and ways to protect yourself against these risks Discuss what the computer industry is doing and what you can do to protect the environment 103 Introduction The ubiquitous use of computers and technology prompts some very important questions about use of personal data and privacy This chapter Will cover issues related to the impact of technology on people and how to protect ourselves on the Web 104 Information Systems Concerns for People My What are the threats to personal privacy and how can we protect our selves Security How can access to sensitive information be controlled and how can we secure hardware and software Ergonomics What are the physical and mental risks to technology and how can these risks be eliminated or controlled Environment What can individuals and organizations do to minimize the impact of technology 105 Computer Ethics Computer ethics provide guidelines for computer use Ethics Standards of moral conduct What is moral and m not what is legal Not what is legal not what others are doing Ethics issues include Privacy Collection of data about individuals Accuracy Data should be correct amp secure Property Who owns the rights to data amp software Access Must control access and use of data Technology is moving faster that the legal system 106 Privacy Privacy relates to the collection and use of personal information concerns include Large databases Private networks InternetWeb Privacy laws exist but privacy remains primarily an ethical issue Large Databases Data collected daily Data gatherers Information resellers or Information brokers Electronic profiles are created Concerns Spreading information without consent Identify theft Spreading inaccurate information Mistaken identity Freedom of Information Act quot3 Anlem lnternet Directory Assistance Yellow PagESr White Pages Tall Free Numbers Maps and D Micmsot ENE Fa mites Innis hsetiiil riiiuinii People FL ii iiii Businesses HOME YELLOW PAGES wmr PAGES HEVERSELOOKUP HELP gt Imemalinnal gt Maps gt Area Cnda TnlLFiee gt unsure Center gt Sim niugmom 544Munth39 Quidum loans set a gunman lee for 745 a nimth Gui iglu mzmm rind isle irisnds and reconnect my them netmenses Finis Anyone s Email Addrm SPONSORED tmxs FIND A BUSINESS Eusiness c c 4 OR Owenia cityizi er Area Cad Stet V lSelect s as First Name SEARCH 22le al eCal cl t samenne E12 gait e39i39i Feverites ttiml Microsoft Internet Explorer mesingizersane Background Cnmlnal Assets Phone l nces Flunnasezrches MVR Conan lnfnSmrches Badlground cheats anyone Over 25 experience so it wa You All orders are 100 ch e and secure with our shopping Cart Software Background Checks Criminal Records Asset Checks Licensed private investigators specializmg in missing persons ackgromd investigations backgraund checks cnmlnel reccrds criminal background heck and asset checks Al Us TRACE we maintain a 100 success rate on our missing perscns e All ta are completed Nitth 2 5 hours and everything is strictly con dential We nd them fast and get results ts do more tlian supply you with a list of nameswe actually nd them Cnmlnal backgmund Checks records asset ns numbers cell pncne tieces thD vEl iIclE and rds property records asset seertnes all available 108 Private Networks Employers monitor email Legally done Snoopware Software Online services right to censor content Screen and reject messages Terminate user accounts at mi 1 iii Consistently mad he 1 Activity Monilor n FREE r257 DRIVE mam sm WI comm 5mm and 389 I1 Anywhere WEBWATCH ER Wobwmher is me mmwushad name in Employee Monmring Software because we do when no comer keyloggers can Monmor employees key strokes In neaHIme from anmnere Block ANY webpage based on camem orweb address Read Instant Message ml or quotchew Cenversaunns Read Incoming and Outgoing Email Log every keystroke Tiki screenshots MB9 Record Everything War happen UH gmmzli39 Vi 900M onllne 5 of ine actM es Oulckly smmrougn data using unique keyword system 7 an 109 The Illusion of Anonymity The illusion of anonymity is that if you are on the Internet and selective about disclosing names or other personal information then no one knows who you are or how to nd you This is false Many cases of people tracing other people through Internet activity When you browse the Web your activity is monitored When you visit a Web site your browser stores critical information onto your hard disk usually without your permission or knowledge Later other colluding servers can access this information 1010 The Internet and the Web Illusion of anonymity Not concerned about privacy when surfing the Internet Not concerned about privacy when sending e mail History file Cookies two basic types Traditional Ad network or adware cookies Cookiecutter programs Spyware Spy removal programs Financial quot39 39 39 quot Act Cookies A chunk of data stored on your computer s disk Created and sent to your browser by some websites eg Amazoncom Saves information about you that the server wants Shopping cart contents your preferences VISA card number password address etc Makes it easier to deal with that website It seems like the website knows you Allows websites to track you and your behavior 1012 Cookies The Dark Side They are not viruses or spyware