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by: Darian Metz


Darian Metz
GPA 3.87

Graig Spolek

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About this Document

Graig Spolek
Class Notes
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This 78 page Class Notes was uploaded by Darian Metz on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 323 at Portland State University taught by Graig Spolek in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/168305/me-323-portland-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
ME32300q VA 4mwa ad 0 ID W5W A0 waxLEA TMEICM mPC z 10 405ghX use AseV EASE39 EVE S EYE EV EETS EET 200 SHEETS E 7 Xt mws fan 6 mfgtamlnwe X 7quot If 9h 4 t F0 1 H le m e 42361 SOSH 42482 1005 a 0M 3quot 42439 in ti o d 4 5quotquot in Cm ngI 39mz g A g 7Lam Zn 1 BC AFPWD Ny Je soh xw 39 rm 0M m Cw Fogtaz 446 LE F0 7 7 tgtaz Tquot C 6W4 5153 c045 Chgor gt6 0 fgt 609 Z ES EERSE 5 SOUAR EA 39 HE S EVEEASE 5 SQUARES S EVE SE39 5 SQUARES 57 EETS EV ET o 31 in a a Dram 42339 ZOOSHE E wal 4 0 lme vx CW5 four V W 39v OP 090 rods de rlcue lem aaqpuve 4 0 739SOCL raiseK 1412 ZSt Ambrm wla 112 goZ W909 Rodi Hoax 7L0 LgtgtD camp 32 VI IOO mix Tm 25 C To 23 at T4 quot 7393A0C 340 72 Dw ermmc wai or KlelmbwLz BC L CIA wa gCF J 40 a I do C 933 4 T a 39 CP 3 95 2720 0L I Wat0394 97 0 BL 0025quot q l 42381 50 42082 x00 SHEETS E 4235 20G SHEETS EV 5 Ilatianal Brand LI h A a aquot V r39DGB T Vt t A D39Taa Cp yv T oa f 7 a 39 1 03 t 23 5 c T W00 T zCZ B3 44 t fa Pram t5394r F0 0 3 rzpb t 2 UL 6933Xsas JVA 73quot In Z MD K 0gtlt0 0 H 1000023 on 239 Q023ZCJ33 q ko 239 4 00lt W445 613 GE r 5 SQUARES E EA E9 200 SHEFFS EYE SE 5 SQUARES 50 SHEETS EY 42302 100 SHEETS EYE a una tan 4235 Il ii I 1 5 SQUARES 0 Majf rmQC l39t c 65d 7 08 g E Co bx Z I V 1 CT 7 a emf fa 0quot a 2 72 h use Table 4 J Ef gy mterFoA v El 23929 a1 Sb 1 039 P0 22931 K bC Co gt 0229 a 023 rm LCM 6 F30 0o 7L rm amumxmw r39m 427 50 SHEETS EYE39EASE39 5 SQUARES ASE39 A 5 SQUARES VEvFASE 5 SQUARES 42381 42382 loo SHEETS EVErE 42359 200 SHEEYS E Ilatlnnal Brand 6M 39 Vtku OW War CW sur cc gtX V 2 at I T6843 7 76507 2 39 7 p 5 9T Z 0 o Ts 54 7LL4rMJ 9W Lute017 ZDgodt ms 98 gt fr quot 39 1 39 l39f 2f r7 0M6 CUMW64quot T rlt WU13 T quot39Y A R ea Bog1 adds a swi cah wOLW W406 Me vibpwb use VgtIWM wt mf 14 9446 JWFOQe Vk 61 0qu 1Lf7l 3 C via Cr rm if 01quotL or O 1 rM afpr ma POW CW AMA PP PM it C 00 Q x YE EASE 5 SQUARES i2 35 50 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES YEEASE39 A 6 SQUARES 391va mo SHEETS E 42489 200 SHEEYS E amna ran 1 t39 I d Pemm 4qust BC gm fwf m M J c wt t FT 0V0 017 me 6F 4 Cquot00 L 01 ip DiwfVHQ Oar1793A Or 50quot 0375 9 W7 L3 9 9610 01 203064quot L f w evofm 39o A 139 39439 gq 4 Lib 10quot O 4 M 5 SQUARES 42699 2130 SHEFFS EVEEASE r 5 SQUARES EEI39S EYEEASE39 lt S SQUARES EASE 4246 V09 SHEETS EVE 52381 50 SH 1quot Nativnal lrand 4M C che Wow PW h o ZZ39Mbo 