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by: Darian Metz


Darian Metz
GPA 3.87

Graig Spolek

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About this Document

Graig Spolek
Class Notes
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This 42 page Class Notes was uploaded by Darian Metz on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 323 at Portland State University taught by Graig Spolek in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/168305/me-323-portland-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
Groundwater Heat Pump Plate amp Frame Heat Exchanger in Engineering Building Graham Corporation Model 6P667 WaterWater Surface area 740 ft2 For more information see httpwwwgrahammfgcompheoverviewhtml Measurements performed yielded the owrates and temperatures given in the diagram below Tchiller out F Tweuin F Tchiller in F V 260 GPM Twell out F Perform the following calculations for this heat pump A 03 0 U Heat balance on well water solve for Q Heat balance on chilled water solve for Q Overall heat transfer coefficient solve for U using the average Q determined for parts A and B above Compare this result to the typical values for waterwater heat exchangers as listed in Table 112 of Incropera and DeWitt Assume that the plate heat exchanger is approximated by counter ow Effectiveness solve for the effectiveness of the heat exchanger YEEASE 50 SHEETS EVEEASE 5 SQUARES 235 4232 I00 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES 42469 200 SHEETS E 39139 Marina Dram ME SZCoaql 24X 90349 V 51Kva 76 quotquot7 g by COP Jb ok 6 COM BOX 1 Bodeq 2 NJ Emma 241 32T0014 03139L 3 quot 8t 2 61 4 11 1 YnAn F I z Pwv39gu 0f TZA L F2 627 GDPgt2 242 an Tln39E wz39 2 A El Ru AIR A B 6 Air T39 3931 Far swam15 02 M21 0744 mm 11 lt lt 18 3mg mnm aYufu m m NE 5 EYEvE VE 4381 59 5 Fr a 42352 mo sums E HUM Brand 423149 200 SHEETS EYEEA j 66quot pro t bod7j l OLT 39 39 eb 91 6 Mr ass 3 6Eb 9 A yakMs 4 6 3 T 65 j 8 0139Sz 69 j 6 quot l39 z 64 e447 2 Ecoan WSW EKCLKMJC a 01 bu Q 422 35 6N 40M 8 C9 LE l 62 4 452 2272 elm Jl 32 ebb WV WV A W 2 72L 392 3 AL 31 2 L6 60w Carx v sr s LMre 4 0 I 6quot 139 rapfcvgt an Imhwbs area A M W Vquotl7 HEETS EVE 4233 50 S YEEAS 5 SQUARES 42382 I00 SHEETS EVEE43 ETS E 391 National Brand 4 2489 200 SHE S MF39CIKU quotW J B latl4 Swf ptlce 7 Large a ate 39 I 212438 4744416 a Repmvimq AM0i 620 Cd abaL c jeb SHE EYEiASE 5 SQUARES E 4238 50 m 0 42lt382 IOU SHEUS EVEEAS 5 SQUARES National l alld 42mg 200 swans means 5 SQUARES Thrw os Bo e EXMPIQ Laaer A I KULKQ0V ZEVanaZQI S at w39Uk T LDC V Q F e vC SKT gces 0 14 u 9 AT 0 HA K 1 6 gt fig heron mm A Use L r l M4 J g 2 1 Aaho 753 14 h 373 4 quotJ L34 momlt3 zmA ozA WW3 A W C 5 45 M 194 2 QQJCW 30m 398ch C Lamak MI H I A Z I T Tuc GA L I 3 comp acanxc 10 quotva 622 i z Lgt 639 6 M56 26 005quot 170455 T 5 2 L 904 T1 393 706 M an fm a I66 1912 EVEEASE 5 SQUARES 5 SQUARES 382 3900 SHEETS EVE EASE39 5 SQUARES EYEEAS A38 POO SHEEN 6238 50 SHEETS Ilatianal rand 23 A 3APV 04px 7 TR w I r 1 f 61 V BTW Aghw w WI T361 H S YER h mw m ugb fGMM 41n nvn m4 Q N w samp M Ne wt w n R v a weak in D1 mw b mm Jr 3 amp 84 N A H N N mu Q W xw gxow Solutions to Practical Problems 1 N E 4 V39 0 gt1 Greenhouse 7 The greenhouse works due to selective transmissivity of glass Short wave radiation from sun is transmitted through the glass