But they can be used to track you They can record your browsing behavior Privacy Concerns Tracking Cookies Different website can share cookies share info Allows the servers to know things like Which sites you ve visited Which ads you ve been shown What you ve clicked on Viewing History Files Toolbars Status Bar Explorer Bar Search CtrIE G T Favorites CtrlI S D E Media Op 5 History CtrH Refresh F5 Folders 39 gt Texr 5 26 Tip of the Day Encoding gt Discuss Source Privacy Report Full Screen F1 1 History x View v a Search 3 Today McAfeecom About This Site Q l39chiFeecom Site Index 3 Mci lfee Security AntiVirus Products a Q Mcnfee Security Copyright Trademarks Q Mcnfee Security Privacy Policy McAFeecom Welcome Center 1014 Viewing and Blocking Cookies Internet Options m o 3 Q amp co to o E E 13 E g k 1 o 2 to 9 n o 3 3 on 9 a 3 W 20 o 9 m 3 W gt 3 m 3 o m 5 Home page 7 Temporary Internet Files You can change which page to use for your home page File Edit View Favorites Tools Help Address l httpsrh asuedu l mare35 CDocuments and SettingstTithocal SettingstTemporarv Internet Files El homesearchbottom Use Current l Use Default Use Blank Folder Tasks 9 winxpproddoc325 v www0rigsoft Tern orar Internet lil s gt D P E I Q Share this folder mnucormratehi y Pages you vrew on the Internet are stored In a specral folder netand er 39 39 7 391 netandseqsz160x600ord937299999 for quick viewing later Other Places Delete Cookies Delete Files Settings L 39 39 39 quot M J u r 733 a Local Settings o3363ieiroeeoo History 6 My Documents E menusjornon The History folder contains links to pages you39ve visited for Shared Documents law39s radar quick access to recently viewed pages L J WhlteJL 8 My Network Places 123016Hdr ckJ Days to keep pages in history Clear History Er 123016eel tvf2 headbg B aol l search btn Details Colors l Fonts l Languages I Accessibilityl Temporary Internet Files Folder L UK Cancel Apply lt wl gt lnternet Options lnternet Options 39 Gene39al Security Privacy Content Connections Programs Advancedl ereneral Security PfiVaCE Content Connections Programsll Advanced Home page Settings You can change which page to use for your home page a Move the slider to select a privacy setting for the Internet zone Address httpsHasuedu 4 Use Current Use Default Use Blank quotBdiUm High Blocks thirdparty cookies that do not have a compact Temporary internet files I l privacy policy I H Blocks thirdparty cookies that use personally identiiiable 1E Pages youvrew on the Internet are stored in a specral folder infmmation without your explicit consent rm qumk wewmg Iater39 Blocks firstparty cookies that use personally identifiable information without implicit consent Delete Cookies Delete Files l Settings History Q The History folder contains links to pages you39ve visited for quick access to recently Viewed pages I A Web Sites Days to keep pages m Story E3 meal H39smw To override cookie handling for individual Web sites click the Edit button Colors 1 Fonts Languages Accessibility Il ll ll ll ll ll ll ll 1015 Spyware Removal AntiSpyware is used for Finding and removmg spyware Automating spyware removal Staying up to date 3 Lavoso 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer Elle Edit ew Favorites lools elp G 39 2 El r1er 51Ehttpwawlavasoftu5acom LAVASOFT cwoasE39uacuac 4 I I H 39 LAVASOFT protect your privacy 7 f5 Ailaware 60 Personal r3 39 39 39 A v g Lad 11 wars y r Fl E39gt 7quotquot quot397 nmeTr v r ru rm Wm Mu Scanning results 4 Dhi Vendor T we Category 0 biecl F m r r Alexa RegKey Delta Miner HKEVLOCALMACHINESO w m 2 WW Tracking Co File ala Miner c documems and sellingswl 7 V 3 Tracking Co File Da la Miner c Wocurnents and s Ingslsl g Done 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner c documents and settlngsB Tracking Co File Data Miner c documents and setungsls 7 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner c docurnents and se lng s 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner 0 documents and settlngsks 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner cdocumeme and se ingsls 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner endowments and seltingsbm 3 Tracking Co File Date Miner cdocumerns and seltingsxg 3 Tracking Co File Data Miner endowments and selling st g Tracking Co File Data Miner crh ocurnerrls and seltings v 32 items Quarantine J E Show logfile 1 ED Next J AdAawere 5 Personal Build 5181 MAdwae mJavao om CanmSpy wwwcounhernpyoan Spy Doctor mmopydmmomom Spry 3mgquot mapympeman 1016 AdAware AdrAware is an anu39rm alware program develop ed by Lavasoit that delecm and removes spyware or a are on a user ter It detects spyware viruses dialers Trojans bots roolkim data miners aggressive advertising parasites browser hijackers and tracking components Wikip edia wn Ibuu sun 9mm mm um s or sna at so mum to w W sonar 1153351 wi k w In w AalmmmmM Amman Alpu mvau nun ammmo magma o may w ammunwa BTWquot 1017 anu Major Laws on Privacy Federal laws governing privacy matters have been created 1018 Security and Computer Criminals Threats to computer security are criminals computer crime and hazards Computer criminals are of five types Employees Outside users Hackers and crackers