0ltlt agez we 0275 94039g 01mm 5339 DD EYEEAGE 5 50 0 v 5 SOU 423 50 SHEEVS 42382 100 SHEE VS EYE EASE39 5 2489 am SHEEYS EVEAEASE 439 Malian Brand ME523 440 I M wvf fomMc ow wr cf Una 0 Ts Baa Mu 8r MOLAT APO5179 AToL M La Mr 76 QMPGWS EETS EYEvEASE 5 WARES 42382 00 SHEETS EYEAEASE 5 SQUARES SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES 4235 SOSH Ilallanal lrand 42339 zoo gomafk megstnuo in Xszyg fws k s 23H hRW U d NWU KMUPIP WNW 9 mau wmwstzz invan pew Ekxaim ltmx s g l i in Cexics nq H Nr Jim s NQecwns Via Pl as f u a 5 52350 33 Eu Rm N nm gumTit H VSQcmw WQP miccu amp gammy P u wwbm l PN mu 003 v V 0 4 Bb kxx vmi eh Mv 5205 w 8 n lIlt b gtgt 1 gtO w x0 W11 x 154 3C3 9ampro u math a d xov m dnv ARES RES RES 353 m SEAS SEAS 55 42 EY Hamnal lrand 2439 200HE 335 E E15 ETS ET 38 SOSHE 382 VWSHE Ma Z 3T39TQL Ma a 2 T Tp L3 a blag 39 a CT39TWB L3 w tar elf QMsko Nowulcer Par Ku lt27V 39fP lu CQ PA of Can I wLmrns DJWJ NM 3 quott QPPPgt W Bag e k 3 20L a BCTr n L up Maya quot 3 R F when 0104 7 T T A 41105th For QWV P019933 3 7s IONO 7Lquot gou39b LamWW N 0564 Bag4 Ea L L if 5 L J 200 SHEETS EVEltEASE lt 5 SQUARES SETS EVEEASE 6 SQUARES EEYS EYE39EASE39 v 5 SQUARES 1238 50 SH Ilainnal 8rand 23133 quot5 D sr jn erwgwws Nu 1A bio r 1 0 Mia V C 2a quota laman W Clo We oJ af racc COM gar vae Down Ho wCMN Coma M 3 Incwng 4058 9quot 604 5939 rw we hulk 2qu ROM 0M4 J m r Lt ra D0462 j thjgtEg39qzz TWLU Law waw Tm 1 6 N D39 L Ea 0724 6726 N55 S Eqolo30Q3 PC L9Wmur pnce Q aaquot 3gt6O SQUARES 6 SQUARES OUAHES 42381 50 a 42392 v00 SHE 5 Eva National Brand 2459 20a SHEETS EVEAEASE39 r s s 5 EASE SHEETS EVEEAS 5 ET A9146 erll rq 0 1th LL D W I 7LL rx anL VJcdte L 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MEETS EYE EASE 5 SQUARES HEEI S EYEEASE39 5 SQUARES 200 MEETS EV 4200 505 Ilational rand 23333 39 l am Ach MfHwaes v 39ZD vfsekai tgfa 039 IIChawkwes 0 awsiw pfu auw CAamweQS 0 o CAQ AMMIL V EXWP e Barbed VP Fa Suf39pOC L Team PJFQ Tm QMJWQM Measwe CQSKAT 39 S 3W A J Dg ergmilpr wonL Va 7 iwa 6 3 ng 6 73945 099 A O 39MYWOK 6L4 42 381 50 SH llatinnal Brand 123 A 2 a 60L 0ltNK l 9 W a 39 W FDMJ kahuna 7ifa M 39 G gt Q S K Tz A My sh mote 42 A 35 6 217 7 505va 4 LLD Z 39DZZ szz i 2 L Aeskquot v L29 9 azagtltaltgtmsxuw L K 42481 50 Ilational lrand 4 Sat 4 I S I W TkerMaQ B 539 e 05LAT Z 1 Jquot A Ar 5 I L 2 VsKgt I I Tm it L 1 x Z a 51 F 39 1 x j x SE39 5 SQUARES 42 381 50 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SOUAHEs A EVEEASE lt 5 SQUARES 2382 00 SHEETS EYE quot fi lml Brand 2399 goo SHEEI39S NMWW9C J 144 lest 0U vyv eM mx quotFor 0amp6ka 66 VIJs sak a a ebmk WNWS w kv X 1 Q7598 9 MAKMWK W J4me Q ues quwwrvr A MI SMLLC FarH JOS A vumiajes Awar may 329V WFCJ PJ 6 unQt 39l 39 QUKWMWK UATG aUe Eomocw7 WI Ls d S 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ow allows l calculation of the total heat transfer From that the overall heat transfer coefficient U will be