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Week 1& 2 Notes

by: Bailey Richards

Week 1& 2 Notes HDFS 2000-002

Bailey Richards
GPA 3.0
Marriage and Family in a Global Context
Jayson Carmona

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About this Document

Here are notes from the first 2 weeks of class.
Marriage and Family in a Global Context
Jayson Carmona
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bailey Richards on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 2000-002 at Auburn University taught by Jayson Carmona in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Marriage and Family in a Global Context in Human Development at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Cultural Competence Developing Child Wellbeing What is Culture Strati cation l Racial and ethnic diversity a 130 ethnic groups Cultural Awareness 39 If anything was made to be taken for granted it is culture What we get used to becomes our way of thinking What Culture is Dynamic Actions without awareness Guides people in thoughts and feelings Symbolically created through interactions What is culture 39 The patterns traits and products considered as the expression of a particular period class community or population Cultural Characteristics 39 Symbolism within context Styles of learning Adaptations to enVironment De ning shared experience ex football The Aspects of Culture 39 Symbols steeples crosses food easter eggs Beliefs and values which form identity 0 Religion and customs Interactions the US is the least tactile culture Communications and interactionslevel of comfort 0 Nonverbal 0 Touch and contact 39 Concrete 39 Music Art Books Foods The Cultural Iceberg 39 What is donebehaVior 39 What is goodbest values 39 What is truebeliefs 39 What is realworld View What Culture is NOT 39 Artifacts of a group of people Laundry list of traits and facts Race or other biological traits Lifestyle or economic wellbeing of a group Outside In vs the Inside Out 39 What is the difference between learning culture from the outside in versus from the inside out 39 Outside in looking at the good in our own culture and critiquing others 39 Inside out looking at others and seeing what they bring to society 1 Professional Relationships 2 Social Interactions 3 Dating amp Marriage 4 Family and Child Care 5 Healthcare Platinum Rule do unto others as they would do to themselves Stigma 39 negative attitude about a group that leads to depriving them of some fair opportunities look at slides Generalization Versus Stereotyping Generalization starting point one starts with an assumption about a group but then eXplores whether or not the assumption ts the individual Stereotype Ending pointing When stereotyping one makes an assumption about a person based on group membership without learning whether or not that individual ts the assumption Cultural Ethnocentricity 39 Stereotypes Family Diversity 1 Class differences in families blue collar vs white collar major differences voting vacations 2 Racial differences discipline churches free range childhood rural vs city city more paranoid car seats 3 Ethnic differences where you come from southem say thank you manners northem don t use thank you or hug as much when greeting Families slide So What 39 what is the greatest challenge the family is facing today Why We need theory and research to address what is good and what is bad 39 Conventional Wisdom A divorce was worse for children than a bad marriage 39 Research has indicated that an amicable divorce is better than a highcon ict marriage Symbols 39 Next class What reminds you of your family or represents your family Be creative Factoid for the Day Family rituals serve three purposes 39 1 connecting us with our past vacations visiting relatives 2 de ning our present life and stories deaths visiting grave sights 39 3 showing us a path to the future de nition is depends on what is important to your family ex academics sports faith beach The Process of Intergenerational Transmission 39 Aspects of shared and nonshared environments ex alcoholism smoking if family member does it you39re more likely to do it too Explicit teaching and training via rewards amp punishments ex becoming a pastor being a good cook joining the army Family values amp rules Often evident in families with substance abuse ModelingImitation 39 Repeat what you observed amp experienced Contradictions 39 Patterns of relationships 39 Tracy Chapman FAST CAR Shattered Spirits movie notes mother daughter son KennyKen younger sonBryan i think dad mom seems stressed out when she comes home from the grocery store Ken is failing all of his classes daughter is frustrated because she feels like she isn39t noticed dad doesn t come home one night claims he was upset about not getting that promotion he apologizes sticks smiley face in window and brings home gifts family says he didn39t need to apologize because he didn39t do anything wrong he obviously feels guilty dad yells at Ken to shut up when he finds out about his grades family goes silent dad makes a deal and says that if Ken can study math all weekend then he can have 50 to go on the class trip son studies math even in church take a family picture and not everyone was in the frame dad tries to take family on a trip immediately starts arguing and yelling tells son he cant go on class trip daughter runs away and says she39s going to a concert mom is upset dad seems to have a bad temper the youngest son talks to an imaginary friend dad seems insane mowing the lawn and evilly laughing mom tells Ken to go apologize even though he isn39t wrong to try and get dad to stop going insane Ken steals 50 from dad and packs a bag for the class trip mom seems submissive dad slept on the couch