long wave radiation from plants is blocked Internal temperature rises until heat gain by radiation balances shell heat loss Insulation 7 Insulation inhibits air movement which eliminates convection Hence heat transfer occurs by conduction through air glass ber blend and by radiation between bers For radiation color matters But pink and yellow have about the same emissivity so little difference could be detected Parallel plates on heaters 7 Plates act as f1ns which increase the area for convection from the heater to the surrounding air Q h A AT For a Q set by heater power as AT the ATL for the same h value Reducing AT lowers the operating temperature of the heating element increases useful life and reduces surface temperature of all parts safety Thermos bottle 7 The thermos bottle ask is a sealed double wall container Air is evacuated between the two walls so only radiation can transmit thermal energy which greatly inhibits heat loss Coating the surfaces with a shiny layer silver reduces the emissivity to reduce radiation losses further Chill factor 7 The human body internally generates thermal energy which is lost continuously by convection at the surface as well as respiration and perspiration The heat loss in still air can be calculated by Q h A AT where AT Tsurface Too When the wind blows the convective heat transfer coefficient hwind is much larger so the heat loss is the same as it would be for still air with the original h but a much lower temperature Twind Chm Q h A Tsurface 39 Twind chill hwind A Tsurface 39 Too Thermal touch 7 When objects initially at a temperature lower than that of the skin surface is touched heat will be lost to that object The initial rate of heat lost affects the sensation of warm or cool That rate is predicted by factor 1lkpCp for the material being touched the larger this factor the cooler an object will feel See section 57 of Incropera and DeWitt Car roof frost 7 A car s roof will reach an equilibrium temperature which balances the convection from surrounding air and radiation loss to the clear sky Since deep space is approximately 40 F the roof s surface can cool to below the freezing point During day indirect radiation changes the balance The side of the car does not freeze because of reduced shape factor with the cold sky 9 0 Window pane frost 7 As air is cooled its density increases and it drops Air cooled by contact with a cold window surfaces cools to the ice point near the bottom of the window pane on its drop from the top down Frost forms after adequate cooling Warm water ice cubes 7 In an all things equal experiment warm water will not freeze faster than cold water because the amount of heat to be removed is greater However open trays of warm water will often freeze faster than cold ones because warm water evaporates faster especially into a frostfree freezer compartment The more water that evaporates the less remains to freeze Since latent heat rather than sensible hear dominates this entire coolingfreezing process freezing less water will appear to produce ice cubes faster Cooling effect of open refrigerator 7 As you stand before an open refrigerator your skin will begin to lose heat faster due to radiation exchange with the cold interior refrigerator surfaces Greater heat loss is sensed as feeling cold Microwave cooking 7 Yes a microwave oven does indeed cook from the