determined Hot In THi 210 F Cold Out quotquot Taquot 145 F ColdIn TCi70F QC m CF ATC mpV i HotOut For the cold water THO 154 F T T T c 2 C0 702145 112F From steam tables for saturated water at 112 F 619 lbmft 099 Btulbm lbm gay ft3 lbr mC pV 619 3175 minj 75gal 144 min Solving for the total heat transfer Q for the cold water lbr Btu o Btu QC m CF ATS 144 min 099 lbm OF 145 70 F 10700 Am For the LMTD analysis QUAFLMTD or 2 Q AFLMTD For a tube and shell heat exchanger with two tube passes with T T T T R H1 H0 and P C0 C1 Too Tc Tm Tcz sz 2075 145 70 z 2053 210 70 gives for the tube and shell chart F 087 By de nition 1n Tm TC0 TH0 T0 MD 2 In 210 145 154 70 74lF So 100 ff i087741F Ar ftz F Part b When fouling occurs with a fouling coefficient 0001 find the total heat transfer and the outlet temperature of both streams Fouling will reduce the value of U which will decrease the total heat transfer Hence the outlet temperatures of both streams will change so only the inlet temperatures are known In that case the s NTU method is suggested 1 1 l l Btu UM Um RM 996 0001 906 y F The total heat transferred is predicted by the equation Q g CminTH1 T01 Cmin is the lesser of Cc or CH Cc can be determined from the data in part a lbr Btu Btu CC me 144 minj099 lbm F 143 Am CH must also be calculated This can be done from the data in part a 10700Btu CH Q mn 1913inF Tm 4H 210 154F So Cmin is Cc Next the ratio CR is calculated C CR quot quot 075 me 191 By definition 906 3r F 100 f NTUg 106 min Btu 143 Am F From the chart for one shell and two tube passes the effectiveness can be read 8 050 Now the total heat transfer can be calculated Q g Cm Tm To 05 143 3in F 210 70F 10000 Etymin So the fouling causes a drop in the total heat transfer from 10700 to 10000 Btumin or a 7 drop in performance The outlet temperature of each stream can now be calculated Q 100003n TC TC 70F mm 140F 0 C 143Bty C E S EVEEASE lt 5 SQUARES BS OUAHES EASE 5 SQUARES 23a H Er N a 13HEETSEYE E 55 annual Brand 42489 zooswmsavz MESZ39s I306 39 l Ha Emmaer MU I 596 Vlleom TwawdMM P perwce LMTD Ntme 77 s C I o quotMI2 4 Par 91 FIG Muth KL 9 F Ml of Emaa aCu1C 40 C 53 CPTMD Tug LV2 MFA Ga MILquot rot f C wqu ELM C2 LampJTM TL Cc Im er HMI J Luau Vowv tef Assume No txHrMe L965 o C I s pm4wj dr 50 Faxgt0 CM Ao nsw whomU H wer 04 07 U A A I LM ATM L06 Mewx D39l CAavwze I044 0452 gsu wlmsw g P U lamdNuwPLQV d u JLnd In x 5 U Q N II I II y E 5 F317 oshv I FODLSFU 74le U JAJLIq u QAKQ 4354 u oil4 aw n 4U 36 W3an 04F fil UJAVFQ n 5C1 g hwww x a k 5L 9C UPKQ a 5amp4 LVQNKSBV III Uz 6m JFlt IE 13 SAPq I106 JnyLuQ c 03 H 4qu JA LI4 I patrng Iguana 4 WI 298 SEHVHOS 5 39JSVEI BAE SBQHS 002 58927 3 SEEMS D A 9135MB 05 KBE ZV SEEVHOS 5 39dSVi39SA SBHVHOS S 39 BSVH39H 50 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES ET ET 42 381 Natlnnal 39nrand 223 5333 SEquot 002 Tco TIA Hm a get Z 6 44 cc m 05610 GURU 27 QMI A m P M39wwx Pd Iwka f W MM C 70 T 