in his work clothes the yard is a mess theres trash all over lady asks why the yard is so messed up Ken tells her its the mower its messed up and said that his dad was so mad covering up the truth dad apologizes to mom and said he had too much to drink last night and that it wont happen again mom says she misses being with her husband tries to get it to happen that morning but he says they both have to go to work dad gets home from work and acts really happy to see his family starts playing soccer with the kids apologizes for being late again makes some long excuse to why he was late asks where Den is and the family doesn39t know dad nds out that he took the money but doesn39t say anything to the rest of the family mom takes soccer team to their game dad walks into a restaurant where Ken is takes Ken out and asks him why he took the money and why he thought he could go on this trip Ken said that dad said he could go dad says that he feels closer to Ken more than anyone else in the family tells him he loves him dad says that if he promises to follow through on everything mowing the lawn school etc that he will teach him to drive starts teaching him to drive they are almost home but dad says he needs to stop to call mom and tell her they are coming home Ken is confused but pulls over dad goes to payphone outside bar doesn39t work so he goes inside son stays outside and waits for a long time dad comes out drunk makes an excuse that he ran into his friend from high school that he hasn39t seen in 10 years comes up with a long story about his suicidal friend that needs help bc he39s going to lay in the road and kill himself tells Ken to drive home by himself bc he has to stay and help his friend dad is acting insane and yelling again keeps apologizing and saying he will make it up to him Ken doesn t have his license he39s only 15 gets pulled over by cops asks where his father is mom has to come pick up Ken from police station because they think Ken stole the car dad is in jail they both get out dad gets home and starts yelling that he did not tell Ken to drive home says he just told him to pull over he39s lying mom is exhausted dad keeps yelling all the kids can hear him he is blaming everything on Ken even though it was all his fault mom is distraught trying to mediate between father and son dad goes up to Ken s room at 4 am and wants to talk to him starts yelling at him then gets calm and says all he wants in an apology Ken says he39s sorry dad leaves room calm Ken cries in bed dad goes to bed and cries cuddles with a stuffed animal and talks to it saying its the only thing he can talk to its the youngest son s stuffed animal dad fell asleep in son s bed son grabs the stuffed animal from dad and holds dads hand instead son sleeps under the bed while dad is in it next day they are all at a birthday party for Bryan at the pool everyone seems happy everyone sings happy birthday but dad leaves Bryan gets upset and throws his piece of cake Ken and Bryan go to nd dad at the bar tells him its Bryan s birthday and he asks Ken how old he is turning he doesn39t even know which sons birthday it is or how old he is turning starts celebrating and howling like a wolf with his other drunk friends dad gets home and starts saying how he did so much for Bryan s birthday he set up all the decorations dad admits he lost his job asks Kenny if he hates him he says all he had to do was pick up the cake dad gets mad and walks out Kenny locks him out he gets back in and starts going insane yelling throwing kicking things he slaps Kenny Bryan goes and hides under his bed with the stuffed animal mom is comforting Kenny cops come and ask what the problem is Kenny is crying and has a black bruise on his face cops says he39s taking the kids into protective custody dad starts yelling at the cop kids pack their stuff and takes them says they will be in foster care mom tells the kids she loves them dad climbs out the window running after the cop car yelling that he39s coming right behind them he starts crying in the yard yelling that they took his baby passes out in the yard kids are at foster house daughter comes up with a story that Kenny just fell down the stairs to tell the detectives Kenny tells foster woman that he needs to go home because his dad is going to kill him she says that if he39s scared to go home that he needs to tell the detective and tell the truth parents meet with the detective he wants to talk with the mom alone first mom says that he is a great father and that he loves his kids making excuses for her husband he asks why Kenny is scared to go home mom acts confused says he39s scared of his dad when he39s been drinking mom says he39s loud and throws things detective asks if one of her parents drank too much she said her father did detective tells her that her kids feel just like she felt when her dad would get drunk mom says she doesn39t know what to do family is in court dad says he doesn39t have a substance abuse problem says he hasn39t had a drink since the kids left lawyer says kids need to stay out of the house until dad gets treatment kids say they need to go home to get back to school the only way the kids can move back in is if dad moves out dad says he will move out so his kids can move in again judge says he has to go to AA meetings every week and get treatment along with the rest of his family family goes to therapy without dad they say that if the pressure was off of him he wouldn39t drink therapist says he drinks bc hes an alcoholic kids say that he isn39t an alcoholic dad gets Visits with the kids they go bowling dad buys a drink kids say they haven39t brought friends home in 3 years bc dad gets drunk


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