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Introduction to Deviance and the Law

by: Rachel Pampino

Introduction to Deviance and the Law ADMJ 1220

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Law and Legal Studies > ADMJ 1220 > Introduction to Deviance and the Law
Rachel Pampino
GPA 3.7
deviance and the law
Carol Trent

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About this Document

This is the detailed lecture notes from the first class meeting.
deviance and the law
Carol Trent
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Pampino on Wednesday September 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADMJ 1220 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Carol Trent in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see deviance and the law in Law and Legal Studies at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 09/02/15
Lecture 1 Introduction to the study of the deviance of the law September 2 2015 SyHabus 0 Carol Trent O Clt53 I Bestwayto reach her I Textbook O Neededforexams CW 0 Articles 0 Slides are posted Exams 0 Rough drafts due 0 Can turn in early for feed back 0 Extra credit 0 Possibly bring in art that match the week agenda Introduction to Deviance and the law I Webster dictionary definition of deviance O Differing from a norm of form the accepted standards of a social 0 Social norms I Group held values I Enforced by sanctions I Informal I Ie Picking your nose and someone says yuck I Formal I Ie committed robbery and arrested 0 4 important terms for types of norms O Folkways I Norms for everyday behavior I Violation usually does have serious consequence I Informal I Eating food with proper utensils I Wearing somber clothe so funeral I Wearing formal clothes to church I Minding Ps and OS I Not picking your nose 0 Mores I Strict norms that control moral and ethical behavior I Ie spanking a child not illegal but someone might say something I Ie adultery O Taboo I Strongly held norms I Violations held in disgust so make laws about them I Ie Insets pedophilia cannibalism Laws covering last 3 I Incest I Bigamy polygamy I Bestiality I Pedophile 0 Murder Lecture 1 Introduction to the study of the deviance of the law September 2 2015 I Lying cheating and stealing I Premarital sex I Relativity O Norms are relative to the time place and context where the social interaction occurs 0 Some behavior are almost universally taboo and violation of law 0 Other depend on the context I Ex lying in a court of law then becomes illegal but lying to a friend isn39t 0 Murder 0 Eve behavior that we may think of as taboo may not always be considered deviant in every context I Not always illegal 0 War death penalty self defense excused insanity murder physician assisted suicide I Most common I Justified I excused 0 legally sanctioned 0 Changing norms 0 marriage 0 Anti miscegenation laws mixed race marriage I Loving v Virginia 67 I The two were married in DC moved back to Virginia and arrested Set free on th bases that they would move out of Virginia Came back to visit fam and arrested Robert Kennedy Jr took case to supreme court and won Violation against human rights Same sex marriage I Polygamy I Thought the next thing to be allowed via supreme court Currently still illegal I Warren Jeffs I Fundamentalist church leader Arrested for statutory rape forced marriage etc and still in jail I Other countries 0 Relative legal there 0 Defining deviance O Scholars do not agree on a definition of deviance I Biologist genes 0 Psychologist psych issues I Sociologists environment I Criminologists focus on types of deviance that are strictly illegal O The public is also not in agreement on what is considered deviant I This study was conducted in 65 listed in top order I Homosexual I Drug addicts I Alcoholics I Prostitutes I Murder 0 Value neutral deviance O The idea that deviance means bad Its not its just outside of the norms of behavior 0 Bell curve 0 Someone always falls into the curve Basic static chart 0 Negative deviance O Sociologist say that is has to be some form of negative action against deviance O Provokes disapproval hostility indignation punishment and or condemnation O Deviance requires a societal sanction Lecture 1 Introduction to the study of the deviance of the law September 2 2015 I Folkway I Mores taboos and laws 0 Positive deviance 0 Dev where nonconformity provokes admiration and respect Goes against social norms and favored for it 0 Agent for social change I Respected and esteemed I Over conformity I Athletes injured still work drugs decrease performance so take drugs to increase performance start of downward spiral 0 Ex Martin Luther King Jr 0 Deviance is meaningless O Depends upon social interaction 0 Behavior is not inherently deviant Labeling I Always relative O This will make sense later in the semester 0 Schools of thought 0 positivism 0 Deviant behavior has some intrinsic quality that differs from conventional behavior I Assumptions I Absolutist I Deviance is intrinsically real 0 real diff bw the deviant and non deviant that you can physically see 0 Ex Biological criminology I Lombroso measured comics If you matched his drawings via physical aspects you quotwerequot baddeviant I Obiectivist I Deviance can be studied scientifically 0 Scientific research methods I Observable phenomenon 0 Official data 0 Survey I Clinical reports 0 Scientific method 0 Id problem 0 Form Hypothesis 0 Test hypothesis 0 Observation and data I Support or reject the hypothesis I Deterministic 0 True positivism 0 Dev is deterministic I Criticism negates free will 0 Post positivist use now what happensfactors that may predispose people to deviance I Forces determine how one exercises free will I Probabilistic rather than deterministic 0 le Kids that grow up in abusive homes are more likely to abuse own children 0 Social Constructionist 0 Dev is a social construction and the product of the interaction bw person and their society I Assumptionscharacteristics I Relativism Lecture 1 Introduction to the study of the deviance of the law September 2 2015 0 Act is deviant only bc people label it so 0 Deviance is socially constructed 0 Ie tattoos I Subjectivity Humans cannot be studied as objects 0 Qualitative research methods 0 Ethnography participant observation interviews 0 In understand deviance we must understand how the world appears to the deviance 0 le Man climbing into dumpster 39 Volunteerism 0 Not always true sometimes your environment and factors push you towards something 0 Deviance is voluntary 0 Free will 0 Self determination Intergradation the combo for perspectives gives a fuller pic of deviance O Positivists study gt serious consequence 0 Serious Harm 0 Formal law 0 Constructionists study gt low consensus deviance 0 Less serious Labeling Informal sanctions Deviance doesn39t crime 0 Crimes is always a violation of the law 0 Formal norm 0 Formal sanctions 0 Formal control agents 0 Crimes can only be behavior 39 Can have deviant thoughts tom hanks is awful goes against social norm weird things that people do 0 Most deviance is not criminal 0 Are there any crimes that are not deviance 0 Drinking in public 0 Speeding 0 J walking 0 Gambling


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