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MATH 2260 Week 2 Notes

by: Catherine Cahoy

MATH 2260 Week 2 Notes Math 2260

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Mathmatics > Math 2260 > MATH 2260 Week 2 Notes
Catherine Cahoy
GPA 3.1
Calc II Sci Eng Math 2260
Angela Gibney

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About this Document

Set-by-step organized notes that go day by day. Week 2 goes over finding the area between two functions, tricks on graphing functions, and volumes of solids of revolution.
Calc II Sci Eng Math 2260
Angela Gibney
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Catherine Cahoy on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Math 2260 at University of Georgia taught by Angela Gibney in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Calc II Sci Eng Math 2260 in Mathmatics at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 09/02/15
51545 0 Ling are Lam Mmau unc fctgtn5 mf Hn QCQZQCQ Hrwcmgkmd Gkml kan kaaw a H76 P ggbn bam jd Ha53 CMFV git E C v OJVZQ Form an o x S b 1 A 2 53 60k a 9amp3ch A EXXB g x cax r 9 apj 0 3an an curate bem ma Curve5 1 DPCLW Pegt on P bomg era jfwo Qwruef Shana 9 up He i h g m3 5 60lV Car A 239 RMQ W Ma r m R boszeo L b m a 32 qumc Hag am g x J g Pam 06 A 8 2773 u X31 5QX Iii25ng Pain E s a k 3974 2 x 5 Xa X d Zx Q Q i X 7 Q Q X 220 a x H gx S xqjquot Cat n qquot ad of jham 39 ii st Hmiglu asflvexi l Emu 3Q 2c 9f 1D gamma QMAJQMJML Ew m ML L3x i0 E1 53 ltHi 2 14 102 1 V 8 i 10 30 2quot an 4 37 U3quot 20 433 a Lu nlt5 8A9 34 a G a 2 396 7 u v J 5260 5X 60 ZXQ 5911 X3 7 o M 5X70 XL 3 60 gtlt ltx aPinnj Hm39fs aer Mczk o 5 GO 2 J a giw 31be is o i39Hva is Enc r m in p65 is Ea a iv gmik is amsing 903 is 6 local mm Gtquot lodgime 1 t in SjreLP CFI39HQJ vdu s e gx3 gt 643 ijio S Le i w in CPquot quot Q JS V COP Posihv 9F ahae 5 P3 39Pldk C 39HmJ Dcgt rx 39 QXMPE GquotquotZquotFM g quotXq lQx Ufa5M r emm i i 10u rg sap 1 g39r Qx 2e ltn 20 gt 7 2x 2 j quot2 x i f m 5 9 3 19 2 32 3 3 3 4quot i quotquot A HQ 3 22Q T 5 z I 7 r 39 63 f g m unc ri o A CKCXE39 s ED PQ 0 3342 QHCK Caracavi h up bf ampcwr IK i wait a m W34 15x 68 my 43 CHCC give Conwi a or Jawn n i 3 as P93a3vajg qpk 3 5 CO QmVE up PHX 5 n altn39vaggrbxpk E5 CD CCkVeampqu 82 l5 Lncahom Q39s a Ciro i X GDD F 49quoter 7 g r de a Pagiu myb r 392 2 gun a ion Cr mm allipsa zr39gg J 1 lp5e Camlaw39s C in y legNquot Pfgl 20 til mi Qawn w x 13m max l 1 quot i i x 39 T I IT 1 36 mo 2 47 51quot 3 2 1 2 I i 9 1343 2 0 S 3 i air re 32 HQ gt i d4 1quot h e 6 27 15 Day 3 W ampilt Q Qmiak nah Agmpo I I a 3 Angp happan wkel 3T 51er X Q Fg D065 Ne Ex squot U Jlemomim r 35 Q Hagm is M as mPo a m liq owrggga g 69Q2 OP momma A0341 oi 20515 I 2t are Magda We are Laki g H 33 FZQCK I ASx w a f x x j 39Q L ting 3 mg f Mud H x mb giving 95 an 3D61Aapd I MC39HA amm mj dc meer wkaf S 51X Cab63 as mj N3 Sui how Ramem leer Rel ma 6mm 31 wi j39k hafgl gba 1 giuga w H x cmm 1quot 4 0 91le r23 anal TQMEly 3 wic k ka I VLEZS U6 Com ak Hue apnea a ma dim 8 by 6 2745 e m m 42 WW an a hams Dag waak 2 57 TFg CxVach i rq n 50 45 x E Gums USE VOlum Cf 51 55th 0 YEVOEWQQH 86133 if Xamlpla 3 XQ 2X gram quot 0 9 63m 1quot GPDQL i3ch Cp viml Pow rs r Six110 2 ax2 y x 3 HQ Min DH l 22 ojr P 2 u Eqmtgn 639 W 5 1 K aji39lx PDQ CQX a TV 33 443 4 213L 23 451x 71 2xDcQw TVSquotXHL x34 OK J LIXDO TT 46x5 19x4 x3 4 xqgta a WE st Xq XS FQ 712 13 T1 Em lt gi 22 D 119 5 7 TY quot 7 Q 39 3 f 7 k maj CTAOOUJ 1 k3 HMS r w 3 Hm ma W m Dmk mam quot TV 3 gmm am aqx 639 quot is J wa me ga a x w 847 25 Dag 3 week rEP xOLI HDEZ D fmma H Wa Vumamp a 39Hwe 54th ck mingc 3995 P 50LIi g Parion 59 A39l h i c gzgx OMQ y 35 li l39nH e 41 quac m quot ckme ere g vax39 a yqa in r1531 X Li LQ 3quot Q x 8 A SQ Eva y IT S 03 2quot g oog 1T 1 fquot Tr39 Iii lt8 Haw 6 gt 7 ms iQB 7 a 11 C 51 553 Tiquot 2quot


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