Organized crime Terrorists 1019 Computer Crime Computer Crimes have tripled in the past two years Malicious Theft Programs Hardware or Viruses software Worms Data Trojan horse Computer time DeniaI of service Data Manipulation DOS Computer Fraud Internet Scams and Abuse A 1020 Commonly Encountered Viruses Desc rlptlon Follows every outgoing email with a second email containing a virus Automatically attaches to outgoing email Recreates itsle through Microsoft Outtook renames les Copies itself on all available network drives Deletes data on December 13th 1021 Common Internet Scams type Description Identity theft lndlviduals pose as lSPs bank representatives or government agencies requesting personal lnfonnation Once obtained criminals assume a person39s identity for a variety of nancial transactions Chain letter Classic chain letter instructing recipient to send a nominal amount oi money to each of ve people on a list The recipient removes the first name on the list adds his or her name at the bottom and mails the chair letter to five friends Almost all chain letters are fraudulent and illegal Merchandise is selected and payment is sent Merchandise is never delivered Auction fraud Free vacation has been awarded Upon arrival at vacation destination the accommodations are dreadful but can be upgraded for a tee Vacation prize Advance fee loans Guaranteed low rate loans available to almost anyone After applicant provides personal loanrelated mtonnation the loan is granted subject to payment of an quotinsurance feequot 1022 Other Hazards Natural hazards Civil strife and Fires amp floods terrorism Winds Wars riots and Hurricanes terrorist acts Tornadoes Technological Earthquakes failures 12quot Voltage surge Use surge protector WW Hard disk crashes r Human errors 1023 Measures to Protect Computer Security Encrypting messages Restricting access Anticipating disasters Backing up data 1024 Disaster amp Backup Procedures Disaster recovery plan 911 Mississippi floods California fires hurricanes amp the unexpected disaster Offsite secure data storage of backup tapes Hot backup site Cold backup site Physical Security Protect the hardware Data Security Protect the data and the software 1025 Restricting Access Biometric scanning Fingerprint scanners Iris eye scanners Assigning passwords Firewalls Special hardware and software Controls access to internal networks 1026 Ergonomics Page 1 of 3 Study of human factors related to things Good lighting Adjustable height document Adjustable tiltandswivel monitor Adjustable bilevel table Adjustable backrest Table height 25 29 inches Footrest if needed 1027 Ergonomics Page 2 of 3 Physical Health Eyestrain and headache Back and neck pain Regetitive strain inium RSI CarQal Tunnel Syndrome Damage to tendons in the wrist Take regular breaks Use good posture Use welldesign furniture 1028 Ergonomics Page 3 of 3 Computer technology offers ways of improving productivity but can create irritants other than physical Noise Electronic monitoring Problem Remedy I e c h n o S t s s Eyestrain and headache Take frequent breaks avoid screen glare place object at fixed focal distance Back and neck pain Use adjustable equipment S t s s a s s O c I a d Repetitive strain injury Use ergonomically correct keyboards take frequent breaks Noise Use headmounted microphones and earphones install I acoustical tile and soundmuf ing covers tighten system WI com pu er use Stress from excessive Remove electronic monitoring monitoring 1029 Environmental Protection Microcomputers use most of the electricity in work environment Turn off when not IN USE Account for 5 of the electricity used Sleep Mode The EPA Environmental Protection Agency The Energy Star program To discourage waste in the various industries The Green PC System Unit energy saving microprocessor eliminates cooling fan has sleep mode Display flat panels powerdown monitors screensaver software that clears the display when not in use Manufacturing use of fewer harmful chemicals particularly choloroflurocarbons CFCs in solvents and cleaning agents Environmental Protection 8mm mm Illl39l low may Multannus and no cooling fan sumsmug mlcmpmcaaor am ram man l h sleep mace capability Flat pans aqua l l l palerdown capability and The Green PC 10 31 Personal Responsibility to Help Protect the Environment o What can computer users do Conserve Computers or Schools Nauonal orlsttns Foundation wwwcrisnnamv I e RetireIT wwwmire imam Share Technoioay wwsharelechnalugqu Educate 1032 Careers in IT Cryptography is the science of disguising and revealing encrypted information Usually refers to keeping any intercepted information private Cryptographers are mathematicians who specialize in making and breaking codes Annual salary is usually between 60000 to 101000lyear 1033 A Look to the Future Presence Technology Presence technology alerts you that someone is trying to reach you People can locate you People can tell which device is best to contact you f Could become a standard featur of new cars phones and appliances 1034 Discussion Questions Page 1 of 2 Discuss the impact of large databases private networks the Internet and the web on privacy Discuss the various kinds of computer