inside out Microwaves cause water molecules in the food to vibrate which is equivalent to higher thermal energy Microwaves are absorbed moreorless uniformly by food representing uniform internal generation of heat Thus the core of the food is warmer than the surface Potato baking This can be solved using transient heat transfer assuming the same dimensionless temperature for both potatoes Only the Bi391 changes due to the size change so the F0 number for the larger potato can be found Typical numbers reveals about 32 longer cooking for a potato twice the weight Hot tub operation 7 The energy required to heat the hot tub is equal to the energy loss from the hot tub integrated over time Hot tub heat loss is dictated by AT between the water and the surroundings A reduction in AT reduces energy costs Allowing the hot tub to cool down between uses reduces AT and therefore energy use When to add cream to coffee 7 The cream will cool down the coffee when added and by approximately the same amount whether added when the coffee is hotter or cooler So by adding the cream when the coffee is first served the coffee cream mixture has a reduced temperature for longer prior to drinking the heat loss is smaller and the drinking temperature is higher So add the cream initially to keep the coffee warmer for drinking Beverage cooling 7 The cooling rate is driven by AT but also by the convective coefficient h Q h A AT The h for water is likely to be 10100 times as great as that for air while the temperature difference AT for the two cases is not that large So leave the beverage in the air at least until the beverage reaches water temperature MESZS0409 I Dlwowsfam apg7 7911 WJ JZ My m uopJam caWM Wm who my ample 46mm 4 3an on vb Memggtow I 6116 MNk 494 JM uC39Qrofer ero wu dpes food2954 Epuu avq CGWKJI39JIIUW 4 Solve Av erw UJ 0 v a AhaI n39c b Numewme WWW 14 iv IL IzoClMO wlt 394 0 4 739 a a w 1 er 01K AT g C39 MCIMO Ca 39 01 H AB4 61 V l SQIIO 39D 64 fapy JvL ha j tkdquotampw L H A 7quot gv L gt L W a39 9X 96 l 3 W W T 3 XJ I ICmbc T 4quot CXCz Q T p6 3619 210 gt O 0 o c5gt 00 fL T st v 2 62 76 2 Z 21v 2 L R T Tg a L X I W omvou l Noslofeofl39 Q Jlfr quPrgofgte a T5 6VW Cace J CahwaF Uquot rltv3gt0 0Vgt 50er AT Y qv C g lT T C m 4C1 T r T Tr H 4 TVW r G M Ami M44 69 1D m0 jvwwowml rm quotRT r f o T n w 2 M L mm C A We a WWW resss wr RT 39 1 2 14 z 39KL Tb rVC T g 1 r 139 3970 MAW395 WJ 7f 15 1 rtr 1 h CT hes U p WSLL r I OLS jt ovx Arm me e MM Ii x 0069 Vx X 0 V1 2 lane Cow and gurmmi g m xsEFNIN WV QLJLL QC 00v JQyJQAI JUL L wl u gxwox fiuLM WW Mtga u E 04 NW Mum H LXI wm H msi 7 La L n Slath VS i Q ta L ang fismo 34 543 A IN bxduiwzw x V OQLIL OHSMW pk wabw Sim n L 81 5amp ler 093m Ll majsaw nukrw qcx wwg u p4th gtW QC Q 38me u 3T33Q A AX iguzvassw vBQEW N lt i A L I 6 sPLJwe D H0 jwh a aam k SL9 wan0 o 5 T 439 Vi0 TaT314quot Neg TYMkt t r g j 6 KA 01 ng 39 4 A0 dquot Um 4 TIquot Y a rt K C T 39TO C CY O quot W3 Therch Zesk H Mce 0 l TC 0 E S a r iv reF63 44m4m E 31 5w Vmw L Q L S d 9 wmm Hr GPVCTLLVL g MWII m igq b gmu u izwxew smw rgxxngQ 9243an 61 2 d on AgtGL JLIW 09V N N a 5 A1SQw EMF A Cu QM LJQ I LQDOTLFGNQHLQU um r OusWJT WW vagm 9amp4 i st x jawg NV 50 awrst a aiw 221 View 7 Ilatlnnal lmd 1m M1532 099 I Fa ms v enhance he Wavtsp r 07 wmeusl v use Dar ceuueaa m SatCane awf mm 02 TTXLZ wmM amwvgnt Ala LVN 30 39OVKUWQM Co