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by: Darian Metz


Darian Metz
GPA 3.87

Graig Spolek

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About this Document

Graig Spolek
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Darian Metz on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 321 at Portland State University taught by Graig Spolek in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/168306/me-321-portland-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
LAMPID 39 roQaO QM Law PvamTZT g s l39m m1W W I rm 9 d2 VV mz K Ptv P2 U 2 KT f2sz 4 Qt 27R gas malaon pl U 2 Z T T A Exawyle AV olt a Tquot zgoc39l am eryg s ETC 0QJ9V 6 Pchcegsggt p I VLOfZ OWEI v ag U 3 164454 2quot 0 V3 0quot 6S maQ P Q i lt E Q E J LOLMJEPSTSV PM P PBUB r 39 tr b T 73quot T73 l 5quot V3 J v P3 92217 lt27lt v 2 T W 3 T3 3 2732 1 994 Z4r a39 L Act ch iire T23L 0F 5 TD 3z Amer Ear A AA 16 fsJ re 39FTB SMV T 10 Q 9 a J P U R f V quot rt 7 a 10 UAW WSW h F v UZ 39 Ev 3933 T1 T a T 7 a 3 lt5 7 0046032 g2 HM BEM 2 7lt4u2 P1 493 Fm 24W A New 40 Lesa 03934006 WPUWQW ad Wavessmva Qa Jl msLxSPs 12a 11 wsMc may ap e gs uu ioJLC 3 07 1430 i o gimpm fmhwm away U ECLlCW 2 W58 FmesN A 7 wecve PW has MQ Eel r quotP 13 t 39F FDEW JPv Os 3L1 d T M L0 C Cam Lw Fwe awe FB C CC fqeesvw e Eracfs JPq A 6 g V V A CV U0Q b a rd V CV Oar164 Mame 5F6 M EE C 39 QW a gay V0um P4195935 0 0 au264JT i 39T gt39 39 ioQM Nd 1 Q 0Llt EW 50 v F4 VQWSQEE Er Evv 35 I 3 E 2533 95 alias disco 32 ER 4 3040 33 59 pr lt3 3 A m w a K Ier 76 H54 d y N Olav r 13w 34 Q 8 1 L E m et FMJZ AH SOPZJOJK oC air MA ow 77 quot500 95 Tzf ci c k I LAJes AH gt m Chz hl A K awbs05oz wuajg L AMPAD LT fit M56 gt CPTquPTZ Z ampa L02 C P W DH W T PT1 oagtCa y fOogoa La 4 cg 4 T 0K5 CPI A H Zea4700g gm 5560 lt 4 0lt Tt39wa 4 277239 4oz 143 9 AEmmm Dermmm n E A quotPu QCM 4 cl CPS 3050 Car an Mead as Dy 2 RT OMJ OQlA 0Q 4 ZOQM39I39P39AT gzu 2 a N W ICP CV car 6amp5 PJ39 o 0Q 5FQQsCFC LX S 4 5 g PAD mn F i 1 A mVanMmP gt39 Q an dP Q Erab NJ w r o 3 6an w SLUC 7 bfubSn Dmkj SS 3yrarfnm QQHOlt V m T ivwog he af emgv O PakSa m QMS SW 6C VCM FOW39D dvms a nes 67 g ie hvQl a 3 LE mvquot I 339 vzvaeoantj po tnjf qQ EVHW jW PE 739 W62 2 eI VQQtQA aMOVQ IW 39ampWVAQ Ehe rj Of rx fquot 69m5 Ue hf quot Maw WP quot Mtgs WuGV hug le TOM Ewwow E M 4 4 E FPE E GCF 6M 341 2 x 38 I m t A 64 W 0 thaoe hm cs Emm w F3 aw ewe 39EMi O Cm heCMer OL areagel Mr da s 7J2 0M11 WWLch 3m Toww W W x i O CX 66 W5 C M056 W31 e gr S 545 Cram F O SUTVOMMl wcsw a bag or Wg39lc amass Ss4m jDG VWQaw 6 4294quot C WWL SS T QAM39PEV maro s w bomn avj EA vj 9 am gw r or Howe e g39g39w M 0 Rail Lt of Mass 4V39W5 t 439r W Fweurjv ramsCef accong ngmx gtbooww 4wl db 0 emfg nz uvt ANN wemce All 0 farms emequ W sPervquot amass WSa clx W bouer ngck 6 QAua udan 50 f warli l quot Jquot quot Q L 6754 W Nfr I ibouwem kf Sa em K Q 1 3 H e099 MinaFer Jo U mg PQquotV8 quot quot cod oi Np Alum Work EVM4QK mil 4 6764399 1 PMXL we 7 N s ue V 0 A work CU t Wacfss CV1 0 a frd brv JFP Pcremia mgrm em A Q W 06m 693 SW w 6W S Fme a 1 9 quotW AXLADDOQCC OC Proce WN K Mo 0mg VW Q E QV alj 65w arg gb msqgmfl eyg


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