39 562mm 3 Ca 60mm fr Gm 44 C 3971 39 Ma x Chm Th 71 NT 6 NTM 1 Number 01 TransCw Viv3 e ped u ve ness COuJ er Pw Lia axeCwij 3 4 Thrme CcTCO Tgt In T19 39 Th0 Tad II 720 Tho a 9 W 84EP 0 an or CL gun quot2 WWW ESEY EV 32 23535 Halianal Brand 42339 200501551591 ED IV MS 6 C CMI A J may m 4th g mow I Mum ZACH27415 V gt thx CR39T C5 6 CW 7 C 6 ag HowmP er a M The ma 70 T43 Tu Th The F x L39 C Cm 77mTa QM L E Less 1 6 6 4 NTM A NTME L and Cr CL mm PamM Pm lt69 2w am a Man C39MM C m39 C Tc 3 E NTM I 7 Two 0 lo0 P MD gt P w 5 SQUARES 061 50 SHEETS EVEltEASE 5 SQUARES 52389 200 SHEETS EYE EASE 5 SQUARES 42382 quot0 SHEETS EYE EASE Natlunalmlrand era 6 reserve r ATM 7 a gt lt00 7 Cr0 Z MSer gva r0 auger mfawsom A LMTD Csc Need I Mac 62 Vavq A 392 24 44 ATxo 7 agt a0 2 arra D s n we Hqgluu j7 0 5008 fed a mauve a c mew mam mm gt le rash a 690 mvg rj 5 uDJs TBApane 60 26 4k MP H CQ K ahATh ale AT 3 arg Ll HAJK xx5r ALLM gt Aquot WWW Imcrease ka MW Ap r fmgvem e Luk e XI MJL V AP u E S EYEEASE 5 SQUARES EVEEASE 5 SQUARES 420839 50 SH ET 42332 on sues rs Hallnnalglrand 42389 goo SHEEIS EV E EASE 5 SQUARES 392 NTlt Amafvs s 94 40 bwd c F C9 at Wl su md HX u N 7740 EURO N g t Q mm rJeanlw Js 9 Cw1 Cmavdv Quem f 1 L WA SI 401 M gantaze area 4 Verdun PM NTM a EVQ L u f 6 LCUTM Cr in M39 water 69 e aMKTnsT CHmpI iWP s d CaCEO TCCB C CkTh Tuo E EVEEASE A 5 SQUARES 42382 100 SHEETS EYEEASE A 5 SQUARES 423 50 SHEEYS 42389 200 SHEEYS EVEEASE v 5 SQUARES l Eprle 23C amp 5 a 3 OIL quot lo 9 L K04 07K 35 400 1 m 00lt s 39 Tao gt Thu i 330 F5an 4 Mrwa yinif v C 1atinnal lrand 2909310 3365 chess r10 62014 T gt 3 23mm 4 T v as T 007 cg dZ Z 39z C ChCTh I Tkt o 42073 400330 D l4l700w 0 720 7 f S70 C T JTCO To Tc aTL Mh 4 3 SKI39ZK TnO39TGC amp 3 OH Ah gt A JEN P0Z a P 0720 gt FEDa L A lt m AR AR 382 100 SHEETS EYE EASE 5 SOU ES 589 200 SHEETS EYEE5 S SQUARES quot236 50 SHEETS EVEESE gt 5 SQU ES atlnnal lrand 23 AITMwbvt hu 62 7 47a0w Mch aOy 25w Cr 03926 V quot awe g Ck Cg w 0 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k ID I Pr I v 1561039 mZs 2610393 WmK 02610394 mZs 072 10 M V L g 643 105 Re 7 v ll56 quot 10395 lmZs Which puts the boundary layer primarily laminar Using the laminar boundary layer correlation Nu 0664 Re 13 066464310 5 072 477 3 W hNuk 4772610 nK 124W L lm 39 nzK For convective mass transfer the Schmidt number Sc is de ned as v 156105m7 Sc 2 7 23 060 D 02610 4m1 and by analogy between heat transfer and mass transfer Sh 0664 Re Sc 066464310 5 060 448 Notice that this is very close to the value for the Nusselt number Solving for hm Z 448 026 10quotm hm 7ShD g 00117 V L lm S At steady state qmnv qzvap or hTw TVi lhfg hm wv7pwvoohfg P Usin 7 in this e uation g P R T q hToo T MT Pva Pwv ohfg We now have a nonlinear equation in T which is confounded by the fact that both PWV and hfg are both strong lnctions of T Reasonable approximations for those lnctions are PWV2337eXp 6789 i 503lln i