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Week Three Notes

by: Taneka Newman

Week Three Notes psy110

Taneka Newman
Fundamentals of psychology
Prof. Margaret Nauta

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About this Document

These notes consists of the reasons that we study human behavior. It has three topics that was discussed in the class session on 9/2/2015. The topics were Historical Beliefs about human behavior, B...
Fundamentals of psychology
Prof. Margaret Nauta
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taneka Newman on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to psy110 at Illinois State University taught by Prof. Margaret Nauta in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of psychology in Psychlogy at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/02/15
912015 What causes behavior A The study of Behavior started during the Stone Age Before 2000 BC It was believed that the behavior of people were controlled by spirits If someone was acting in an angry manner people believed that the person was a host to an evil spirit This lead to practices such as Drilling a hole in a person s head B Hippocrates 460320 Bc Believed in natural causes of behavior Four Body uids A Blood cold blooded B Black bile Poop C Yellow Bile D Phlegm Imbalances of theses uids caused unusual behavior Lead to practice such as bloodletting draining blood What we know now is that these Fluids are hormones which control human behaviors C Middle Ages 10001400 AD 1 The church dictated education thought The church argued that people are the way that they are because of the way that God made them and we should accept them the way that they are We should not try to change it Which lead to exile 2 Science Suppressed D 19th Century 1 Dramatic changes in philosophy a Darwin evolution b MarxSocialism c FreudUnconscious in uence d Many More perspectives E Current 1 NatureNurture Controversy a Nature Genetics Biology evolution b Nurture environmental social in uences c Both important But how much of human behavior is determined by each puagt 912015 Genes determine predisposition Degree to which differences traitsBehaviors among people can be explained through genetics Twin Studies Help exam Nature vs Nurture 1 Identical Vs Fraternal twin Comparisons 2 Twins that did not grow up with each other provide the best scientific evidence Basic ideas 1 When Darwin studied organisms he notices that they are capable to adapt to their environment in order to survive 2 Through Natural selection fittest Members live longer 3 Longer Life links to more opportunities to reproduce which links to genes carried on to new generation which links to new generation that has their characteristics Why Study evolution 1 To understand anxiety a Objects of common phobias historically involved danger b Inherited tendency to fear these 2 To understand food eating preferences a Preference for salty sweet and fatty food These preferences could have come about through evolution because our ancestors had to binge eat to survive because of the lack of food The lack of food means that it had more calories which will keep you alive longer b When given a choice toddlers select a balanced diet over time c Inherited tendency to prefer food that promote survival It is argued that the toddlers who chose a balanced diet ancestors lived longer 3 Understanding Romance a Assume a successful mate is good at reproduction b Gender differences in characteristics of ideal partners 1 Men Strong Now wealthy healthy 2 Women Young healthy curvy figure c Gender differences in successful mating strategies 1 Men there would be an advantage to engage in frequent indiscriminant sexual behavior concern about partner s sexual affairs 2 Women Less frequent more choosy concern about emotional affairs


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