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Week 1notes

by: Karen Notetaker

Week 1notes SOC 105

Karen Notetaker
GPA 0.5
Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Eileen M Connell

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About this Document

Hey everybody, this is the first week of class notes from Dr. Connell's SOC 105 class. Take a look at them!
Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Eileen M Connell
Class Notes
sociology, Social problems
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karen Notetaker on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 105 at Colorado State University taught by Eileen M Connell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 203 views. For similar materials see Social Problems (GT-SS3) in Sociology at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Week 1 Notes Wednesday September 2 2 15 72 6 PM 1 How does sociology contribute to the understanding of social problems a Sociology is the systematic approach to understanding the causes of social problems 2 Globalization a This is the process of increasing the transborder connectedness in a political environmental economical and social way b Taking a very large perspective with globalization allows us to look at the relationships between different countries and their social problems c Explanations are often based on our individual opinions and life experiences i More or less they can also just be good guesses 3 Sociology a The study of individuals groups and social structures 4 Sociological imagination a This is the way we link our personal lives and experiences with the social world i This can help us to tell the difference between our own troubles and public issues b Personal troubles i Happen within the life of the individual and within their relationship with the others around them c Public issues i An issues that threatens an values that are important to the general public 1 Ex homelessness d How is a personal trouble transformed into a public issue i This isn39t so much about how many people it affects but rather the public value that is being threatened 5 Guess what Social problems can have negative consequences a A social problem is a condition within the public that has negative consequences for the individuals in it the social world or the physical world i Ex 1 The family spousal abuse 2 Education expensive tuition and its rising 3 THE ECONOMY IN GENERAL unemployment ii All of those examples were for the individuals or the social world as for the physical world we have things like 1 Global warming 2 Oil spills 3 Toxic waste 6 Now there are two different types of realities involved in sociology that helps us deal with social problems a Objective i This is the knowing that a social condition exist ii An example of how objective reality is would be 1 Sometimes harmful chemicals enter the environment b Subjective i This is the addressing of how a problem becomes a social problem ii An example of what subjective reality is would be 1 Everyone has a different definition of what quotharmfulquot chemicals are 7 Social Constructionism a This is the definition of the different realities b Every social problem is only becomes a social problem when the majority or everybody believes it to be 8 The History of Social problems a In order to make a problem a social problem you need these steps i You need to transform a private trouble into a public issue ii You need to formalize the manner in which the problem and complaints are being handled iii You39ll probably have to readjust some of your stances and renegotiate some of your askings iv If none of this works then this normally leads to protests of radical change 9 Theory an idea or set of ideas used for explaining and predicting a Micro theories are mainly focused on individuals b Macro theories are focused more on society 10 Functionalism a Macro perspective focusing on how society maintains order i Society creates its own problems that must be solved on the society level Manifest functions the consequences that were meant to happen Latent functions the consequences that weren39t supposed to happen and more often than not hidden d Within functionalism there are also dysfunctions i These are most commonly the negative consequences that are allowed in society


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