TisinKPinNm2 29315 T 29315 hfg 2501 236 T T is in C hfg in kJkg Solving for T by trial amp error yields T 286K 13C 42 latinnal lrand 3359 MESZB IZO I i JenIL E FMMdev s 147 Dance 9 HWJmemU W 0L m Hm o ma moi PM Spa399 quot 39 301 r e39lmpt as 1 5 00 gm em 39 5quot 6 Cole Wan quot VIEw 392 ijfsaa lOlC fluiaps 80W 2J9 rlo 971 g aft MLij D We I EffLara thb s r CMaVav p 7393fe v 10 Viiaux flui 39 140 FPOWWNJ ii 7 quot SHE SEY 42381 50 ET G 2492 005 EETS th Brand 4243 msflsn 9 auder Wm 1 H M 1d 4r 7710 ATxm 7231 PM Nree MMle P ewum A 42 I 42452 100 SHEEFS EVEEAS 5 SQUARES EASE 5 SDUAEES 38 50 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES 42369 200 SHEETS EVE Uatinnal lrand Tube mantel Emma 74 l rpfryorvwavve 04 HX395 I gift 39 Mumb4r J Pabes 12 rppbes W94quot d a yw 2 v wlumawe 946 mm W mg doemkw M 62 M A TM73 Cl 1 040094 0 H1 T Tc m I w 375 ARES ARES ES vEJtS EA a 4mm 50 SHEET vs o 424a mo SHEETS EYE National Bland 42399 200 swans EVE L 4 l L gt X M 39 EW D gthhA 1 hut COV L Abes AM k A La Quizo AT gr A0 A 0r QCA 5 AT I 1 D V D if hoplhwr u 0 t V 0 quot Or I 7 L39 n TI r39a 0 Vquot m ihiMs x Y Vr V a Hawm Lake A 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3 5MJUMlt a a gmdnw raww sg a KVWMW SW66 5 SQUARES EVEEns 5 SQUARES gc 42389 200 SHEEYS EYEgtEASE39 5 SQUARES 42381 50 SHEETS 42382 I00 SHEETS EYE EAS af National gllrzmd pm FF somme a quot V rH 0 I 39 piwf F s 93911 F32F3l rmng F3 3Z 5 F39s l 39 z Zeal39Pr cJv A 31 439 P393 p a 0 3 4mm 50 Ilatinnal nrand 2222 323 PM sz upwa qCIv B 2 3 3 1 EkaOvlZ A 3 F32 3 a g wr s39m39quot RugM QI i3 Fi 1amp7 8 sz I A m PMs z 43 F3 MSW MFR ta 4 H sgt7 0 74 F ez 1 7102Q 03By1g 392 a UAHES I SHE VElt 5 SD 369 200 SHEETS EYEEASE39 39 5 SQUARES 4238 50 SHEETS EVEEASP 5 SQUARES 382 DO ETS E EASE IiIlanimmlwnrami 2 glacklpo ampAklo39em 1 absodos a FwdLA roaptquota0 w 2 lawman was WW WW My 2 mum em M awwwb MCL 5 54 91 Ea EiCRV13 E T 7 J RWMCR K 299964 MM Wifns KmJ ma T N WK39 E m f139w5 5 Wv WT 604 W dov WA1L Mewpxsa wI WT TngaqL d c 7 IZMQF lo9L L rw BOHZIWA L6 Eta quotl q T 9931750quot TSMM k 3ma x wa ML WW3 and WW 5 33 233 um 424m so swans EV a A2392 ma sHEErs EVE Natlanal 39l l d 42499 zoosuem EVE Eb g 507341 x120 Ea EMBsstew La RES ARES ARES lt 42351 50 swears EVEEASE 0 mm mo SHEETS EVEEASEL UIHWMI IIIquot 2393 200 SHEETS EVEEns l I l on Qwea a t d w 5mm T3 Ex T3 m wan w 4 Hamel P I 7 a L 9W s MJ9 00 T Emfs sNu Hi 1 9H 1 FAG War Y 0 MJQFV S j jg Q MM 0K PI Wwww S 6 d r L InsJNQW5 NO Mo sz lags br oa5 caQ 366 C a eld Pad A 421 42 389 200 SHEEYS EYEE 5E A 5 SQUARES National G nrzuul ZeP eypc J f Wmebn k Awfww or5 y smw r famp 08LQI akgarks IQ Dt Cste PqJJ vx ppiv39o t ms 2 Ab ohP L s73L 0g Cj s 6 WKwg Aha Vatu LOW QV 0IJQOP r5 Traw zmt s hu Al A F ravxs 39 15w er Orva uc 3injlv waw w3W01efww H Uv v usvgtall d Xx L QII i r N UsSNAdngLe orlr m U1 g m6 3st J WV W l fth u ltsiww s V m3ka1 lt 3 JFK wL wa y aw n5le kaOJJQ WM wwJOQpg 9amp1 5lt ve2 