criminals What are the principal measures used to protect computer security What is encryption How is it used by corporations and individuals 1035 Discussion Questions page 2 of 2 What is ergonomics How does computer use impact mental health Physical health Describe the basic elements of the Green PC and what you can do to protect the environment 1036 Professor Porter s Study Tips Prof Harry H Porter 1 Portland State University January 3 2009 Avoid distractions Choose a quiet place to study Avoid music TV and headphones Select someplace where there are no people around In short select a boring location with nothing to entertain you with nothing to pay attention to Concentration and focus are critical We always remember what we are paying attention to Constant interruptions may seem acceptable but will disrupt the memories you are trying to create Don t let your attention wander If your mind is wandering you need to either take a break or redouble your efforts to pay attention to what you want to learn If you read a paragraph while thinking about something else you will remember very little of what you read You need to re read the paragraph or stop and take a break Enjoy studyin g We all do much better at the tasks we enjoy Things will stick in your memory better if you are happy interested and engaged One trick is to do your studying when you find yourself in a good mood When you notice that your mood is not good then switch to another task like cleaning or working that requires less concentration Manual labor is a great way to work through bad moods Then go back to studying when you can concentrate You may think studying is unpleasant boring work but remember this Studying is more enjoyable than manual labor One reason you are going to college is to learn how to work with your mind as well as your hands It is nonsense to compare studying with watching a movie or going out with friends You might enjoy studying more if you remind yourself that you are aiming toward a career using your mind not a lifetime of manual labor If you really dislike studying then just drop out and get whatever job you can I Re read the evervthing vou want to While new material is more interesting we tend to remember the things we ve seen several times TV tries to be entertaining by being constant new and surprising Studying is not January 3 2009 Page 1 Professor Porter s Study Tips entertainment it is a form of work For best results read the chapter once then re read it a couple of days or weeks later Your ability to recall the material will be vastly improved Think about and use the material you are learning In order to really learn something you need to use the knowledge in some way For example if you read that Cows prefer to be near other cows you might remember this fact But if you think about why this might be true or about what it means you ll be far more likely to remember the fact Think actively about what you read One trick is to ask yourself Why after reading something After reading a paragraph you would ask yourself Why is this true Another trick is to decide whether you agree with a statement or not Or you might ask yourself If this is true what does it imply Do horses like to be near other horses Each act of active thinking will help integrate the knowledge into your brain Another approach is to underline the most important parts of each paragraph The trick is to select the most relevant important sentences or phrases The act of deciding which words are important will help cement them into your memory Yet another approach is to take notes copying or paraphrasing what you are reading This is especially helpful since it requires you to think about the knowledge to decide what to write Then it requires you to remember the information long enough to write it down This small act of memory and recall is the start of long term memory and ability to recall the memory There are two tVDes of memorv quot39 and recall We see a lot and we are pretty good at recognizing whether we have seen something before or whether it is new material Consider watching an episode of your favorite TV show After watching a couple of minutes you can easily tell whether you ve seen it before or not But try this turn off the TV and then try to recall and recite the plot Usually pretty difficult The key with studying is to learn material beyond being able to recognize it as familiar You need to do more than learn to tell after seeing something whether it is new material or old material Instead you need to be able to recall the material without seeing it You need to be able to pull the information out of your head with only a small cue You can t recall a memom that comes from only one exposure It is very difficult to re create a memory of information that you have only been exposed to once It is occasionally possible when the first exposure was highly emotionally charged but schoolwork is usually not so interesting Instead to be able to recall the entire memory from a small cue such as a word or question you need to have encountered the material more than once This is why re reading a chapter is so good at helping you remember it The first time you January 3 2009 