e 39c JL Varh s wff k X 0 A C Ts Twy T 7 60 No A 4mch 39FVW aat e omuenw 008 Eta 9 09044 S L m 0 50 SHEETS EVEEASE39 5 SQUARES E 5 SOURRES EETS EVEEMS ETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES 4248 l National onBram 21 3 3 l D AJ77L lawa 0 D cws 0 Ar 32 z r n c i dab twgb our 4 m Qu a I V M 0 01 CMVej 9nuk UOWML bw 3 933 72 AXWB T Toagt loumL C 1 9 9 inwa a igCFDA bb TWA BC quot G0 17 Tu A17 4 d1 1 at I 2 xLg l4g x00 ai wa 0 5 SQUARES SE 5 SQUARES 42681 MSHEETS EYEEASP 5 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SHEETS EVEEASE lt 5 SQUARES 424839 SOSHE SE National Q Brunt ASSM We aer Lop LIP IL 39 C00 B M NIP VF 1 FM 0L Nlfx L 390 Zc9 H39 pas AN quot l II 73 72 2 w RT Wife 9 V 2 In L 33949 7 K I if Q lt00 3 e Aosk g by Ts 8 IO M903 measurCMV 9W9 EEABE 5 BOLMHES 424m 00 SHEEYS EYEEASE lt 5 SQUARES SHEETS Ev 4230 50 SHEETS EVEEA5Equot lt 5 SQUARES 42469 2M Il latiunal 1 Braml l l FPw391Le A rwt vwce 60 0qu l A 1 r n qquot I 6 5 r39 94 AgtKgda 6 FNAHNQ AFF t r WMe 7 O gtW5 L ox Swat dc sMeJc OLMOVV 5 5 MtBM m 1m I C C97 5Tu 39i9 T TU T BC X L 0 9 TM gaaw f 9 1705 4 A 462can a i 0000 C QP MU 290 Ozxw39inG tE 7 I u A 39 l AX Draw 9 uni defk OH Tg Taa Xx 4quot AX T 39Tf 39T gs quotE Dr TL39 L3 men 50 snags EVEEASEquot 5 suu FIE a 42302 mo sagas Brasas 5 SOUABFS 39 n al Brand J2me zoo swans EYEEASE v s sou ES JUKJC M9 75 TL 141 75 Z 71mg Ham 69Pva ZAXY LT 39Todgt 7f I 39T 7quot E ZhAx It 1sz In mquot Z ZIL L gtIJ 77F 14t loo 391 Lquot o 0 600A 39 r CrZ glt1 p 39 054 le w c TOP 9 M M 710 245 07quotquot J Mk Twig AX E CQCWJ K 14Aij ksz 61M n 41 rm 39 Tquot a aT airN quot b quT H al 77 39f 023T 3 02 4233 50 SHEFI S EYEEASEquot 5 SQUARES 3912 382 00 SHEETS EYEEASE sms A ZJOG 200 SHEETS EVEgtEASE A 5 SQUARES Mariana Brand J I V MAJ VMC ctorM angE E Design a heating system for a small factory in Portland OR This problem will be a multipart problem which will require making reasonable assumptions making engineering decisions and then checking the reasonableness of the design Part 1 Determine the heating load on the building In the rst part you were asked to estimate the maximum amount of heat required for a small factory building suf cient maintain the inside temperature at 20 C in the winter In order to accomplish that task you were forced to employ a rough estimate of the convective coef cients for building surfaces Part2 Refine the heating load estimate on the building Repeat the calculation for energy losses for the same building with the following changes 1 Heating Employ convection theory to refine your estimates for the heat transfer coef cient h I Outside conditions 7 assume that the prevailing winds in Portland are 15 mph I Inside conditions fuse h is 10 W m2 K for all surfaces 2 Lighting 7 Estimate the effect that lighting for the building will have on the heating load if electric lighting requires 20 incandescent bulbs of 150 watts each Discuss the effect of this lighting during summer months Deliverables 1 Total energy input required 2 Total energy input required when lighting effects are included 3 Table of unit R values for major building components walls windows etc I Note Rvalues are in hr oF Btu 4266 50 SHEETS EVEEASE 5 SQUARES 382 00 EHSEYEEASP5WARES latinnaIQBrand 22 I 5 200 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES MEBZE HOQ EK LWV J Convoup om Flt1 M Q cL aau c S