QgLJA vgd mi 955 4 d UC r 0 451 mm W u a m 3 H PXth i w 397 National Brand 124389 ZDO SHEETS EVE Design a heating system for a small factory in Portland OR This problem will be a multipart problem which will require making reasonable assumptions making engineering decisions and then checking the reasonableness of the design Part 1 Determine the heating load on the building In this first part estimate the maximum amount of heat that the building will require to maintain the inside temperature at 20 C in the winter A subsequent part of the problem will ask you to design a heater to generate enough thermal energy to satisfy this heat loss Use the included schematic drawings of the building and the construction details for the ceiling and walls As a starting point use the following information Factor Value Comments Outside Air 5 C Based on ASHRAE weather data for Portland Temperature Airport 97 of the time the temperature is 2 this temperature Infiltration 02 ACH ACH 2 Air Change per Hour which is the volume of air leakage from the outside through doors and windows that must heated Inside Convective Table 11 Free convection for air Coefficient 1ampD Outside Convective Table 11 Forced convection for air Coefficient 1ampD Deliverables 1 Initial estimate of total heat loss 2 Table of major surfaces e g wall windows with total area Rvalue and Q for each 3 Discussion of areas of high heat loss with suggestions to improve the thermal performance References 1 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals 2 Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer lncropera amp DeWitt 15 cm thick plwmd 4 cm thick pine stud 2 cm gypsum plaster Corrugated sheet metal gypsum plaster Wall cross section r14 fm Fiberglass I insulation 40 cm 12 cm hardboard siding 2 cm 4 cm thick pine stud g wi Loaf quotpawl A 5 Wolm 440w V I V Jg o pl v QMCxt cfujs M 4 M 0 wllm l A A 00 WM L L Lu Doors r5wme a ownMS 39 ZoeC arm 551434 2L8 b aw arm y quot wrmjaws l et 5140 11 sI AALL D vML W mm m dieamam j 019amll hampg sl C39oors bade U rth 661MpnZ MS i 7N 20v 299 M1 39 W dws 4 Albanian Z M1 waH339 ZQ OMK7 SW Z M 2 quot 2 m4msdw 3 M1 Uome ZKM 6 mm zgm l v i H I 47 I 39Jys 7 p p0 fix723049 007 77709 77 7773147 i 1 7 w 7 7 i 71 I 77g7 77i 7 7 7 717115 J7J47777 1727 77 7 77 77 777 M27m s 77 Azllu 7M 77LI5030 39 E7T04J97HJAQQQW 7 i A w 39i an 77 7 I 7 I I hJ quot4 I 741 7 Vaif 5 moi 7 014 am 7 77 071177 777 570 7 VH2 7 7739729207577377 77 175quot5 f9 LZL3 i quota 7 7 7 7 7 019 5 F7776 Ilewo ffKB 7 7 7 77 7 77 7 7v 7777 77 77 77 Iw27wQaZ 107L0o 125033o4 7 Z lt 7 12May re 37 7 7 7 7 7 Wr aw7777 CLZJA77I S777777 ho 00 2 W 2 3lt o Ia 117 77e7777777 77772gt 7 717 735 7 7 7EI 774707y 7I7mHvJm mQAr we M 711730 W77 7 19237W7777 7 777176750799 7 7777 0393 7 7 7 7 7 7 77 777 777q77 777 A 7 777777 77 77 7 5479072145 2 my 77 7771719 0735727ch 365039 rqeq7em OOSOW C9 4403


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