Page 2 Professor Porter s Study Tips read a chapter you are laying down the memories that allow you to know later whether you have previously read the material The second time you read the chapter you are thinking about it more deeply and laying down additional memories that will help you recall and re create the material from scratch Get plenty of sleep Your mind works much better when you are rested You are smarter when you are well rested When you are sleepy your mind doesn t work as well and you make mistakes Studying late at night past your normal bedtime is not as effective And by all means get a good night sleep before any exams Staying up late to study before an exam is counterproductive It is harder to remember things when you are sleepy Figure out when vour best hours are and use them studving Your mind works better sometimes than others Learn to recognize when you are at your sharpest Recognize when you are on and your mind is working well when your thoughts are clear and remembering things seems easier Use this time to study Live a healthy lifestyle Drinking drugs staying up late lack of exercise and so on are not good for your brain in case you didn t know Study 25 more than you need to Research has shown that people believe they will remember more than they actually will If you think you know the whole chapter after spending 1 hour studying it then you will benefit greatly from spending an additional 15 minutes going over the material and practicing recalling it The only way to get all the answers right is to over study the material until you not only know it but know it backwards and upside down Take breaks but don t overdo it It is reasonable to get up and walk around or have a snack after a long study session A 15 minute break every 2 hours is fine but a long break after a few minutes of studying is silly It just wastes your time You will do better to studying in longer sessions and then go out with friends later Use your study time effectively If you want to learn the material you will need to study But you can learn more and spend less time studying if you spend your time really studying Set yourself a goal such as read all of chapter 5 and then sit down and do it You ll be able to go out with friends sooner if you don t waste your study time thinking about how boring the material is or how this chapter is not important or fantasizing about what you are going to do on the weekend January 3 2009 Page 3 Professor Porter s Study Tips Read all the assigned material If the instructor assigns a chapter then read the entire chapter You shouldn t skip over material Don t try to guess what is important to know and what is not important Read every single word If you must skip due to time constraints then at least scan over the material Read the headlines look at the pictures and read the highlighted words This will give you an idea of what material you ve skipped If you come to some material that seems especially important or unfamiliar then you can slow down and read that part thoroughly It may also help to look at the clock See how many minutes it takes to read 10 pages this will help you plan how much time you ll need later on for other reading assignments Look at all tables and figures If the main text refers to something in Figure 4 6 then find that figure on the page and look at it Take the effort so that you can read on and look at the figure to make sense of the words Don t ever assume that you know what this figure or table contains Ignore external references If the text says something like For more info check out this web page then ignore it unless it is particularly interesting or important to you It takes a huge amount of time to chase down external references such as websites or other papers or books If you really want to look at an external reference then make a note of it and do it later You can look it up after you have finished reading the chapter but don t interrupt thoughtful reading and studying with mindless web surfing or paper shuf ing If the textbook says For more info see page xxx where we ll look at this in greater detail then ignore it If the reference is to a page further on then you ll get there eventually If the page is something you ve already read then you ve already read it Again don t interrupt thoughtful productive thinking with page turning January 3 2009 Page 4 77 F umputing Chapter 11 Information Systems D39LEARV O39LEARV MchwHilVIrwin Copyright 2008 by The MchwHill Companies Inc All rights reserved Competencies Page 1 of 2 Explain how organizations can be structured according to five functions and three management levels Describe how information flows in an organization Distinguish among a transaction processing system a management information system a decision support system and an executive support system Information Flow Information Flows vertically and horizontally throughout an organization Superv Top manageriallevel information flow Middle managerial level information flow isorylevel information flow 112 Competencies Page 2 of 2 Distinguish between office automation systems and knowledge work systems Explain the difference between data workers and knowledge