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Chapter 3 Lecture Notes 6/28/15

by: Madison Stewart

Chapter 3 Lecture Notes 6/28/15 EXSC 223L 001

Madison Stewart
GPA 3.8
Anatomy and Physiology 1

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from 6/28/15, covering part 1 of chapter 3.
Anatomy and Physiology 1
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Stewart on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EXSC 223L 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Thompson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Anatomy and Physiology 1 in Physical Education at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
6 G W Tm cew ar 023 530 a 32 mu m J 1 i i a 55x33 r PC fr 62 waxMMng ow Aqunlll w w 1 2 k r e P3 Q Trev 53 cf 3 o r f 5 G n n 4 4 I x x 1 x 3 1 kc 1 1 99 4g 501Q 3a 5 a J E 3 w 9 95 3 u u1 gt rum T L 2 x 98 Q51 w 3 mWFLVS g u DQw GD 2 Cir CCrb 4 05 n a 99 a 07m Sim Ej a w iv 1wa 1w 9 0600 AKQQJ gtwa 92 K 1 J 9 9Q992 A XOR Om Qtv 9v or Twnnk 9 9 J a v 3 h J i 1 1H 1 3 n 41 Q96 b MT Cb CF 0x Calorg E403 M1an P cr Cr Cr n Grovmwp Mfggag m V OCCAQwAt O C06f2zrcc nrA Jr v x lpwmmqf a 2 x H 5 g BX w mugvgm izrkw Cme 79 O Lu 0 QzLOnKa OZ 0r 9ng amp 39 ET 910 m 9219 DJETKUUC J ff2 Km x I gt 2amp0 633 Q 9 30 m Or urn C Wumun r n E75 49 m imixw Q m r f E3 CH 0 WW9 t a 374 gfmf wZKKVgQk C12 A v n2 K A y A 7 L 8 US 9 x d D be for 7gt om CC 29 w a rrzP m 59 M a I GU 3miC gr muw Equawa MM NV QM PM 19 0w 1 ft xx An I fmvrmmix qrme QSS 5 9sz9 091w gym rig 9w ONng W M w 5 1w R5 1 w 63 S626 anxiw a A O W x x xx ix 2 f 4K A A 21 WV Mm arksz U 09229 jibeU gsF 9w jwmwpafw v x 1 x 1 3 3 JAM AM J 403 HG VT a 225 g g a 1 631 r 33 1 N x a 0 1 M W A u F x I E W m x 7 Frm 7r axt VG M25 ax Cfx CAPM kfkdw DOAEV wumvc an m x 62 U UV k d O 1 I xx m n LM 1 HwMK 4v v 3 3 t Gym 2 fsllka o QVKw N Dada aw gird of Us W 1 why5 53 E Q 9 w 4x MVQ 0993 W G 3 d 0 W53 00 3 iv mum LN t r466 r M my cxujx x a b 0 fa b M 0 mmw x W 9 ma a 73 C Ci smy J 9amp2 w 6 39 mu awa acMum 3 m h 0 aw V h I 4 F A Kg amp HWL diSh C g WCQLTNQI 9 mg 39 Oh mst 3amp3 QC3 6 chs Qamp YO Wm abrm Sam v garW0be meqi m w g 3 3 3 Cw M mm GEM cm Mm MSW 0W1 01 ITXVJPOC M megm 7 2 mm j ix hmsw quML er139 msgfo WM 54 99 30 3 CM m 3 11 mmrx x 3T mc w Lem POM39HS 1031M Mag 39 quot m cm gs ing gawk3 Eggqu gw 0 m mf mXng B OLWWTAYS 0 PM butm3 wwww B A 1 X 33 m G 02 0 be cm s mubwa Eng ow dawva MQQJ ha 31mm 04 pom 50 whim31 Cm M32 bmn msmrr 0 ML 09 4kg mum1M 0 Q C X3 39UQVOJ L O QQEQF MS Off Yng pg 1 Qfmfg X 3amp3 YEA 3 A COR QC 1 3 C4 5 0 h m be 2 gt 3 39 p X gt 1 I r W K F Gr tin qu C ya quotO f 39 kU U M b A a Sta J W an mm w kw A M Ln