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Speaking in Public and Ethics

by: Shelby Bussard

Speaking in Public and Ethics COM1010

Marketplace > Communication > COM1010 > Speaking in Public and Ethics
Shelby Bussard
GPA 2.7
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan

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About this Document

Detailed and well outlined notes from class explaining an upcoming assignment and everything you need to be successful when delivering a speech.
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Bussard on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM1010 at a university taught by Gita Balakrishnan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
Essentials of Public Address Gita Balakrishnan Wright State University September 2 2015 Outline due Tuesday at 1159 pm in Dropbox Print out critique form Rubric Introduction Speech Self Re ection due day after speed delivery Speech of Introduction Guidelines Outline format 0 1 Professionalcareer interest 0 2 Education 2 subpoints O 3 Experience 2 subpoints Introduction 0 Introduce yourself 0 Express the position you are interested in 0 Let me tell you Why I am interested in this career field Education 0 What have I done educationally to prepare for this job I Master s degree I Class prep I Projects Experiences 0 What has prepared me for this job I Volunteer I PreVious jobs or careers 0 What are the most important things I have learned Speaking In Public and Ethnics Essentials of Public Address Importance of Speaking 0 To communicate effectively and speak with purpose 0 Share your ideas publically 0 Communication is the star quality of job candidates 0 Easily make a difference and inspire others Public Speaking vs Conversation Similarities O Organize thoughts logically O Visualize your audience and alter how you speak and act 0 Figure out social cues 0 Deliver your message in unique and effective ways 0 Become receptive and appreciate feedback Differences from Public Speaking and Conversation 0 Public speaking is more structured time limitation 0 Formal language required avoiding slang jargon and bad grammar all together 0 Methods of delivery I Posture I Volume I Avoid distracting mannerisms O Intentional and organized Nervousness O Negative nervousness I Positive nervousness I Acquire speaking experience I Be vigilant and prepare for your topics I Choose something you are interested in I Think positively I Utilize the power of visualization 0 Imagine yourself being successful and actually delivering the speech it won t feel like the first time I Nervousness is not recognizable I Don t expect perfection I Strive for it but it s okay to stumble ComlOlO Speaking in Public continued 982015 Tips 0 O O 0 Wow the audience in the first 30 seconds of your speech DO NOT rely on your notes Connect With your audience by being yourself and not reading from your paper Refer to checklist on page 26 How public speaking affects your life 0 O O O Develops skills of a critical thinker You become more organized Connect your basic thoughts Set a stage for your ideas I Effective critical thinking skills Will help you stand out from others Communication process 0 Message I The goal is to have the intended message effectively communicated Channel I What you use to deliver phone microphone stage Listener I Understands through a frame of reference Which you provide the knowledge your experience your values and goals Feedback I It is helpful to listen to all kinds of feedback I Information about reactions to a product a person s performance of a task used as a basis for improvement External interference interference from the audience or an outside force Internal interference interference you cause yourself Ethics and public speaking O O O O 0 Make your goals ethically sound and grounded be firm in What you say Be honest With What you are conveying Do not plagiarize People trust What you say make sure they can always trust you Avoid namecalling bad or abusive language Types of plagiarism 0 Global stealing your speech entirely from other sources and using it as your own 0 Patchwork when a speak pieces together work from multiple sources 0 Incremental when the speaker fails to give credit when credit is due 0 Paraphrases when the speaker summarizes another person s work without giVing proper credit Ethical listening 0 Be courteous and attentive as an audience member 0 Do not prejudge the speaker 0 Be open to new ideas


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