workers Information Systems support the natural flow of Information with nnnn org aaaaa tion Information Systems 113 Introduction An information system is a collection of people procedures software hardware and data They all work together to provide information essential to running an organization 114 Organizational Information Flow Information flows vertically and horizontally throughout an organization Information Systems support the natural flow of information within an organization s structure 5 Functions Management Levels Information Flow 115 Five Functions of an Organization 39 Accounting 0 Marketing 39 Human Resources 39 Production 0 Research Human resources finds and hires people and handles matters such as sick leave and retirement benefits In addition it is concerned with evaluation compensation and professional development Research conducts basic research and relates new discoveries to the firm s current or new products department Research people at HealthWiSe explore new ideas from exercise physiologists about muscle development They use this knowledge to design new physical fitness machines Accounting tracks all financial activity At HealthWise this department records bills and other financial transactions with sporting goods stores It also produces financial statements including budgets and forecasts of financial performance 39 Functional Perspective Marketing handles planning pricing promoting selling and distributing goods and services to customers At HealthWise they even get involved Production takes in raw materials and people work to turn out finished goods or services It may be a manufacturing activity or in the case of a retail store with creating a customer newsletter an operations activity At HealthWise this that is distributed via the corporate department purchases steel and aluminum Web page to be used in weight lifting and exercise machines 116 Management Levels Management in many organizations is divided into three levels Top Middle and Supervisors Managerial Levels Top managers are responsible tor long range planning At HeaitiiWise the Vice presrdent of marketing develops long term marketing Top strategies to introduce newly developed products Management Middle managers are responsible for tactical planning At HealthWise regional sales managers set sales goals monitor progress to meet goals and initiate corrective action as needed Middle Management Supervisors are responsible for operational matters At HealthWise a production supervisor Supervisors monitors the inventory for parts and reorders when low Information Flow Page 1 of 2 Each level of management has different information needs and the information flow supports meeting these needs Top Management Vertical horizontal amp external Middle Management Vertical amp horizontal Supervisor Verticalprimarily 118 Information Flow Page 2 of 2 Information Flow Top managerial level information flow is vertical horizontal and external At HealthWise the vice president of marketing communicates vertically with regional sales managers horizontally with other vice presidents and externally to obtain data to forecast sales Middle managerial level information flow is vertical and horizontal At HealthWise regional sales managers communicate vertically with district sales managers and the vice president of marketing and horizontally with other middlelevel managers Supervisorylevel information flow is primarily vertical At HealthWise production supervisors monitor worker activities to ensure smooth production They provide daily status reports to middle level production managers 119 ComputerBased Information Systems Information Systems Executive support systems ESS use internal data from MIS and TPS and external data to support toplevel managers At HealthWise the marketing vice president uses his ESS to view current marketing operations and to develop longterm marketing strategies Decision support systems DSS use data from TPS and a set of flexible analytical tools to support middle managers At HealthWise the regional sales managers use the DSS to evaluate the impact of a recent national promotion campaign on regional sales and corporate profit Management information systems MIS use data from the TPS to support middle level managers At HealthWise regional sales managers use their MIS reports to monitor weekly divisional sales and to compare actual sales to established sales goals Transaction processing systems TPS record daytoday transactions to support middle managers At HealthWise production supervisors use their TPS to record and to monitor current inventory levels and production line output 1110 Transaction Processing Systems TPS Tracks operations Creates and records events in databases Also called data processing systems DPS One of the most essential us accounting activities i v A 59W 1 f v 5 an N i i 1 ill E s gt a Hint x l3 3 a n u w t J V P 4 l l ll ill in l 1 l quot 77714quot TPS database a TPS are 1 37 1 L V quot7 39 mg is A 1111 Accounting Activities TPS Sales order processing Accounts receivable Inventory and purchasing Accounts payable Payroll General ledger 1112 Accounting Activities Sales order processing Keep track of business activity