Moo Qm39wxm S39xfni i wzigt3 quotI happams m LLf TD b 0 39 t t Q V k u t 2 c d QK MxL WWWW has g Po3 13th On I my ueLL W9 5 L wcmw quot39 ELM V F R 3 Cb 0 0C CJer Ud 112 4amp4 C HA gt A v W im 0 O ckgbcwgmx xjymnfg VLAHVKQE J Vamcm STEVE i 3 39 iei 3 m4 0234 WW3quot 11 iWSWCV QW L H3 5 ob 0 CA a c o 4 I v 3 1 quot 39 nms 39 KSLLU LS 0ch dome M m bv w 1 W60 WWW CM W 4 a pm mm 9 ewguWS 9 F W H I r 5 9mm m x m 0 quot QNJU39L Azsz uzJUx w 3 pwciygx 1quot CLUL SP LE 1 st x Q 7 3 S uLS bmcuz AMA AMK j O JT LU wau39a MAW ebbQ 5 MN 11 C OHULB i WNWJN V Wo k aka quot9 me 39 i K H 1 W Maw 55pr wk mm mm unwst W W T S I 1 WW Quzasm 2 Cymj ol Kama w 17quot 23 mx TMl il mlm l m werva i 39 3 r7 w gtltv w 5 p a Iquot M M A mm EM m 9amp Q J Squ A g gt L at i Q r x 391 72 9 W3 lt 1 39 N T v 39 7 my 3 lt4 16 gnaw 39 rm irpzrmi Maui kQch Ema 4 V m53 man is lgunk Cu 3 Nidc 3 39 O 0394 V Z 0 LENS ka 03 4 y quZJN QO qu w 4 T 3 Guild LEM 4 9 3g 39 a quotzquot 33 I artM V 7 who 9 0 3 04 f gtsz wax gt f mmgw I J 39 A r39 5 quotquot UCK VS 1 k C Vujuk DKJVM L M ww C H 4 Lw m o 0 0 3quot k I mi m m CU 1 u Man W bm L Cquot Ef gy 1 C 3 Ci39 UpQ LLK W WVW WCQ 52214 5 quot RH wv 1 q 39 v N r if L 3 a x msz WA 1 l k xmze m 3m a 3 V0 I W IAqquot c 31 CA HQquot 3 f p 3J J 1 ASK H m wk3 A Cu tL 39 r m m 39 quot Cut d Um can 0 0 3 0 3n Qquot u 7 Mi q s V W a 39 H 391 A A k Iv f m 1 I n Wm r39 7 U3 13 xLJ MlJV J a Ax39 L J W W J m 4 r A 14 w o is v 9quot 39AVV quotMM 1 Mb C Hf 3 l k w cfmm erucul 2 P 90 quot39 3011 r 013332 me c N39 Q 39s39iwmk a L i39 M 39 1 3 nfwxxb rgw 3 3 jun 2 m Ni 1 V quot J quotx z bquot 5 n n x K r q r lt 2 x v R Y M 39J P kthCQa WUL MWN O x ELM in 0 pm UQ 9 k 9 OSQD V wa 56 v71 V a la if 1 gt W Wu l a A I 1 m a i 1 Lhgiampj Caw x m i39 mn L LU Elkxiv a V quot a u f3 1 If Iva quot Iquot 4 quot W I V 1 a430Vk r as W3Cij LA 2 cm G a rf v 3 C2 UVx y fb Y x a W w I D JY 1 quotj TCLb x x 2 3 quotVV VL W VVLW CJ Ai x X N 13k CU 3 1f 1 n r T m 5 quot 3900 14ng 0L5 3552a Uh GKLWW L thdv s U I 1139 If vquot 3949quot r x A39 L a39 1quot 2 b q i bNNJ L H A z U A 1 I quot 5 quotx f 39 M i v quot3 2 3 z 39 f quotquot39 i 1 391 r x bearquot 2 j 45 L X flxx k Laxgr P Q l 3 39 M v f A 5 5 J W x Gk 9 W 130 0 mm h e u 3 am lt Eaklx A G V i5 39m if 393Hx1 WM 0 f gjh 0 0 L f Ole W 5W J 3 I V P 1 7 D L2 1 AD K L i Q j xv6 1 S EI CN X X 39 b V J We 0153 4wa 3i quot39 rbuz MACMLM CO 0M Mu3939Q M Oi gm 3 S dm 3mm m 39 39 V j 7 CWYA ph63 7hcamp imp 11quot me vut 4 mqu 6Y1 4 39 z f J quoti Ah NL af Ugh or LWKRJWTA UH 31911 13L kid basalbu 1be 5 15 k2 we r VJK 3 J UAR3A ULS 133 L AW T v Y w ru4 r U V


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