EOMV JIZRO Layer EF leo l gum u r j v f N EGMMamp0V7 39BL La7ampr reessv vm u vxaPPeJrj Baawdavq La rows 67 as K4 A 5 AtA CA6 BOWMLM a er gm l AT 0 as Jqu deVJoF J fW 4 0 le xc al X0 391ij xct m gi Eexc 39 M Q61 w iW 50 SHEETS EV 1m SNEEI S EV 200 SHEETS EV 2 38 42382 399 Ilatinnal 8rand 2 BowWk ver W gkmees 3W5 g Atoll X I axz otgtltya s Y Dma Cof 39ltquotj Lamas C 5 0964 26 1 F V meme C t 1328 Eek L 3 61x20 L L 64v655 Ar zD MOE IOFC F 1 A E i A quqssw u 35 m yak 5 mm lt wgimmw as gr 3 Q g u gxonL Vn y 32 43 xii 33 3 Elm is 63 2 im LVWSV rbqwxxs ou w PW t muMJQJSS Mflw MMLL WKSJG 5amp3 S bkg 05753 4 34 IF 1 Wm gxgd m 6 WPng msNQ LE nlIv W r6 maul x mm gupth Ps fsom Vuk i LJ LWWltlt PF i Ml WWIB WWIIquot OS 1 39 JEVB M 913385 002 69 83539 OS 5 M39BAE SBEHS om m1 SQHWWOS S ESVE39EAS SBBHS 05 what 338quot n 69 J om LatWEAer r mattew 39d 574442095 peerpwcw V N r r 532 26 Pr y3 39 39 I y ArtNa M d 4 21 Pr ESE Mg m 533 We a r f E EKM e 0 K M F gt 5 a 0 i lt39rv M00 TN5 l IVEK c Ta ZOC TS 40 7 wo Q39 m Klo affaac 4o Iv Q h A Tg39Ta 72 T m 10 16ltC ECVJ ff OUleAl es a 7 2 7 298 A 2 1001 quotgt y 1 072 I e 2 39 K r z L u L39a39 lobyfy 2 u c I44 mo m5 26 3 B39gafms 4 03 WMr k V1 1 C 39439 quot 5 NW 2 0994 2 Pr obm w y 723 348 0295gtm b f h Nab T ML C 1 A 7me J7LZgt 6 ExtViz Jag I206 50 SHEETS EYEEASEquot 5 SQUARES 41m 100 SHEETS EYE EASE 5 SQUARES 388 200 SHEETS EVEEASE v SSOUAHES Na onal lrand 2 TWEMIJ PM quotpme Vex S ho Correle an mamv p a NHL Qa PrE Y lt J Bam aw Lm7rr C 2 liar M a afL a 4quot Lewk bahx L quotc I A 14 ZL IAIN 01 4 iokur ol 72 Ea wma wt 4 6 OW N MVQr eA 4 V Nab 07 25 97A Pr 0 2R 2 0 unnw gig 5minquot mm SHEETS SHEEVS ET 42481 50 4182 IOU 389 IIational Umd 42 2005042 5 Er ifrrao FSWJ ouw weuquot Um gt N W a B I a A 2 ek Amaje NMD m AIM C 26 Pr 3 pg Q m MHz72 739 7 P 42 92 I 4 0 92 0261 P33 E 7 NM Co 0 4 73 l f P WWW J FLw Nu LCReRJ39 E 7 Cb P 413quot m 250 53001 E E 5 SQUARES 12381 50 SHEETS EYEgtEASE 5 SQUARES 482 mu SHEETS EV AS 389 200 SHEETS EYEEASE 5 SQUARES a llatiunalm land 22 w sL A weTO O 4357 w quot O O 2 IMQA6VAO T S 134 1 Ha I 5H7pr 2 MM Cum L s 3999 7 NE A4P 3ampQ3L3 Vi Wu N343 M Qtigif d3 1 31 N NRC V Ldrsfi 9 vxfr T max 53 201 4 imag wm SQ Nmm Egon 139W KMWW bql Yi QR W04Kf9lt5yc AigH Lmd w ikci M w isDQQo gvAl N mxSC r0 mnwm V l C C iJ Tk QFMO Q V aWKI CS Wm LE OW Sadws i 0va Hi C9 2 mar W Warl Mms er CwsJ 535m 00 E 3 M rj7 1 V waFI39 gt Jemsfow l MOVW W I Ue39 0c 7 N0 439 T J6 w ms l We need 39 W QNUGVLSZ war39 efg Laud Za Wovc Lat4 a 86 an lt3 er m BoHE Mamn Latw FPVao g I Crno ms I 990 04w a ar9lt u9 age Wank w gt 59 2 Ase 4quoter M53 V 0k Waxu 90117 0 rfJZuLcC 9 ltr7 m aha sun 47 awL7 defer 397 7 3 8566 Benny Aeaipfrs avC 4 40 A098 4 wa os WOFK7 Es sowpace 55km J g quotg i k L quot LI39 awQM 74 06991 L avx wvpe a Tough 6316 nelivwss l T J c alol 7 3972 Fros39J Pofvwk n om 0m T004 0 QWF CIF WV39 CA nL Oe y39q t l r 13946 KOVX W 52257 M of OJ 3 00 my irosJF 0 wiwr ows W144 a ollt9m 059 A x 4 l L 0 Do Fae Cubes Lt ee cCaswLev L l Vquot 0094M Warm wajper r n 0 of V839Cquot79W 9 0 291 000 who D095 m CCVON au L even Ms VLC UN W 604 40 D04 45 cw we k 60 CPR CO V UW lt39wJ wen mi 5 LL MMJ Lo balLQ an 60 out does a 1640 lpp pro 411157 0 1 ub Laugha 02F 7 Motrt omen T g g 7 53 k6 D m cs S YoLI Rorwmn W E wamp 6 w iltsnn E313 3 ca 01L ELaaM


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