customer requests Accounts receivable Money owed to company amp money paid to company Inventory what is in the warehouse on shelves Inventory Control System Purchasing goods services bought by the company Accounts Payable Money owed by company to its suppliers Payroll calculating employee paychecks General Ledger keep track of all financial transactions Produce income statement amp balance sheet Misc eg ATM Student Registration 1113 Income Statement Shows a company s financial performance Covers a specific time period January 1 2008 through December 31 2008 Second Quarter Q1 02 Q3 Q4 Shows income expenses profits Income eg sales receipts Expenses cost of doing business Profit for that period 1114 Balance Sheet Overall financial condition of the company As of a specific date as of December 31 2008 Shows assets liabilities and equity Assets Buildings inventory what the company owns Liabilities debt what the company owes Equity the value of the company owner s share 1115 Management Information Systems MIS Used to support middle managers Uses databases Integrates data across areas Produces predetermined reports Periodic reports TIR1eSportSsCoqunpary eglona aes epor Exception reports R Actual eglon Sales Target Difference D e m a n d Central 166430 175000 8570 Northern 137228 130000 7228 Southern 137772 135000 2772 Eastern 152289 155000 2711 Western 167017 160000 7017 Management information system report 1116 Decision Support Systems DSS Flexible tool for analyzing data Enables managers to get answers to problems Produces reports that do not have a fixed format El Microsoft Access Elle Edit giew insert Format Records Iools Window Help Type 5 IJIJE39E itlr r for 111911 V v 1e e 21 u meal 1 11 it I r 5 we I 19 7 f 39 39 7 7 7 IA Territory I Month I Sales I Quota A 1 L East January 252033200 250000000 1 East April 2750 23500 250000000 East May 2 590 53700 250000000 East East Mideast Territory Sales Mideast East 2 75023500 250000000 MideaSt April Midwest 1 2355500 1 50000000 Mideast February Northwest 55502200 70000000 Mideast East 2 52033200 250000000 MidWBSt Midwest 1 45029000 150000000 3 Query results for SALES lt QUOTA f1 mew MldWBSt il 39III IIIIII Midwest May 174592300 150000000 I Midwest April 172355500 150000000 I Northwest May 74433000 70000000 I Northwest February 55502200 70000000 1 4 11 17 Datasheet View Parts of a D88 User Someone who makes decisions COUICI be you System software Operating system Easy to use Data Internal data External data Decision models 1118 Decision Models Strategic models assists top level management and long range planning Tactical models assists middlemanagement financial and sales promotional planning Operational models assists lowerlevel managers 1119 Executive Support Systems ESS Designed for top management and easy use Consists of sophisticated software Provides immediate access to a compaHY39S performance uumuuuug mg 1 ilelealilriscimi xecutive Summary 1 Accounting Past Due Accounts 3 Total Sales 5 On Schedule Labor Contract Proceeding Steel Aby Tested Posit 2 Marketing 3 Production 4 Human Resources 5 Research To Obtain Details Enter39The Appropri te Number Information in condensed text form Tracks routine operations and records events in databases also lmomn as data processing syssems MilS Produces standardized reports periodic exception and demand using dsmbases created by 1138 DSS Analyzes unanticipated situations using data insemel and extemsl and decision models strategic tactical and operational E38 Presents summary information in sflexible eesyto use graphical format designed for top executives Comparison to Last Year To obtain additional details enter M To return tothei quot 5 Executive 0 7 l 1 Summary enter it iA39Hi 39E E Iii CiCii T mi i 39 aw i u r i i i i i i i A ammu m Q Details in graphic form 1120 ther Information Systems nformation Office automation systems workers CASS Pro39ect mana ers Data workers 1 g Videoconferencing systems Secretaries Clerks Knowledge work systems Knowledge KWSS workers use Engineers specialized w systems Scientist CADCAM 1121 Careers In IT Information systems managers oversee the work of programmers computer specialist systems analysts and other computer professionals Employers look for individuals with strong technical backgrounds with a EJ 1 master s degree in business and Strong leadership skills f U Excellent communication skills Information systems managers can ec to earn 72K 118K annually 1122 A Look to the Future Oftentimes More Information is Too Much Information Information overload How to handle email Could have a negative Be selective effect on getting work Remove done Protect According to recent Be brief studies email is the St major source of 0p spam information overload Don39t reSloond 1123 Discussion Questions Name and discuss the five common functions of most organizations Discuss the roles of the three kinds of management in a corporation What are the four most common computer based information systems Describe the different reports and their roles i managerial decision making What is the difference between an office automation system and a knowledge work system n 1124


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